Wholesale bridal gowns for retailers Best 3

Wholesale bridal gowns for retailers Best 3

Wholesale bridal gowns for retailers, We dream of the day when we will be in one of those white, fluffy and elegant wedding dresses at the weddings we have been going to since we were little.

 What is the most important accessory that completes a wedding dress? Veils, of course.

Especially the brides’ long bridal veils that go down to the ground or fall over their shoulders from under their hair are enough to turn our heads with their beauty.

Choosing the right veil and suitable for your wedding dress; It will make you look more stylish and more beautiful.

Instead of wearing a veil, you can wear pearls and daisies in your hair, or you can choose simplicity by not wearing anything.

But veils, which have been used since Ancient Rome, are one of the most important indicators of innocence, and therefore a veil is a must for a wedding dress.

When choosing veils, the trend models of the time, the model of the wedding dress, our own style, combinations and body measurements are among the most important factors.

 Well, how should the veils we use be and which veil we prefer suits us better? Here we will try to find the answer to this question.

If you want to prefer a long veil over your wedding dress, the length of your veil should be at least 2.5 meters.

A veil of this length will make you look more stylish. Of course, a long veil will force you to move comfortably throughout the wedding.

For this reason, you can fasten your veil to your hair with a small and stylish hairpin to easily remove your veil later in your wedding.

Short Veils

If you want to reveal the model of your wedding dress even more, you can choose short veils.

Especially if you have chosen a low-cut wedding dress, this veil will make you look more elegant.

At the same time, you can use the advantage of wearing a short veil until the end of the wedding. It is easier than using a long veil.

Short veils can be the choice of those who want to look more modern and cool. In addition to looking cool, if you have a low-cut back, it will also cover it, and if you want to use two layers;

It will also be a different choice with its long and short model.


Elbow Veils

You can also choose a veil that extends from your head to your elbow. Their approximate size varies between 60-65 cm.

 If you are going to prefer an elbow-length veil, you need to adjust the place where the veil ends and the wedding dress begins.

This is an important point for your wedding dress and your stance.

Fingertip Veils

If you want to use your preference for a plain wedding dress, you can choose veils that come up to your fingertips.

 The stones or patterns embroidered on the ends will make your plain wedding dress look much more elegant.

This model, which is generally preferred with long wedding dresses, is also very suitable for lace use.

The length of these veils is up to 90 cm.

Don’t think, “How am I going to move my arms or it’s so hard to pull this veil up”. You will not have any difficulties as it is easy to use.

Lace Veil

Lacy veils, which are especially preferred in recent years; thick or thin; It is offered to brides-to-be with short or long lace.

 These veils, which show the wedding dress more elegant and stylish, have started to be used more especially in the last year.

 It is also worth mentioning that the French lace model is more popular nowadays.

 In addition, if you are tall, you should choose large lace models, and if you are short, you should choose thin lace models.

Wholesale bridal gowns for retailers

This veil, which is approximately 3 meters in size, will add a more traditional feel to your wedding dress. If you like to be classic, this veil is for you.

And if you have a plan to hold your wedding in a more historical place, your veil will harmonize with the atmosphere of the place.

If you are tall, this type of veil will be more suitable for you. Because if you are short and use this veil, you can look even shorter than you are.

Nun Type Veil

Those who want to use the nun’s veil can give up this veil just because they don’t want to put their hair in a bun;

But don’t worry, you can easily use this veil with light hair. You’ll also need bridesmaids to hold your veil behind you.

Because you are likely to be stuck with these veils. You can make these veils, which are more preferred in formal weddings, more elegant with the lace model you want.

  If you are a bride-to-be who knows where and what kind of wedding she wants to marry,

You probably won’t have much trouble choosing your wedding dress. However, if your wedding venue is not clear, we recommend that you do not finalize your wedding dress model.

After your wedding date is determined, you should clarify the wedding venue, taking into account the season.


 It would be good to decide on your wedding dress model after the venue.

 Looking beautiful with the wedding dress you choose is closely related to the wedding venue.

So, which place should you choose wedding dress models?

Hotel Wedding

If you are a bride dreaming of getting married in an ostentatious hall with high ceilings and large chandeliers; It was the right decision for your wedding to coincide with the winter or autumn months.

Since you got married in a glamorous venue, your choice of wedding dress is the same.

It must have been pretty amazing. The venue should not get in the way of your wedding dress.

You can choose wedding dresses with a long tail, fluffy skirt or princess cut. You can look glamorous by combining embroidered fabric models with long veils.

 And you can complete the exaggerated bun models with big crowns and enjoy the wedding as a magnificent bride in the salon.

Silver is preferred in the embroideries and a sparkling appearance is provided.

You can enjoy the wedding as a dazzling bride in the hall all night with her A-cut fluffy skirt and long tail.

Historical Venue Wedding

In recent years, our interest in history has increased considerably with the effect of TV series and films.

 Even wedding themes began to change in this direction. For their weddings, couples prefer places with a story and preserved historical texture.

 If you have made your choice in favor of a historical place, you should be suitable for the place from your wedding dress to your hair.

Boat-neck lace wedding dresses provide a vintage look and allow you to draw a bride picture in accordance with the spirit of the place.

Lace embroideries finished in the hip area are completed with the perfection of satin on the skirts.

In the boat-neck model, lace embroideries are gently poured onto the sleeves, giving a vintage image. Long earrings or bracelets can be preferred as accessories.

Another boat neck wedding dress model, the chest detail draws attention. The décolleté, which is closed with lace, maintains its mysterious air.

The vintage image can be emphasized by choosing pearls as jewelry.

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A gentle evening breeze scatters romantic tunes outdoors as the sun sets. You dance to your heart’s content with your flight skirt.

You enjoy the wedding thanks to your choice of wedding dress that is suitable for your wedding venue and does not force you…

Country weddings are probably the best choice for couples who favor romantic and simplicity.

But being simple doesn’t mean you have to compromise on beauty and elegance. You can also dazzle by choosing light fabrics such as tulle, organza, chiffon.

 Straight cut or Helen-style tailless models allow you to deal with your guests comfortably.

 You can complete your wedding dress with wild flowers that you use in your hair instead of a veil. It is among the options in short wedding dresses for country weddings.

With its tailless, lightweight skirt made of tulle, you will wander around the venue comfortably and have pleasant moments with your guests.

You can combine the flower details in the wedding dress with the wild flowers you will use in your hair.

Poolside – Seaside – Boat Wedding

They will get married in spring and summer, they are lucky about the wedding venue.

You can have a more formal wedding by choosing a poolside wedding, or you can get married with a more relaxed wedding by choosing a boat.

Comfort should be your priority when choosing a wedding dress for seaside and boat weddings.

Walking on the sand will be difficult even in normal times, but it will be extra difficult with a wedding dress.

Therefore, light models that can be worn with bare feet should be preferred. For boat weddings, short wedding dresses will be very suitable.

Are you one of those people who find long sleeve wedding dresses conservative and boring?

 We advise you to think again. Thanks to the right model choice, you can be an elegant and charming bride with long sleeve wedding dresses.

 So, which long sleeve wedding dress models are right for you? What should you consider when deciding on your long sleeve wedding dress model?

After Grace Kelly’s iconic lace sleeve wedding dress, a generation dreamed of this wedding dress.

 In the 2000s, it was thought that this iconic wedding dress was out of fashion. But this situation changed with Kate Middleton’s wedding dress preference.

The Duchess of Cambridge had become such an elegant and stylish bride with her long sleeved wedding dress, proving that long sleeved wedding dresses can be worn at any time.

Although there are models that can be preferred in all seasons, long-sleeved wedding dresses;

We come across it more in autumn and winter brides. When long-sleeved wedding dresses are preferred in magnificent indoor places such as ballrooms, a very harmonious image can emerge.

We can think of long sleeve wedding dresses as three basic lengths. The first is the length that ends at the wrist, which we call full-length, and the other is the half-length, which ends at the elbow or just above the elbow.

Finally, there are models that end between the elbow and the wrist, which are called three-quarter sleeves.

The most important issue to be considered in long-sleeved wedding dress models; It is the perfect fit of the sleeves of the wedding dress to the body, completely wrapping the arms.

Models that adhere completely to the arm like tights and wrap the arm should be preferred.

Loose and hanging models can cause a complex and unpleasant image. Another issue to be considered is the end of the arm length.

 Especially the half sleeve and slightly shorter sleeve lengths can make your arms look thicker than they are. Considering this situation, it is useful to decide on your arm length.

Three-quarter sleeve length will draw attention to your hip area as of the end.

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If you have big hips and this area is public

If you want to fly, you should not choose three-quarter sleeve length.

If you are going to marry with a long-sleeved wedding dress, you should consider the options suitable for this situation when deciding on your hairstyle.

Since the upper part of your body will be closed, you should highlight your wedding dress by choosing bulk hairstyles.

When your hair falls on your wedding dress, a complex image can arise.

Instead, you should bring together the more troublesome elements that do not come in front of each other, on the contrary, complement each other.

 Likewise, your veil preference should be simpler. With veils that are not very fluffy, you can draw an elegant image without suffocating your wedding dress.

If you have decided to say yes to the church, it would be better to choose a long wedding dress, which is simpler and more elegant than a short model.

If you really can’t give up a more flattering dress, at least choose a below-the-knee dress or consider it a second dress for parties and dances.

If you love the veil, the good news is that it is absolutely right to wear it at a religious wedding, as it is, above all, a symbol of tradition.

Instead, avoid too much jewelry, extravagant hats and extravagant shoes.

 In this regard, for a church wedding it is preferable to wear a pair of transparent stockings, as well as closed collars. Legs should never be exposed!

In addition to choosing the right dress for a religious wedding, it is important to reflect the location chosen for the ritual and adapt to the context.

All eyes will be on every bride throughout the ceremony: without the grace and demeanor that only such a special moment can require, even the most chaste dress will be useless.

For this reason, we recommend that you choose a wedding dress in which you will feel comfortable first.

 No to puffy skirts and oversized dresses that risk hindering your walk to the altar.

Romantic or sensual, traditional or trendy, wide or linear: the dress worn on the wedding day represents the dream of many women.

What if it was a second wedding dress?

With so many possibilities to save costs, it is now tempting to decide to buy two models instead of just one.

Take the feeling of choosing just one and double down: it’s impossible to resist.

The second wedding dress may seem like a fairly new tradition, but it is not.

Already in the thirties of the last century, it was customary to buy or have a dress made for the ceremony and for the end of the party, normally when the couple went on their honeymoon.

Normally it was an elegant white suit with jacket and skirt, ideal for a first outing as a bride.

But nowadays there is a tendency to propose a second model for cutting the cake.

 Trying to find a good excuse to convince yourself to buy a second wedding dress? We help you…

 1. Having a dress for church and party

 Especially when it comes to a wedding with a religious ceremony, it may be necessary to choose a model suitable for the church, with closed arms and shoulders, a long skirt and an unobtrusive collar.

The second wedding dress can be perfect for changing your look during the reception.

 To feel more free

Every bride wants to enjoy the party moment in complete freedom, but how is it possible to dance and walk around the hall or the garden in a heavy dress or a long train?

 Maybe a second wedding dress that is lighter and more comfortable to wear would really work.

 Maybe it can be combined with a more comfortable shoe…

Because nowadays it is possible to save money and pamper yourself with a second wedding dress.

If your dream is to wear two different models but are afraid to spend a lot of money, try taking a look at the outlet of the workshop or wait for the discounts.

 It is possible to save money by buying two dream dresses!

 At the Sposae workshop in Lissone and at Sposae’s new headquarters in Turin, you can find many fashion models of very high quality, but at very low prices.

Haven’t decided yet whether to choose the princess series or the mermaid series?

We have good news for you: You can choose both. Make everyone cry with a princely model during the ceremony, and then surprise them with a second daring wedding dress at the reception.

 Why are you thinking of wearing it again?

Who said wedding dresses can’t be reused? By choosing a second color model, you may decide to wear it for other ceremonies or important evenings in the future.

No bride likes to think about the setbacks that could happen on her wedding day, but it’s better to be organized.

If something happens to the first dress (tears, stains, etc.), you can choose the second dress. Bride warned, half survived!

 Are you officially engaged and are you already dreaming of the wedding dress you will wear?

Then it’s time to decide on the color of the wedding dress and the shade of white that suits you best.

 Champagne, ivory, blush pink… While staying with tradition, there are many shades to choose from.

 In addition to personal tastes, it also requires you to evaluate many factors such as hair color, skin color and skin type.

we recommend.


It contains a slight yellow tone, warmer than normal white. It is the natural color of silk before dyeing and is perfect for linear models with clean and simple lines. Ideal for fair-skinned blondes.

Natural White

This is a particularly bright shade of white with no trace of other colors. Pure and romantic, essentially white: you can’t get any whiter than this!

For princess-style and tulle dresses as well as more linear models

Perfect . We recommend it to people with dark skin, raven hair and black eyes.


This is a slightly more golden ivory shade with a hint of pink. If you have any doubts, pour yourself a glass of champagne and see for yourself!

Choose for a vintage cut wedding dress and if you have olive skin.


While we continue to examine the tones of white for wedding dresses, we should not forget the popular cream color.

 It is a solid, textural white with hints of yellow and beige. We recommend it to brides with dark skin and cold undertones.

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It is very bright with tones of ice white, blue and gray.

Because it’s such a cool tone, it’s perfect for rigorous, linear cut wedding dresses, perhaps with a petticoat.

We recommend it to brides with light hair color, but ash-blond (almost gray) color and dark or olive skin.


Pearl white is similar to natural white but has some hints of vanilla. Extremely elegant, ideal for suits with tougher fabrics such as slub.

Ideal for those with dark skin, raven hair and black eyes.

 powder pink

If you don’t like powder pink, thumbs up! Among the colors of the wedding dress,

This tone is one of the most demanded. Much lighter than pink, pink is now one of the traditional shades of wedding dresses.

We recommend it for princess models with fluffy tulle skirts, romantic corsets and young brides.

Perfect for darker skin tones, it’s also ideal for the classic Snow White complexion with dark eyes and dark hair.

Wearing a wedding dress is not a simple thing.

Almost every woman has at least one elegant dress in her wardrobe, but the model she chooses for her wedding is a different matter.

 Whatever type is chosen for the big day, anxiety and nervousness can make you feel awkward.

 It is therefore important to carefully consider its cut and fit, as it is not a garment like others.

 We also advise you to pay close attention to posture: without the necessary grace, even the most elegant and refined dress risks looking vulgar.

Before you choose your favorite model for sure, we advise you to imagine what will happen on your wedding day.

 So don’t just stand still in front of the workshop mirror and do nothing. Take a few steps, bend over, move:

There’s no point in buying a mermaid dress if you think you can’t lift it on your big day.

 And by “manage” we mean everything from walking down the aisle to dancing wildly.

 Learning to walk now

Now that you’ve chosen the right model for you, practice walking.

Normally, it is good to kick the fabric with the toe of the shoe a little, lift it up and not disturb the falls in order not to trip over the skirt and fall.

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A bride’s grace can also be seen in small gestures such as the way she sits.

In this respect, it is better not to lift the hem of the dress and above all to prevent the bridesmaids from taking the risk of lifting too much and showing the bottom as well.

Control your movements and sit slowly. learn to turn

To know how to wear the wedding dress in the best way, you need to learn to do other small movements such as turning.

If you have a large train, help yourself with your hand by moving the fabric towards your destination: for example, if you want to turn right, grab the fabric by your knee with your left hand and bring it forward.

Don’t walk backwards

Remember the number one rule of dressing like a true queen: never walk backwards, only forwards, especially if you choose a model with a train.

 Never lift the skirt with both hands

If you have difficulty walking because you are in the garden or uphill, remember to never lift the skirt with both hands.

Learn to do it gracefully with one hand.

Always keep your back straight and your chin up.

Posture is essential to wear stylishly. Get used to keeping your back straight and looking straight ahead at all times.

Even if the fear of tripping and falling causes you to only stare at the ground and your shoes, always remember to walk with your head held high and feel beautiful, graceful and confident.

Aries, Sagittarius and Leo are the signs ruled by the fire element. Famous strong and unscrupulous characters should be reflected in their wedding dress styles.

 To be like everyone else? Impossible. Fire signs usually love a fresh and trendy look, even for their big day.

People belonging to this zodiac sign fall in love with unique creations, unpublished details, or certain creations with colors other than white.

 A fiery red model, which is very fashionable for the 2018 bride, can be a mermaid, short or jumpsuit

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Earth signs such as Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are considered the most “judgemental”.

People born under these zodiac signs are usually realistic and very determined (sometimes even stubborn).

They prefer to be more practical and conservative even when it comes to wedding dresses.

No risk or risky choices: for them we assume classic models with princess stripes (but not too voluminous), empire or trapeze .

A dreamy dress, yes, but without exaggeration.

Water signs are notoriously indecisive when it comes to choosing something.

Their thoughtful nature causes them to think very carefully about everything, especially a wedding dress.

 Brides born under the signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius can have great difficulty deciding between different styles.

So the advice is to focus on a dress that expresses many things at once. Maybe a double dress that can be short to long.

Or a flowing dress with a very soft and simple body but embroidered from a thousand and one nights.

People born under the signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are the most sensitive and sweetest of the zodiac.

 Under the control of their emotions, they imagine their wedding dress to be just like in fairy tales.

 Or at least as they had dreamed of since childhood! Water signs generally prefer anything very romantic with feminine touches and embroidery.

There are not only princess dresses with sweetheart neckline bodices and tulle skirts, but also vintage cut models.

Because Water signs love to remember everything that has passed.

Renewed nature, longer days and mild temperatures: it’s the perfect time to practically say yes.

Spring is a special season, especially for weddings. So what are the wedding dress trends this year?

 For a spring wedding, brides can choose a dress that has an idyllic appeal, with floral embellishments and little hints of color.

And don’t forget a small shawl or warmer for emergencies: you know, spring is an unpredictable season…

Short Wedding Dress

For the youngest and most cheeky, we suggest a short dress with a full skirt, perhaps in the fifties style.

With the milder temperatures of spring, it’s actually possible to indulge in something more fun.

It is especially suitable for official weddings. And if you get married in church instead, you can choose a double dress or a two-in-one wedding dress that changes from long to short.


Flowers Floral applications are still very strong, especially for the Bride, and this spring we will be seeing literally all colors: not only pastel embroidered and embellished wedding dresses,

But also 3D applications. In short, a real flower cascade…

This is a trend that has been resisting for several seasons, but the bottomless neckline will certainly continue to be one of the top trends for the Bride, especially in the spring season chosen for weddings.

 Plain, enriched with embroidery or embellishments or ribbons: a green light to the imagination!

However, as Sposae, we recommend that you cover it with a shawl, first of all, for official weddings or if you are having a wedding in a church.


It’s impossible to deny: every year wedding dress designers launch at least one special trend that would be nearly impossible to reproduce outside of the catwalks.

They’ve already decided on the bride: Jumpsuits will be in vogue, just as Sposae suggests.

A harmonious choice with a sophisticated and exclusive “girl power”. Pair it with a tulle for a modern Coco Chanel look.


Another trend for the Bride is corsage dresses

 Not only are there classic tulle corsages that have been seen for several seasons, but there are also creations that are simpler in shape but very daring.

 Perfect dresses, especially for formal ceremonies.

Big Bows

From season to season the bows are getting bigger and bigger. And they will be very flashy for the bride.

But in order to avoid the favor effect, it is better to choose a model with a simple style and a bow as the only detail.

Super romantic and suitable for a spring wedding.

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We look forward to seeing you at the Sposae workshop in Lissone and the new Sposae headquarters in Turin to show you all the new wedding fashion trends.

Our mission is to help every bride find the dress she’s always dreamed of, with a unique twist and keeping up with new trends.

We remind you that all sewing costs and necessary modifications are included in the price for the creation of a custom suit.

You can also customize the collar type, fabric color and many more details at no additional cost.

Wedding dress selection often involves reflections of different types and great attention, but there is another detail of the look that needs to be carefully considered:

What to wear on your feet. Haven’t you thought about it yet? Maybe you can take inspiration from the bridal shoe trends.

 Thin heels of all sizes, platforms (but in moderation), pointed toes, and even many sandals that are now cleaned according to the bride’s etiquette.

There are so many models, and above all, they no longer have to be just white.

These are the pointed models that appear everywhere and even on the Haute Couture catwalks.

Not flat, but 10 cm high heels: A very elegant and daring model, but one that should be “tryed on” a little before the big day.

 Not everyone is used to such dizzying heights!

 pink shoes

We have good news for those who don’t like the usual white wedding shoes: Pink models are very fashionable this year, in every shade: powder pink, millennium pink, shocking pink…

A romantic and fun choice. have value.


Among other season trends for 2018 bridal shoes is the mule, once called sabot.

Modern, elegant and stylish, above all comfortable: you can choose models with a comfortable band in white or gold satin, very fashionable for this year.

 Or you can add an original touch to the bridal look with valuable swarovski applications.

 Precious babes

For brides-to-be who want to be comfortable without sacrificing elegance, we recommend lace and crocheted flats, maybe lace-up laces and models decorated with rare appliqués.

 Bon ton of elegance

Among the 2018 bridal shoe trends, we saw many mid-heeled shoes combined with timeless models to live the day with elegance and comfort.

The average heel should not exceed 4.5 and is ideal for models inspired by the 20s, with open back called puppy heels or with ankle straps.

Popularized by Audrey Hepburn in the 1950s, the shoes were mostly pointed toes and stiletto heels no higher than 5 cm.

 Pearl applied shoes

As with wedding dresses, pearls made a big comeback in shoes. This vintage-inspired decoration makes the model special and very stylish.

 Traditional or eclectic, white or coloured: the bouquet is chosen according to the style of the ceremony, but above all the wedding dress.

What matters is not only the color of the chosen theme and other arrangements, but also the type of dress.

 The perfect accessory on the most beautiful day, the floral blend chosen to celebrate love hides many thoughts.

Therefore, it is necessary to be very careful before making the final choice.

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Every bride knows how important it is for the bouquet to be in harmony with her wedding dress, with the silhouette and style of the dress.

 The bouquet is just as important as the dress and, according to tradition, should be given by the husband-to-be.

The choice of flowers is important not only for the colors that should be combined with the dress itself, but also because they carry their full meaning.

 Before analyzing the right bouquet model by model, some general indicators.

In principle, a round bouquet is suitable for everyone, while the more important ones are suitable for the slender and more delicate bride who wears a plain and linear dress, with a bundle or cascade.

And pay attention to the “weight” of the composition: maybe you did not think about it, but during the ceremony it can be difficult.

Wide fluffy skirt, romantic mood: This is a princely style dress, which is one of the favorites of brides. There are many types of bouquets that you can combine with these types of dresses.

 However, since this is a more important model, we recommend keeping the bouquet small.

The most classic choice? It’s a round composition, even if bundles or waterfalls work.

Just don’t go overboard and take care to maintain ideal proportions for the bride’s height and silhouette.

Mermaid wedding dress

A mermaid wedding dress is the most sensual. It highlights the body up to the knee, then opens at the ends.

A very modern dress that should be combined with a special bouquet. perfect choice?

A long-stemmed or drop-shaped composition that evokes the line of a wedding dress.

 A cut wedding dress

This very simple and traditional wedding dress model is one of the most favorite models of brides-to-be.

Whether with a strapless bodice or more flowing materials, the top is tight and opens towards the skirt.

We recommend two different lines for this type of dress: a round or cascading bouquet that is perfect for enhancing its classicism.

 empire style wedding dress

An Empire style wedding dress is normally very simple and elegant, underlined under the bust and made of imperceptible materials.

 Absolute simplicity, which can raise more doubts about the combination with the bouquet. Our recommendation?

 A composition with a long stem or a small bouquet. For more minimalist brides, choosing a single flower, perhaps even a poppy, may be the ideal solution.


Wedding dress is perhaps the most assertive and symbolic element of women’s wardrobe.

Therefore, it is not surprising that every woman wants to be 100 percent sure that the dress is correct before saying “yes” to her dress.

 It’s not just a matter of price, although fortunately it’s possible to buy a quality model for little money these days, there are some other important variables as well.

 Just because you’re obsessed with a particular dress doesn’t mean it’s the right dress for you, whether you’ve seen a celebrity or just worn someone you know.

 Instead of the wedding dress, the ceremony

It must be in accordance with his consent and above all the type of ritual. Are you getting married in church?

 So maybe the nude effects model is a little too daring. Getting married on the beach? Choose a lighter suit that doesn’t hinder your movements in the sand.

 Thinking of dancing and partying all night? It’s better to avoid the train and maybe opt for a shorter dress or maybe a second wedding dress.

 No one else influenced the choice.

It is absolutely normal and recommended for you to come to an appointment with the people closest to you.

If you think you’re easily influenced or you respect the opinions of your family and friends enough to overshadow yours, try to think for yourself.

The right dress is the one you don’t doubt without needing reassurance.

 You are buying for the right reason

Make sure you always buy the wedding dress for the right reason, i.e. you think there is no better design than this.

Do not buy because you think you will lose weight in 6 months and therefore you will feel better with this line.

Don’t buy a custom-made suit because you think it’s too late and you won’t have time to get it done (you can always look for a ready-made one at the outlet).

 Don’t buy it just because it’s what you dreamed of when you had princess dresses as a kid. Buy it because it’s right for the moment.

The right wedding dress is also the one that will allow you to live your day in peace without the fear of not being able to walk, sit or even hug your spouse.

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Let’s dispel a myth: The right model is not only the best fit for you, it’s also the one that makes you feel better.


Even if you’re 90 percent sure you want a fitted dress, try something different.

The perfect wedding dress can be more classic, maybe even a model with a loose skirt that you never thought of.

Have you ever wondered how other styles might work on your body? The right dress is also the one that can surprise you.

The last moment when the guests are welcomed and the weddings are over is always full of joy, love, but also a little tired.

It is normal for almost every couple to feel exhausted after months of preparations and such an intense process.

 Well, before you go on your honeymoon and enjoy the holiday you deserve, have you thought about how to preserve your wedding dress in the best possible way?

 Yes, because even your dress has been through a lot and deserves to “rest” by following a few tricks.

If you think you won’t be wearing it anymore because there’s not so much hustle and bustle, we want to change your mind.

According to some strange customs, wedding dresses should be kept as is without washing.

We, who love every creation born in our workshop, recommend that you take care of it immediately.

 Although it is unlikely to be worn again, it continues to be a symbol of a special day and deserves great attention.

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The wedding dress will remain one of the most important memories of the wedding: preserving its beauty is essential to preserve its value, and for a highly emotional reason.

After all, it may be one of those wedding dresses that have been passed down from generation to generation…

First of all, take it to the laundromat immediately to remove any stains immediately.

If you have any doubts about how to wash it, ask the workshop to prevent someone from ruining it with the wrong wash.

The person who takes care of the cleanliness of the garment should know what fabric it is made of and at the same time think about all the details.

Embellishments, buttons, laces, padding and every other detail: a wedding dress is not a garment like any other!

 Even if it’s a seemingly simple model, it’s better to avoid DIY.

 After washing and ironing in the laundry (this usually takes several days or even weeks), you must decide how you will store the wedding dress in your closet.

There are several possible options, depending on your space requirements.


If you want to store it in a box, choose a fairly large one. It should be at least as wide as the dress and half as long.

Before gently placing inside, wrap the dress in tissue paper but not pressing too hard.

You can also use cotton fabric if you wish. If the pattern is divided into multiple pieces, such as a skirt and bodice, wrap them separately.

The box should be made of cardboard or fabric to allow the garment to breathe and to prevent bad odor or mold growth.

 You can hang the wedding dress in the wardrobe, but use a fabric cover or a workshop-provided cover to “breathe” and at the same time protect it from dust and weather conditions.

Hang it in an exterior part of the wardrobe where it won’t be cluttered daily.

If you have chosen a very large, very large model for your wardrobe, you can always resort to vacuum packaging.

It is a service now offered by many laundries that allows you to save space and at the same time protect your wedding dress in the best possible way.

 If you don’t have room in a closet, avoid leaving it in an attic or pantry that is known to be too humid or too hot.

The dress is stored in an airy place that opens frequently.

should be reduced.

 Finally, avoid using mothballs or mothballs in contact with clothing. And don’t forget to take it out of its bag or box, letting it air out at least once or twice a year.

The first thing that comes to mind when lace is mentioned is a wedding dress full of romantic and princess-like details.

 It is a timeless and timeless process because it embodies a great mastery story in the service of fashion.

 Traditional and modern at the same time, lace wedding dresses adapt to the tastes of all women and dress them with grace.


When it comes to wedding dresses, lace never goes out of style. Every year the biggest stylists and brands recommend it on wedding couture catwalks: perfect for a holistic look,

But also for details like sleeves, neckline or bodice to add more appeal to a simple model.

Not just for loose-skirted dresses, but even for mermaid or, why not, short models.

Different types of lace

There are many types of lace, depending on the thread and craftsmanship. Let’s see the main ones together:

 – Almost imperceptible to the touch, Chantilly lace takes its name from the French city where it was invented and normally has floral textures.

– Macrame lace, a thicker knotted lace of Middle Eastern origin.

– Lace Valencienne is a lightweight bobbin lace of French origin, widely used in the past.

– Rebrodè lace is characterized by rich and elaborate designs of flower buds, completely surrounded by a cord.

– Dentelle lace made from bobbin lace to create geometric motifs is ideal for slip-on and lingerie style dresses.

 One, hundred, thousand patterns

Since there are hundreds of different designs in different weights and weights, lace can be used both in the entire dress and in small details.

Wedding dress suppliers

The smaller the detail, the more important the embroidery should be, perhaps even in relief.

 If the dress is all lace, it is best to choose delicate designs and delicate textures for an ideal fit.

Lace wedding dresses

The most classic model of lace wedding dresses is definitely the princess wedding dress model.

The traditional model usually includes an all-white lace overlay, but also includes just a bodice with a powder pink or ivory or wide tulle skirt.

This model suits almost any woman: those who are shorter and petite, but to slim the figure, we recommend choosing more basic models.

It can be a sensual and stylish siren model or an empire model. For curvy brides we recommend models made from lighter materials such as chiffon,

where you can add just a few lace details: this could be the neckline or sleeves on the back.

How much are luce sposa wedding dresses

It is recommended to combine simple accessories in lace wedding dresses: a tulle veil without embellishments is more suitable to complete a lace wedding dress than a beaded or embroidered veil.

The same rule applies to shoes and shrugs: they must be made of basic materials such as satin, unless they are made of the same lace as the dress.

offers a wide range of wedding dresses that are always up to date with current trends.

 Our mission is to help every bride find the perfect dress and accompany her on her way to choose.

When choosing a dress for your wedding, it is important that you do it not only according to your taste, but also according to your physique.

 We often talk about how to modernize smaller ones or enhance curvier ones, but we also need to talk about wedding dresses for taller women.

 First, however, a necessary premise: every physicality has its own values, and this is exactly what should guide you in your choice.

Being too tall or too short, full or thin is not a flaw: all bodies are beautiful, you just have to develop them.

Try not to change yourself, but to bring out the best in you.

Excessive height (more than 1.78 meters at least) is nothing to hide, but it is still appropriate to highlight your strengths for a wedding dress.

The model recommended for tall brides in this regard is the bare-shouldered fish model, which manages to balance the figure by balancing the upper part with the lower part.

Green light for a heart collar if you have well-proportioned breasts. On the contrary, it is better to avoid empire models,

Which are chosen precisely to elongate the figure, and choose “less extravagant” skins for princesses.

Yes to the train, but medium length. What about short models? Yes, but it is better to give preference to midi, the length of which is slightly below the knee.

Which fabric to choose?

Taffeta and tulle flatter the figure, so choose carefully. Especially for those who have a soft form, it would be more appropriate to prefer soft fabrics

Such as silk or chiffon without exaggerating with lace, and to use them only in small details such as the back décolleté.

 High or low shoes?

Who said tall brides can’t wear heels? However, staying away from 12 cm ones is a 5-7 cm elegant, comfortable all-day dress.

It would be more correct to turn to efficient models. Honestly, even jeweled flats are a great choice if you love them, and they’re adorable.

For tall women, even the bouquet should be combined smartly with the wedding dress.

It is better to give preference to shapes that are not particularly elongated, and choose a composition that develops in width, giving life to a rich and diverse mix,

Allowing you to maintain proportions and accompany the figure.

Tall women are the luckiest in this regard because they can go overboard with very large round bouquets to further fit the figure.

But watch out for the weight: it shouldn’t be a weight! Volume can also be achieved with abundant greenery, which is lighter than the classic buds and flowers.

 Hair style

It is better to avoid hairstyles that are too elaborate or flashy, choosing a more restrained style.

 If you have long hair, choose a hairstyle that is soft and side cut or half cut. The goal is to balance the part between the neck and the neckline.

 Still in doubt? If you are organizing your wedding and looking for bridal gowns for tall ladies, visit us at our workshops in Lissone and Turin.

 We will help you find the right model for your silhouette, offering a wide selection of wedding dresses, always updated with current trends.

 Our mission is to help every woman who accompanies her on her way to choose find the perfect dress.

Many little girls sooner or later dream of putting on a princess dress and feeling like in a fairy tale.

It’s a dress made for dreams, as Grace Kelly wore on her wedding day to Prince Rainier of Monaco on April 19, 1956.

Described by many as the wedding of the century, the dress was sewn by the tailors of MGM studios in Hollywood.

 and today she is still a reference model for the most romantic brides.

 But how should a prince dress be? It’s obviously very romantic, a full skirt and tail.

The top can vary: classic hard bodice or long sleeves, depending on your preferences and the season.

The princely dress should be delicate and magical, capable of transforming the wearer into a queen, even for a day.

A full tulle skirt is an important detail, but you can make it more or less important by playing with fabric types and volumes according to your taste.

A heart-shaped bodice is another classic element for a princess dress, but for those who prefer tradition, a long-sleeved lace bodice is the right choice.

For an extra touch, we recommend choosing a wedding dress with floral appliqués or precious embroidery.

 Pay attention to the combination with the veil: if the dress is already very rich or you are small in height, it is not an overworked veil.

 Who does a princess dress suit?

Princess dresses look good on almost any body: very thin, curvy, hips, no hips, apple-shaped…

The only rule is layers: if you are too small or too tall, it is better not to overdo the volume. If you have large breasts, choose a softer bodice with straps and a V-neck.

 Which shoes will match?

Pointed heels are not recommended: a white model with a round or open toe or a pair of jeweled sandals is better.

Flat shoes are also suitable for those who are very tall, and why not, it is possible to underestimate the look with a pair of colored shoes.

With such an important dress, it is better to avoid too harsh or structured hairstyles.

Something simpler like a half updo, loose bun or braid is better. If you don’t wear a white veil, you can opt for a crown of fresh flowers or precious hairpins.

The hair rule also applies to makeup: Nothing should be “too much”. A natural effect of makeup with neutral and delicate tones is better.

 The eyes are in the foreground, but there are points of light to brighten the gaze.

A long skirt, a cloud of tulle, a queen train: many women dream of walking down the aisle wrapped in meters of fascinating fabric.

But this is not for everyone! There are also those who prefer the practicality and spaciousness of a short wedding dress to the ostentatiousness of the princess model.

Ukrainian wedding dress designers

Especially young brides, or perhaps those who choose an informal ceremony on the beach, prefer to focus on a cheeky and playful dress.

But today, there are many options to choose from: above the knee, below the knee, longuette…

The first reason for choosing a short model has to do with its practicality.

Compared to a princely wedding dress or a mermaid wedding dress, a short wedding dress allows you to move calmly without the risk of tripping.

You can dance, spin around the tables and do whatever you want without fear.

 In addition, when you first leave the house, you will avoid rubbing the fabric on the floor, soiling the hem or the train.

 2. For the hottest days

one-to-one Another undeniable advantage of the short wedding dress is that it will not bother you in the summer months. It is like a second skin, especially in lighter varieties, for example, in chiffon.

With meters and meters of tulle, the most important dresses are magnificent, but there is a risk of sweating on sweltering days.

When it comes to length, you don’t have to imagine anything too short. Models range from bolder versions, of course, to classic long-length dresses with a slick line that also really suit all women.

And then there’s the middle ground: short, yes, but with a train.

 4. Can be used as a second dress

If a short wedding dress tempts you but you’re afraid to dare too much, why not choose it as a change?

 You can use it to go wild in dancing while cutting the cake or during the party.

 5. Allows you to beautify your shoes

A short dress that leaves your legs exposed will also enhance the beauty of the shoes you bought for the big day.

Especially if you have chosen a plain dress, we recommend combining very high stone sandals for a magical effect.

If you’re looking for a retro 50s-inspired wedding, there’s nothing better than a short wedding dress with a flowy skirt in the perfect pin-up style.

Even your friends can of course choose short bridesmaid dresses in many different colors or according to the nuance chosen for the wedding.

 7. Are you indecisive? So choose the double dress

If you are attracted to a short wedding dress, but you do not want to give up the long model, you can always choose a double dress with a removable skirt.

So you can transform yourself from a princess to a more modern version in an instant.

Every physical feature has a value and this is exactly what should guide you in choosing a wedding dress.

 Being too tall or too short, full or thin is not a flaw: all bodies are beautiful, you just have to develop them.

For example, wedding dresses for short women allow you to slim the body.


Marilyn Monroe, Gina Lollobrigida, Liz Taylor, Scarlett Johansson, Penelope Cruz, Natalie Portman and many more.

 They are just some of the most beautiful women in the world, but they are smaller: as grandmothers say, good wine comes in small barrels.

To beautify the body, it would be better to give up voluminous and princess-like skirts and prefer A-cuts or slippery lines.

Whether with a bodice or sleeves, this type of wedding dress should have a tight top and a slightly loose hip, but don’t overdo it.

 Mermaid dresses are perfect for women who are not too tall and whose hips are not too pronounced, provided the skirt is not too wide at the end so as not to shorten the silhouette.

Empire style allows you to lengthen the silhouette, especially for very petite women.

As a neckline, a V or strapless is better, but long or three-quarter sleeves also help create an optical size effect.

We also recommend using a belt to slim the lower body and enhance the upper.

 The longer the train, the less it contributes to elongation of the silhouette.

The same goes for the veil, but every woman dreams of wearing it a mile long befitting a queen:

it’s better to choose a shorter veil or maybe a veil or headband.

 Accessories can also help slim the figure.

The general rule when combining with the right wedding dress models for short women is to avoid anything that makes the silhouette heavy, even when it comes to jewellery.

Which fabric to choose?

Taffeta and tulle flatter the figure, so choose carefully. Especially for those who have a soft form,

it would be more appropriate to prefer soft fabrics such as silk or chiffon without exaggerating with lace, and to use them only in small details such as the back décolleté.

 What about shoes?

Heels allow you to gain a few inches, but it is best to choose a model that can be comfortably worn all day long.

 If you’re not used to using them, they can make you walk in an unfeminine way. Not to mention sore feet!

The bouquet is very important to enliven you: it should not be too big or too rich.

Especially gradual or drop composition will allow you to visually lengthen your figure.

 Hair style

It is better to avoid hairstyles that are too elaborate or flashy, choosing a more restrained style.

 If you have long hair, choose a hairstyle that is soft and side cut or half cut.

Weddings are a special moment for every couple, but everything gets even more special when there is some happy news: the arrival of a child.

It’s a mix of emotions and experiences that often translates to the question “Yes, but how do I choose the dress?” for the pregnant bride.

 In fact, beyond the emotional load, choosing a wedding dress is less problematic than it seems.

Since these models are normally made in moderation, they can be adapted to the needs of the expectant mother.

 Moreover, it is enough to choose the lines that accompany the pregnant woman’s body the most.

First of all, there are two possible situations: in the first, the bride already knows that she is expecting a child when she goes to choose the dress, and in the second, she discovers the gospel after choosing the model.

It’s obviously easier when you already know, because you can guess a line that fits the changing body.

Otherwise, notify the workshop immediately and, if possible,

When it comes to fame, it’s important to plan changes together.

Empire style wedding dresses are definitely ideal for pregnant brides-to-be.

Thanks to the high waist tucked under the bust, you can feel comfortable and relaxed all day long without fear of making the dress feel tight.

 The princess wedding dress is also perfect but super comfortable as the waist is a little higher.

Slick silhouettes can also be fine, as long as you take into account the growth of the belly.

On the other hand, if you prefer the belly to be in the foreground, you can even choose body-fitting dresses:

The important thing is to choose a fabric that is not too stiff and fits the body.


If you don’t want to stop dancing and moving freely, you can also choose a shorter and more comfortable dress to wear to the banquet,

You can roam freely around the tables and have fun: it’s your party, don’t give up on anything!

This could be something more witty with a practical and easy-to-wear lining or a puffy skirt.

There is no better “excuse” than pregnancy to avoid high heels! If you marry pregnant, you can actually choose a pair of comfortable flat shoes or a model with small heels,


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