Wedding Dress Wholesalers Company Best 5

Wedding Dress Wholesalers Company Best 5

Metropol Wedding Dress Company is a wedding dress wholesalers company that offers a unique selection of bridal gowns at discounted prices. Their collection includes both traditional and modern styles, with options for both A-line and ball gown silhouettes. Metropol Wedding Dress Company’s dresses are available in sizes 4-30 and in various colors and fabrics.

Pricing Strategy: Metropol Wedding Dress Company’s pricing strategy is based on a mix of wholesale and retail pricing. Their wholesale prices start at $249 for a basic A-line gown, with additional customization options available for an additional fee. Retail prices for their dresses range from $349 to $649.

Customer Reviews: Metropol Wedding Dress Company has received mixed reviews from customers, with some praising the affordability of their dresses and others criticizing the quality of the materials used in their construction. Some common themes in customer reviews include the variety of styles available, the excellent customer service, and the quick turnaround time for orders.

Wedding Dress Wholesalers Company

Wedding Dress Wholesalers  Company Beatrice Borromeo, who recently got the title of princess by marrying the Prince of Monaco,

 Pierre Casiraghi, drew attention with her different and even bold wedding dress preference.

When we hear the words princess and bride, we all think of white, fluffy skirt wedding dresses.

But Borromeo proved that a beautiful and elegant image can be drawn with her pink wedding dress, even when breaking the mold.

Snow-white wedding dresses will always be important for brides who cannot give up on tradition.

 However, it is possible to dazzle with colorful wedding dresses among brides who are open to innovations and may make a slightly unusual choice.

When it comes to wedding dresses, whether you have dreams for years or come up with a surprise offer.

The basis and energy of the whole organization starts with the bride and continues with the wedding dress.

Most of the time, after choosing your wedding venue in the ranking, it is the turn of the wedding dress.

While this period may be 1 year or 6 months, it has decreased to 2-3 months with the pandemic period.

 The biggest advantage is that you can handle the preparation process of your wedding dress beforehand.

All other changes are tolerable.

Making a Choice

The reflection of your style in daily life on your wedding dress will be your most natural and real state.

When you look at your photos years later, you don’t want to be a fashion victim or a bride defeated by neighborhood pressure.

The best decision would be to decide which designer or brand to work with first. Going from store to store is a waste of time and leads to confusion.

From the places you specify;

You can have preliminary information with questions such as working styles, delivery times of your wedding dress, and how much budget will come out.

 You can visit places with appropriate criteria and make your search for wedding dresses much more practical.


Special Designs

The practicality of ready-made models in terms of time is undeniable, but a wedding dress specially designed for you is always unforgettable.

Ready-made models are usually completed at the end of 3-4 rehearsals, regardless of preference. A longer process is required for tailor-made wedding dresses.

Wedding dress models differ according to the cut (silhouette), fabric, neckline-back neckline, length of the sleeves and style.

With the changing fashion, some silhouettes are preferred more or some collars are not preferred at all.

But your body type, wedding concept, wedding venue, future guests, and your budget are also very important in your choice of wedding dress.

Wedding Dress Wholesalers Company

 Now, what are the wedding dress cuts (silhouettes) respectively? I will tell you about them.

A cut wedding dress is called a wedding dress that expands slightly after the waist.

 It is the most preferred wedding dress model. It suits all body types. Brides feel comfortable with this model wedding dress at their wedding.

Whether you are getting married in a wedding hall or on the beach, you can wear the A-cut wedding dress.

A cut wedding dresses also have differences in themselves. For example, puffy A-cuts or narrow A-cuts, which are also called bohemian recently, are examples of this.

Maybe you can choose a slightly more fluffy A-cut for salon weddings, and a narrower A-cut for beach weddings.

Princess cut wedding dresses are very fluffy wedding dresses from the waist. The most important reason why it is called a princess model is that this model wedding dress is mostly preferred by princesses in real life.

Princess model wedding dresses are very fluffy, thus restricting the bride’s movements more clearly.

For this reason, they are not preferred very much in beach or country weddings. Since it is very fluffy, it suits more proportional brides with body measurements.

Fish cut wedding dresses are the wedding dresses that hug the body. Fish cut wedding dresses also differ in themselves.

Full fish cuts wrap around your knee and then open, half fish cuts open from your hip to your knee (upper leg).

 While the movements of brides who prefer a full fish cut wedding dress model are a little more restricted, brides who prefer a half fish cut wedding dress model are much more comfortable.

While full or half fish cut wedding dresses are preferred in salon weddings, half fish cut wedding dresses are more preferred in country or beach weddings.

Fabric preferences in wedding dress models, different fabrics are used in wedding dresses.

Tulle, satin, lace, crepe, chiffon, guipure, organza, taffeta fabrics are mostly used in wedding dresses.

 With fashion, some fabrics become more popular and some less popular. Depending on your wedding venue or style, you can decide which fabric you want your wedding dress to be.

Recently, silvery tulle is very fashionable. Neck-back and sleeve-length wedding dress models have very different necklines and different low-cut backs.

Hangers are very fashionable lately. The neckline of your wedding dress can be strapless, boat, heart, necktied,

 V-neck, round neck or thin straps. Your body type or what kind of jewelry you will wear will play an important role in choosing a hanger. Back cleavage is also different in wedding dresses.

shows the. Some bridesmaid dresses may have a draped back, for example, chiffon wedding dresses, or they may have a V back.

Wedding dresses with long sleeves, turvakal sleeves or balloon sleeves may be preferred by brides recently.

Again, you can choose different back cleavage according to the fabric

 you choose, the cut of the wedding dress and your body type.

Wholesale bridal gowns for retailers

 Style Wedding dresses can have bohemian, classic or modern styles. You can decide which style wedding dress you will choose according to your wedding concept.

 For example, a princess cut wedding dress, it is difficult to have a bohemian style.

Ball Gown / Princess Wedding Dress is the wedding dress for the most flamboyant brides and the most perfect weddings.

This wedding dress, which gains movement after the waist with its fluffy skirts and even swells, is the choice of brides who see themselves as a princess.

Most of the girls imagine themselves in a princess wedding dress.

Luce Sposa

The important part of the wedding dress in the princess cut is below the waist and it is a flamboyant model that you can exaggerate as much as you can.

Ball Gown / Princess Wedding Dress

Ball gowns mean fluffy skirts and a flamboyant stance. In this style of brides, models are observed according to the skirt and waist cut.

Ball Gown / Princess Bridesmaid Dresses:

· Full waist

·Low waist

· Tailless

· Long tail

· U Tail

· Stoned

Ball Gown / Princess Wedding Dress Prices

It is not possible to give an average price for puffy skirt wedding dresses. From the fabric of the wedding dress to the tail, top and other details, there are endless options.

Ball Gown / Princess Wedding Dress is the dream of every young girl and there are many details in this dream.

Since the princess model wedding dress is a model that camouflages the hip part, it suits women with the most pear body type.

Pear body type is a great choice for women to hide their hips as the upper region is narrower and the hips are wider.

 Since this wedding dress will highlight the leg and hip area, body type should be considered when choosing a model.

 For example, if your leg is longer than your upper part, the princess model wedding dress should start from below the waist, not from the waist

. Considering high-heeled shoes, a more harmonious and perfect look can be obtained.

Buy Ball Gown / Princess Wedding Dress

Another issue to consider when purchasing a Ball Gown / Princess Wedding Dress is the upper part of our bride.

 If her breasts are small and her upper area is narrower, she can show her body proportional and her breasts fuller with the draped chest design.

 For our brides with thin arm structure, they can show their arms more proportional to their bodies with low sleeve watermelon sleeve or fluffy sleeve types.

Wedding Dresses

 The most magnificent part of the ball gown is hidden in these details. Because you can change your wedding dress as much as you want and you can feel perfect.

Ball Gown Wedding Dress Collar

The collar model is very important when choosing a wedding dress model. Before choosing the collar model, you should definitely choose the fabric. Princess model wedding dress fabrics:

· Satin

· Ziberlin



As it leaves. You can also include separate embroideries and stone embroideries for each fabric.

After the fabric selection, the ball gown type wedding dress is mostly preferred with a strapless neckline.

The fluffiness of the lower part is complemented by the nobility of the upper part.

If your breasts are small, you can choose V-neck instead of strapless.

 If your shoulders are too wide, the low shoulder neckline will look much more magnificent, while the sweetheart neckline will be suitable and harmonious for our brides who want to reveal their breasts.

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The ball gown type princess wedding dress preferred by the majority of famous names is designed for ballrooms.

It is suitable for ostentatious and heavy venues such as hotel weddings, pavilions, palaces, waterside mansions and wedding halls.

It is possible to see today’s state of weddings in fairy tales when the glamor of the wedding venue is integrated with the elegance and splendor of the bride.

 There is never too much in ball gown wedding dresses and our bride can add as much exaggeration, stone, tulle or sparkle to her wedding dress as she wishes.

 Ballroom Type / Princess Wedding Dress uses a long wall, a flamboyant hair crown and large flower bouquets as accessories.

If you want to attract all eyes and feel magnificent on your wedding day, ball gown princess wedding dresses will be the right choice.

A-Line Wedding Dress

One of the most preferred wedding dress models by brides-to-be is the A-cut wedding dress. It is preferred by stylish and comfortable brides. You can find all the details about the A cut wedding dress in our article.

A-Line Wedding Dresses

It may vary according to the venue of the wedding, the bride’s body type, style and season.

 In summer, hanger models are preferred, while in winter, closed sleeves are chosen.

A cut bridesmaid dresses:

· Suspended

· Tailed

· Low-cut back,


· Boat collar

  Truvakor sleeve

  Long sleeves

  Halter collar

  There are many such models.

A Cut Wedding Dress Prices

A cut wedding dresses are the model of princess wedding dresses with less fluffy skirts and have many details. A cut wedding dress prices also vary according to these details.

The most preferred is the strapless collar. While it is preferred for weddings in open areas, it creates a perfect image by highlighting the shoulder and chest area of our bride.

Straight cut strapless neckline is highly preferred for a romantic, innocent and noble look. If you wish, you can increase the romantic stance with chiffon or organza fabric.

Buy A-Line Wedding Dress

There is no need for special sewing when purchasing an A cut wedding dress because many models and alternatives are readily available

Since it is a very preferred model, this cut is studied a lot in wedding dresses.

Our brides with small breasts prefer V-neck models, while our brides who want to highlight their shoulders wear halter neck.

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While our narrow-shouldered brides look flawless in boat neck models, if you don’t want to choose a long-sleeved wedding dress in winter, you can wear a high neck wedding dress.

Choosing A Cut Wedding Dress Wedding Venue

There are no criteria and limitations in this regard. It can be preferred in country weddings, hotel weddings, invitation areas, clubs, social facilities, poolside or saloons.

You can look gorgeous by choosing tulle, mikado, organza, ziberlin, satin, lace or rhinestone bridal fabric that suits your place.

While this wedding dress model is a joker piece, making the touch you want is an important detail for you to have the wedding dress of your dreams. Many celebrities also prefer it.

A-Line Wedding Dress Details

Even if it is considered as one of the classic wedding dress models, it is cut out to reflect your style.

By adding a long tail, you can increase the glamor of the wedding dress and look like a goddess.

Long tails are preferred, especially for parties in ballrooms and hotel halls. Brides who like to look assertive can prefer a low-cut back. Generally, back cleavage is preferred in poolside weddings.

If you wish, you can display a noble and assertive stance by completing it with a long sleeve and long tail décolleté.

The different nuances of this model will never make you unhappy. After choosing the skirt part, you can make changes according to your body type. If you have a rectangular body,

V-neck wedding dress and a more fluffy skirt reveal perfection, while you can get an hourglass look with a belt detail on your waist.

If you are a pear type, you can draw attention to a completely different area by adding a plain, flat, closed top and décolleté. A cut wedding dress gives our brides much more than you can imagine.

You just know your body and decide what you want, this right wedding dress will help you live your dreams.

Fish Wedding Dress / Mermaid

Fish wedding dress / mermaid is the body-hugging wedding dress of many brides-to-be’s dreams.

 In order to create a magnificent appearance with the right body, many brides prefer fish wedding dresses.

It is also called a mermaid for the model of the skirt cut. High-heeled shoes are a must for fish cut wedding dresses and it is the right choice for our brides

Who want to attract all eyes, as the mermaid wedding dress will make the bride look longer and thinner than it is.

Fish Wedding Dress / Mermaid Models

Fish Wedding Dress / Mermaid models are very diverse and our brides can have the look they want.

Fish cut is an assertive model while getting a perfect look with all kinds of models. Bride candidates who think that they will be uncomfortable in a fish wedding dress can choose other types.

 Fish wedding dresses / mermaid models:

Fish cut tail wedding dress

Fish cut wedding dress with straps

Half Fish Wedding Dress

Mermaid cut wedding dress with low-cut back

Strapless mermaid wedding dress

It is possible to increase the variety according to the processing.

Fish Wedding Dress / Mermaid Prices

When choosing a Fish Wedding Dress / Mermaid, the first detail that comes to mind is undoubtedly lycra and lace.

In order for the bride to move freely, the fish wedding dress / mermaid wedding dress must have lycra.

 When the fish cut is combined with lace, the epitome of elegance emerges. For this reason, while choosing a fish cut wedding dress, lace should definitely be used in some of them.

The most preferred collar for mermaid wedding dresses is V-neck and low-cut back. We recommend that you use one of these two options, especially if you are not very tall.

 If you wish, you can increase the elegance of the fish wedding dress by using silk or organza fabric. Embroidery details after the fabric of the wedding dress

It is effective in determining the yacht. If you want your wedding dress to be lively, you can add bead and stone embroidery.

 In particular, the holistic embroideries starting from the chest area and continuing along the skirt reveal the mermaid form more and cause you to experience the peak of elegance.

 If you have a regional weight, you can camouflage and show your body more flawless by not using these stones in those areas.

Buy Fish Wedding Dress / Mermaid

The first thing to consider when buying a fishtail wedding dress / mermaid is your body type and measurements.

 If this wedding dress, which reveals the body lines, adorns your dreams, it should be prepared in professional hands and give you a magnificent look.

Another thing to decide when buying a fish wedding dress should be full fish or half fish.

The full mermaid wedding dress hugs the body up to the knees and starts to expand after the knee, resembling a mermaid tail.

This model suits the hourglass body line the most and will restrict the movements of our brides a little.

Half fish wraps the body up to the hip and starts to open from the hip. The freedom of movement is wider and it is suitable for the pear type as it hides the legs a little bit compared to the body.

Fish Wedding Dress / Mermaid Most Suitable Fabric Type

Regardless of the type of fabric for a fish wedding dress, the fabric must be lycra.

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As the lycra ratio of the fabric increases, the freedom of movement of our brides will increase, so it is important for comfort.

In addition, fish wedding dresses are usually


Silk satin

It is preferred with silk taffeta fabrics.

Suitable Places for Fish Wedding Dresses

Generally, there is no such problem in fish wedding dresses when choosing wedding dresses suitable for the place.

 You can use your mermaid wedding dress in every place by making small touches on the details of the wedding dress.

While a long-tailed mermaid wedding dress will be appropriate in a very magnificent place such as a hotel wedding, palace or mansion, you can choose a tailless mermaid wedding dress

With a more fluffy skirt in historical places or in a retro salon. For a country wedding, half fish and a middle veil will be very suitable.

You can feel elegance and splendor together with a fishtail wedding dress.

Helen Wedding Dress

Brides who want to reflect their elegant, simple and cool style should prefer Helen wedding dress.

Hellenistic wedding dresses stand out with their flight and comfortable forms.

 In this style, inspired by the ancient Greek era, you can feel like a goddess from history.

You will feel unique while Helen wedding dress stands out with its original design.

Helen Wedding Dresses

It is usually made of tulle fabrics and chiffon. It attracts attention with its intertwined tulle, asymmetrical cuts, lace threads and its structure that reveals the waist. Helen’s bridesmaid dresses


· Suspended

· One shoulder


· A cut

· Asymmetrical draped


·  Fish

· With a cape

· Balloon sleeve

  Long sleeves

It can be preferred. If you want a fish form, you can make your dream come true by making small changes in the form without going out of style. It can also be called a bohemian wedding dress.


Helen wedding dresses are specially designed wedding dresses and their prices vary according to the selected model.

The most preferred Helen wedding dress model is the A cut. This wedding dress, which has V-neck straps and is made entirely of tulle, has beadwork and is generally preferred for poolside weddings.

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 The model, in which elegance is shown in fine details under its plain appearance, is also completed with a medium-sized Helen veil and is designed for stylish and elegant brides.

Our dream brides can easily have this wedding dress, which has become very popular lately.

 You can choose the one that suits your wishes among the available models.

 Another of the Helen wedding dresses that you can buy ready-made is asymmetrical drape. It stands out with draped skirts as one of the models that best reflect the Hellenistic style.

If you are going to be a spring bride with floral motif laces, self-shimmering fabrics, natural hair curls and hair accessories, the asymmetrical draped wedding dress will be very appropriate.

Again, you can choose a strapless collar for the salon or spring wedding. You can feel yourself like a fairy tale princess or a goddess with its completely lace upper part and sparkling tulle form on the skirt.

In this wedding dress model, tulle gloves are especially suitable.

 Fish Style

While the Hellenistic style is generally tulle skirts and asymmetrical cuts, fish-shaped Helen wedding dresses appear as the epitome of nobility.

 If you want to be a simple and floating bride like a swan, a fish-shaped Helen wedding dress will fascinate you.

The upper part of this model is satin and draped, while the lower part is satin and the fish form that reveals the body lines is used. Hemlines in fish form

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While being elongated as much as possible, gloves and hair crown that symbolize your nobility create a magnificent image.

Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses

Another fabric that is very popular in Helen wedding dress models is chiffon. Apart from the wedding dress model, if you wish, you can choose a simple and noble wedding dress made of draped chiffon fabric.

In long-sleeved wedding dresses, low-cut back is generally preferred, and you can create a palace lady style by preparing with natural waves in the hair.

Balloon sleeve Helen wedding dress, on the other hand, is prepared with a mixture of lace and tulle, and attracts the attention of princess wedding dress lovers with its increasing puffiness after the waist.

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 In this model, in which flower or leaf motifs are embroidered on tulle and prepared with self-shimmering fabrics, a simple and flawless appearance emerges.

 Helen wedding dress is a style and each texture symbolizes nobility. Simplicity over exaggeration is at the forefront of these models, but they are never dull or unpretentious.

Brides who do not like exaggerated elegance prefer bohemian Helen wedding dresses.

Hijab Wedding Dress

One of the most important details of marriage preparations is the choice of wedding dress.

Dreams are very important when choosing a wedding dress, but another issue that our brides-to-be should care about is body type in order for the dream to turn into splendor. The most beautiful wedding dress in the world may not actually be the one you want.

The wedding dress is special to you and is meaningful as long as you are.

You can find all the details that should be considered when choosing a hijab wedding dress in our article.

Hijab Wedding Dress Models

While hijab wedding dress models can be found easier and faster than in the past, the fact that wedding dresses are closed may make it necessary to design them individually.

Otherwise, potholes are formed. In order not to experience this difficulty, it is necessary to buy ready-made brides that come out of expert hands.

It is the type of fabric that is important in hijab wedding dress models. Hijab wedding dress fabric types:


Silk Satin

· Mikado


Thick tulle

· Taffeta

· Tough fabrics should be preferred.

Hijab Wedding Dress Prices

It is very important to reflect your own style when choosing a wedding dress

The embroideries and skirt part that will be used in determining the hijab wedding dress prices are effective.

The most important detail in this is the body type of our bride. The most suitable wedding dress for our brides with apple type will be A cut wedding dress.

 In order to cover the fullness of the breasts, this area can be camouflaged by using drapes in the connection of the scarf part with the wedding dress.

Our brides with hourglass physique, on the other hand, do not hesitate to reveal their body lines, the most suitable model will undoubtedly be the fish cut.

If you wish, you can get a magnificent look by partially revealing your perfect body lines with a full or half fish cut.

Buy Hijab Wedding Dress

When purchasing a hijab wedding dress, you can act by considering your stance, wedding venue and profession.

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The most accurate hijab wedding dress will be the one that reflects you. After you decide on the hijab wedding dress model, you can choose your head cover.

 If your wedding dress is plain, the embroidered and stone head cover will look elegant, while if your wedding dress and cut are magnificent, a simpler head cover will complete your elegance.

If you want, you can buy a magnificent wedding dress by adding a cap-style hat to your head cover.

Recommendations for Hijab Wedding Dresses

Before you look at the wedding dress, a preliminary idea should be created in your mind, otherwise you may have difficulty among many models.

 For this reason, it will accelerate you to reduce your options by giving a preliminary opinion on how you want your wedding dress.

You should not think that you will have difficulty in finding a wedding dress. A wedding dress in the style you want will definitely take place in corporate sewing houses.

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If you wish, you can make quicker decisions in finding the hijab wedding dress you want by liking the model in strapless wedding dresses.

If you want to wear a veil with your head cover, long veils will look very stylish and you can get the look you want by removing your veil later in the wedding.

 In order for the shoulders to fit with a closed wedding dress, you should know your body type exactly.

Otherwise, no matter how perfect your wedding dress is, you may find it difficult to achieve the look you want.

Hijab Wedding Dress Preference

If you do not want to reveal your body lines in hijab wedding dresses, models with capes will be appropriate.

If you wish, the cloaked models starting from the arm or starting from the waist will both keep you elegant and camouflage your body lines.

Embroidery details are very prominent while low-cut wedding dresses are preferred.

 If you wish, you can choose lace from shoulder length to hem, or you can increase the magnificence of your wedding dress with models with plenty of stones.

Our brides who prefer hijab wedding dresses can choose princess cut. The embroideries on the waist and ends of the fluffy skirts make our brides look like princesses. The best of closed wedding dresses

The biggest advantage is the choice of accessories. Your biggest accessory is your wedding dress and head covering.

If you wish, you can use as much exaggeration as you want by adding feather details.

A wedding dress that will reflect you is all you need to glide like a white swan on this most important day.

In expert hands, your dream will be realized in the best way in a short time.

Bridal Accessories
On the wedding day, besides the wedding dress, the accessories that complete the wedding dress are of great importance.

Bridal accessories should be made after the wedding dress selection.

You can get a remarkable and magnificent look with the bridal accessories you choose in accordance with your wedding dress and concept.

Your wedding dress, veil, hair accessory, flower bouquet or gloves should be in perfect harmony.

Bridal Accessories Models

When choosing bridal accessories models, you should look for harmony with the wedding dress you choose.

The most important bridal accessory is undoubtedly the veil. While the wall is the biggest detail that completes the wedding dress, there are features to be considered in the selection of the veil.

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Brides should first choose between short or long veils. Then consider lace, embroidered or tulle veils.

In summer, you can start the night with a long veil in poolside, country weddings or beachside weddings and continue the wedding with a short veil for your comfort.

For this reason, you can also choose two separate veils that complement each other. Bridal accessories:

· Veil
· Glove
· Corsage
Hair crown
Hair accessories
Neck and arm accessories
Bridal Accessories Prices

Two important details to consider when choosing bridal accessories are the wedding dress and the venue.

Bridal accessories prices will also vary according to these choices. After the veil, you can choose a bridal hair accessory if you wish.

 It is possible to use bridal hair accessories with or without a veil. You can choose flower, pearl or princess crowns that are compatible with your wedding dress.

 For a simple wedding ceremony, a bridal hat or a crown made of real flowers will help you achieve a simple and elegant look.

 If you want to leave your hair long and open, you can also use forehead accessories.

Buy Bridal Accessories
While purchasing bridal accessories, you have the freedom to act according to your own taste while giving importance to the ideas of the designer who helped you choose the wedding dress.

 If you wish, you can make changes throughout the night by purchasing more accessories.

Especially recently, when brides start the wedding with a long veil, they prefer forehead accessories or hair accessories to take off the veil to move comfortably at night.

While purchasing bridal accessories, you can spend your most special night

İn a much more comfortable and stylish way by considering your comfort as well as being compatible with the wedding dress and the venue.

Bridesmaid Bouquet
One of the indispensable accessories of brides is undoubtedly the bridal flower bouquet.

 You can choose from real bouquets or dried bouquets. The value of the bridal flower bouquet is very high when entering the venue at the wedding or for photo shoots.

At the end of the wedding, we should not forget a similar bouquet of bridal flowers to go to one of the single friends.

 When choosing a bridal flower bouquet, you should choose the colors that will give color to your wedding dress as well as the colors you use in the place.

 Instead of prominent and dark flowers, flower colors that will create nuance without disturbing the softness and innocence should be chosen.

Details Complementing the Wedding Dress
In order to achieve a charming elegance in the wedding dress, complementary accessories should be chosen.

 Sleeve accessories in bohemian style wedding dresses and neck accessories in strapless wedding dresses give a fascinating look.

Gloves in strapless wedding dresses are reminiscent of fairy tales. If you wish, half sleeve or wrist gloves, which are made of bridal fabric or completely lace, add a serious elegance to the look.

 One of the indispensable accessories of the wedding dress is the bridal shoes. If you wish, you can choose a white bridal shoes or you can choose a model colored with specially designed hand drawings.

If you think that you can’t move comfortably on your most special day with high-point shoes, you can change your shoes after removing your veil and create freedom of movement

All night long with a stylish and extremely comfortable shoe specially designed for brides.

Bridal accessories are as special and necessary as a wedding dress.

You can catch the eye-catching elegance with accessories that are compatible with your wedding dress and will complete your magnificent image.

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When it comes to wedding dresses, veils, wedding caps, bridal flowers, bridal crown or bridal shoes, it is time to choose gloves.

 While there are many accessories to complement the elegance of our brides, brides have preferred gloves for many years as a symbol of elegance.

Create an especially bohemian or vintage style

Bridal gloves appear as the indispensable accessories of our brides who want to You can find all the information about bridal gloves in our article.

Wedding Gloves Models

Gloves are used in many forms and models from past to present. The most preferred bridal glove models:

Lace wedding dress-wedding gloves

Long wedding dress-wedding gloves

Stone wedding dress-wedding gloves

Short wedding dress-wedding gloves

Transparent bridal-wedding gloves

It is preferred. Among all bridal gloves, the most preferred model is lace gloves.

In order to use lace wedding gloves, which are the most important accessories of your wedding dress, the venue and the wedding dress should be considered first.

Lace gloves will be compatible with Helen bridesmaid dresses and vintage wedding dresses.

aria bridesmaid dresses

 While lace wedding dresses were seen as the symbol of elegance, they were among the indispensable accessories of brides in our country, especially in the 1980s.

All of the lace gloves are made of lace, and some of them are also used with transparent and various decorations.

Wedding Gloves Prices

The price of wedding dress gloves varies with the material used and the quality of the material, and if you wish, it is made in special sewing.

 Our brides who prefer princess model wedding dresses prefer gloves as an integral part of the wedding dress, while gloves made of long and shiny fabric stand out in A-cut wedding dresses.

Long and many embroidered glove models are preferred in order to complete the wedding dress in prom, palace, pavilion, hotel wedding, and organizations to be held in historical places.

Buy Wedding Gloves

There are gloves suitable for every body type, hand size and wedding dress model, and our brides can easily access and buy these gloves.

You can present your elegance as a whole with a unique glove on your unique day.

 If you have a dream of being an elegant bride from head to toe, gloves should definitely be among your choices. If you don’t want to choose flashy tulle or lace gloves, you can use stony and short gloves.

 In this glove model, minimalist stones are usually laid on tulle and appear as glitter on the bride’s hands.

With the invitation lights, this image looks magnificent. Short stone gloves can be preferred at poolside, open-air weddings, beach weddings or country weddings.

New Fashion Transparent Wedding Gloves

If we take a look at bridal accessories, we would like to say that the popularity of transparent gloves has increased since 2019.

These days, when the transparent fashion still exists, our brides also prefer transparent gloves. Transparent gloves add an innocent look to the bride by obtaining a vague look.

 A very noble image emerges with the sprinkling of tiny pearls on the transparent glove.

Our simple, noble and fashionable brides prefer transparent gloves with pearls on their wrists, especially recently.

Things to Consider When Choosing Wedding Gloves

When choosing gloves, as we mentioned above, the bride, the place and the style are very important. These three basic factors should be taken into account when choosing bridal gloves.

 The last point that our brides should pay attention to when choosing gloves should be the length of the wedding dress and the arm size of the bride.

If the bride’s arms are proportional to her body, she can use any style and size glove she wants

However, if the bride’s arms are shorter than her body, we recommend that she choose transparent or tulle gloves here.

 Long and satin gloves can give a shorter look as they will divide the arm length. In addition, the sleeve length of the wedding dress should also be considered to choose the glove size.

 Stone and transparent gloves will look much nicer in boat neck or half sleeve wedding dress models.

Bridal Earring

Wedding jewelry has an important place in Turkish traditions and customs. Wedding jewelry is purchased for the bride to wear on and after the wedding day.

The bride and her family experience indecision while choosing wedding jewelry.

Among the many jewelry models and types, our brides have difficulty choosing wedding jewelry.

We will make a detailed examination to help our brides in the selection of bridal earrings, which brides use very often in their daily life, among wedding jewelry.

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Choosing earrings is one of the difficult jobs.

Here are the factors that should be considered when choosing bridal earrings so that our brides to-be will not be indecisive about the jewelry they will choose on this special day:

It should be suitable for the model and style of the wedding dress.

It should increase the radiance of the wedding dress.

It should be compatible with the fabric of the wedding dress.

· It should be compatible with the bride’s flower.

· The bride should not restrict her movements at the wedding and should not disturb her comfort.

It should be similar to the bride’s hair and other accessories used.

Considering the factors mentioned above, our bride candidates are easier and more accurate in choosing earrings.

Will be able to decide.

Earring Prices

Bridal earrings prices may vary depending on the design and quality of the earrings chosen by the bride.

 Bridal earrings are a special jewelry for the bride, and the bride’s taste and desire are completely important in her selection.

If it is desired to keep the bridal earrings simple, drop earrings or round earrings can be preferred, while medium-sized or chandelier earrings with hooks and glitter can be used.

In the bride’s earrings, if the bride wishes, she can increase the magnificence of the wedding dress by highlighting her earrings.

When purchasing earrings, attention should be paid to the harmony of the bride’s hair and veil

Bridal earring models should be avoided as they cause the bride’s hair to deteriorate.

For this reason, if the bridal earring was purchased first, the

 hair can be made suitable for the earring, and the undesirable disruptions that may occur on the wedding day can be prevented.

Another important detail when purchasing earrings is that the wedding dress has an assertive air.

Here, the image that our bride-to-be wants to reveal is important.

She can complete her magnificent wedding dress with a simple bridal earring, and she can choose embroidered or sparkly bridal earrings to increase her splendor.

Bridal Earrings for the Bride-to-be

When choosing earrings, the bride’s physical characteristics should also be considered.

Gel earrings do not suit every face shape. Our brides with tall and sharp facial features are more correct in choosing bridal earrings with long chains, flashy and large designs.

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While our thin and tall brides may prefer long earrings, using length rather than width in the size of the earrings will help them look more elegant.

While choosing the bride’s earrings, the ear structure should also be considered.

If the bride is satisfied with the appearance of her ears and with a suitable hairstyle, our bride can highlight this part.

Bridal Hair and Earring Harmony

The model of the bride’s hair is important when choosing earrings. Our bride, who wants to collect her hair at the wedding, should determine the size by taking into account the makeup she wants to have.

If she wants to use a simple make-up and hair, she can choose whatever she wants in her earrings. Our brides usually choose pearl detailed and sparkling stones instead of wearing colored stone earrings on the wedding day.

 Since the earrings with the waterway design will suit every style and every hairstyle, if you haven’t decided on hair and make-up yet, you can choose elegant but flashy models as a joker piece.

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For Princess Model Wedding Dresses, there are so many gorgeous princess wedding dresses you can find in Turkey.

Princess Model Wedding Dresses feature a heart-shaped neckline, bodice and sparkling tulle and crystals.

 A well-designed groom’s suit completes this princess-worthy wedding dress.

Tulle overlays add the perfect twist to the classic silhouette of a Princess Model Wedding Dress.

Tulle Detail and Bust in Princess Wedding Dresses
If you are looking for a Princess Wedding Dress, a tulle love dress (heart detailed chest model) may be your best choice.

This elegant wedding dress features a sweetheart neckline and an off-the-shoulder sleeve.

The bodice of this style features three-dimensional Chantilly lace and beaded accents.

The Princess Wedding Dress is designed to pamper any bride and will be the perfect choice for your big day.

  Princess Wedding Dress, soft tulle and added delicate lace petals will accentuate any woman’s curves.

You can make this sweet design with a strapless bodice or a lace and beaded bodice.

It can be a simple mermaid design with a princess style skirt or a tulle overskirt.

A-Line Skirt in Princess Wedding Dresses
The A-line on a princess wedding dress can be a nice touch for a formal wedding. The style flatters most body types and is a timeless choice.

Petite brides will appreciate the illusion of height created by the A-cut skirt of the dress, while curvy brides will be able to hide their wider abdomen and back with a dress that falls to the floor.

 These designs are ideal for both formal and intimate celebrations.
A cut is one of the most popular wedding dress models.

The classic shape suits almost all body types. Princess-style hemline from shoulder to hem and vertical seams create a dramatic silhouette.

The fullness of the wedding dress can hide a large tummy or hips.

A cuts in princess wedding dresses are also ideal for petite and plus size brides. If you have a slim waist, a princess striped dress may be the right choice for you.

Princess Model Wedding Dress and Mermaid Model
Whether you’re a modern princess or a traditional, classic bride, the mermaid model is also perfect for your special day.

They complement the female form and emphasize the feminine curves.

You can find a mermaid wedding dress with lace, tulle, or a combination of both.

Choose your neckline according to your personality, the length and style of your dress.

The Princess Model Wedding Dress is a modern alternative to the traditional mermaid silhouette and is a high-low style.

A high-low mermaid wedding dress features a long waist bodice and an exposed leg cutout.

The style offers a flattering and modern twist on most body types. A high, low, mermaid wedding dress can be embellished with beads and ruffles for added appeal.

Princess Model Wedding Dresses and Low Back
Princess wedding dresses can look beautiful, sparkly and romantic with the back open.

 Open backs are a popular choice for brides who want to showcase their tattoos or body. It is an elegant way to show off their complexion without sacrificing modesty.

It can be found in many styles, including open backs, boho wedding dresses and designer pieces.

Here are a few tips to keep your princess wedding dress looking its best.
First of all, open back dresses in princess wedding dresses look better on small sizes.

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They create the illusion of a slimmer waist and are a great way to showcase the back. Low backs look stunning with crisscross crisscross straps.

Crepe fabric is comfortable and great for hot summer weddings. A mermaid wedding dress with a soft sheath silhouette and sparkling tulle skirt will give you an eye-catching look.

Long Sleeve Princess Model Wedding Dresses
If you’ve ever dreamed of wearing a long sleeve princess wedding dress, you’ve come to the right place.

 Their designs feature high-low hemlines that allow you to showcase your shoes without being hindered by a high-cut sleeve.

 Plus, these designs are incredibly flattering!

Princess Model Wedding Dresses can be worn in all seasons from autumn to winter.

Especially long-sleeved Princess Model Wedding Dresses are very beautiful in winter weddings.

 Winter weddings can be cold so these wedding dresses can be worn all year round. For spring or summer weddings, opt for light lace or sheer tulle.

Bishop sleeves and princess hemlines can also be worn to make a statement.

For those who prefer a modest silhouette, skirt lengths reaching down to the floor are the ideal choice.

Detachable Skirt Wedding Dress Model

Bride candidates who are considering marriage want a beautiful model with the wedding dress they wear and an extraordinary model that no one has chosen yet.

Fashion is changing so much that every year wedding dresses become more modern, elegant and different.

Compared to the past, so many models have started to appear today that, so to speak, today’s brides are very lucky.

 Of course, it is very normal to be undecided in so many wedding dress models. In this article, we would like to talk about the wedding dress models that can be seen as a new generation wedding dress.

This model seems to have been designed just for those who are undecided.

 It can be said that it is a wedding dress that can take away the confusion of brides who can not give up the fluffy model and want to wear a plain dress at the same time.

Let’s give a few examples of wedding dress models that can give two different looks with a single wedding dress, which can shoot two birds with one stone, so to speak.

Fish Cut Wedding Dress With Detachable Tulle Skirt

This model can be the favorite of proportional and assertive bride candidates. You can feel like a swan with the skirted wedding dress with embroidered layers of tulle on the fish model wedding dress.

 It will undoubtedly be the indispensable choice of brides who want to wear both fish and fluffy.

Short Wedding Dress with Detachable Skirt
Models with removable skirts look very modern in short skirts as well as long skirts.

It can be said that the bride candidates, who are very fond of their comfort, cannot give up.

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 Entertainment after the invitation can also be preferred for comfort, it can be preferred in summer,

it is one of the first choice of those who want to enter the invitation entrance with a fluffy skirt, get out after the wedding and be comfortable.

Models with this and many other skirts can give you unforgettable days on the first day you realize your dreams.

Wedding Dress Sewing

Marriage is an important phenomenon. For most couples, it is a step towards eternal happiness, not a happy ending.

Every woman dreams of today and they want to be perfect for it. The wedding dress is the symbol of the bride and it has to be magnificent to be connected with the meaning of the night.

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Wedding dresses are prepared with fabrics such as tulle, lace, satin, silk and organza.

It is given a feature with various models and decorations. Accessories such as crown, belt, veil and flower complete the wedding dress.

So what are the sewing and stages of the wedding dress?


In the cutting process, first of all, the model is analyzed. The number of pieces is determined, the list is created.

 A list of materials to be purchased is created by determining the main fabric, lining, lace, button, etc.

The fabric of the wedding dress is prepared for ironing and applied. After this process, the wedding dress pattern is placed on the fabric and the cutting process begins.

In the preparation phase, the proof control process is carried out. In the first rehearsal process, the body, waist,

Hip lines are determined by grogen or extrafor. After marking, the wedding dress is carefully removed from the person.

 It is recommended to remove necklaces, earrings and similar products of the person who is being rehearsed.

The next step is decoration. The model is created thoroughly with the fabric and accessories chosen by the bride.

At these stages, fashion houses, tailors and designers have great responsibilities.

So, what should a good fashion designer do?

Designing and implementing wedding dresses in accordance with the fashion of the period

Drawing Patterns of Wedding Dresses and applying these patterns
Impeccable work, taking into account the bride’s request It is to guide,

inform, and professionally brides according to their body structures.
Sewing the same model does not indicate that the wedding dress will be of the same quality.

The wedding dress sewn with the best care will be one zero ahead. That’s why brides need to know that even though they have determined the model, it is very important in sewing it.

Good sewing combined with good material for your wedding dress will show how much you value your most important night.

It is possible to look unique on the wedding night with a dream wedding dress.

Choosing the right fabric is also important for a dream wedding dress. There are many types of fabrics and each fabric adds different looks and modernity to the wedding dress.

 There are also differences between them in terms of comfort and quality.

So, let’s examine together what these various fabrics are used for a dream wedding dress.

Taffeta Fabric

The taffeta fabric, which is the key to the magnificent wedding dress, resembles satin with its shine. It is suitable for skirt model with its heavy and fluffy stance.

 It is also known for the rustling sound it makes, and it makes quite a difference in this respect.


Lace fabric is the leader of elegance. Sometimes it is used in some parts of the wedding dress, sometimes it is sewn in full lace wedding dresses, and this is most often seen in fish model wedding dresses.

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The three-dimensional lace wedding dresses that mark many years are quite spectacular.

Tulle Fabric
It is known that it is mostly used in princess (puffy) model wedding dresses. It is very sensitive and requires careful handling.

 If brides have jewelry, they should be especially careful while wearing it. It is among the most preferred fabrics in summer with its breathability feature. It has a thin and transparent structure.

Organza Fabric
It is a transparent fabric. Organza fabric, which is generally used with embroidery and lace, is preferred for transparent appearance.

Chiffon fabric
It is among the most preferred wedding dress fabrics in the summer season. It has a flight feature.

It provides a shabby appearance as it is made in layers so that it does not show the inside.

Satin Fabric
The most used fabric on wedding dresses is satin fabric. It is one of the preferred fabrics for simple elegant wedding dresses.

Silk And Crepe Fabric
Silk, which is an expensive fabric, has a soft structure. Pongee; It is used in ecru, chrome and off-white wedding dresses.

 Crepe fabric with its plain structure is preferred in plain weddings. It has a sharp texture.

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Wedding dress has many meanings by people. For some, it symbolizes innocence and purity, while for others, it symbolizes ostentation, sparkle and nobility. Fluffy skirts, satin fabrics, tulle, long or short veils.

 Even when people think about it, they cannot get excited and stop their heart from beating fast.

It is as important as where it is made and how it is made by expert hands, as well as this outfit, which is the most special for all women.

While everyone’s eyes are on you, we want to glide like a swan flawlessly.

As the continuation of the tradition, the guipures and hoop embroidery on the wedding dresses are;

Offering many alternatives for brides who want to look extraordinary, tutues, mini skirts, gloves, so many wedding dress options.

The meaning of the wedding dress is not just a white fabric. The wedding dress also expresses the union of happiness with eternity.

You’ve decided to get married, too, and your new life is about to have a new home, a new family.

On the first day of your new life, your search for a wedding dress that will make you feel special among your friends,

Will also be comfortable, will not bore you, and will not make you unhappy on your special day has begun.

You have to start by deciding what kind of wedding dress you have in your dream.

Remember, this is your special day and you are the one who will make the best decision for your special day.

You can have your own designed wedding dress sewn or leave yourself in the hands of a reliable fashion designer, explain all your wishes in detail and entrust your happiness to your fashion designer.

There are many things to consider in choosing the right wedding dress. These;

The first step should be preliminary research.
Is the model you prefer suitable for your body structure?

The place you wear is also important. Which wedding dress is suitable for which venue?

How much can you budget for your dream wedding dress?
What kind of fabric should you use?

Which model, which wedding dress shop, how soon?
Wedding dress curiosity starts at a young age for almost all girls. First they want their mother to sew it to their dolls. Imagination worlds are very wide because of children.

They want to wear a wedding dress at the weddings of their sisters and relatives. Many of us wear it just for its shine without knowing its meaning.

Getting married, being a bride, not building a home. Just being in a fluffy, sparkly white dress and rolling around with your arms open is incredibly blissful.

As the age progresses, this game left over from childhood leaves its place to dreams. All young girls have their dream wedding dress in a corner of their mind.

 It is the dream of every young girl to live the most beautiful day with a dream-like wedding dress and to feel completely special in white.

Whether it is a flamboyant, grand, ornate wedding, being the most special will add happiness to happiness.

 For this, working with the right fashionistas who are good at their job and who will understand you will be a necessity to add value to your precious day.

If you are not going to buy a ready-made wedding dress, sewing it is as important as the wedding dress. Professional, in line with the experience gained;

  Understanding what you want, guiding you in the right direction according to your request, which model is suitable for your body, which is not,

  Working with competent fashion designers who think about which model veil you should choose,

Even the smallest details such as hand flowers, crown, shoes, will take your stress and panic in the most beautiful choices of your life and make you say “I’m glad I’m wearing it”.

In the same way, even if a ready-made wedding dress is to be purchased, which model and which cut is suitable for your body will comfort you within the scope of its experience and professionalism.

For this, without wasting time, you should research very well and find the most suitable designer for you,

And collaborating will save you from choosing a wedding dress, which is the biggest part of your wedding stress.

A wedding like in fairy tales, unmatched happiness, indescribable excitement, a dreamy wedding dress and togetherness that finally takes a step towards eternity.

 Undoubtedly, one of the things that adorn a woman’s dreams is to wear a wedding dress and get married.

A lot of effort is put into that happy day, everything is thought through to the smallest detail.

Among these details, the wedding dress factor is the most important. The wedding dress will be one of the most important symbols of that night.

When memories are remembered after years, the first thing to talk about is the wedding dress.

While creating her wedding dress, the bride-to-be always lives with question marks in her mind.

Many more questions such as which wedding dress model should be created where and with which fabric types.

Which Fabric Is Used In Which Season?

You can see our unique wedding dresses designed with different, rich content and fabric choices in our place, wedding dress.

There are many types of bridal fabrics, some of which include:

taffeta fabric
tulle fabric
organza fabric
Chiffon fabric
satin fabric
crepe fabric

Every fabric is worn in every season, but brides looking for comfort still go into research to choose which fabric for which season.

 So, which fabric should be preferred for which season?


The most used fabric types in these seasons;


The fabric types that are frequently used in these seasons are;


  The wedding dress should be elegant, sparkling and lively so that it presents positive visuals to those around us on our happiest day.

Wedding dresses should reflect our happiness. So how to make the wedding dress sparkle? What opportunities will Eskişehir wedding dress offer us?

Pearl in the wedding dress;

A dream-like wedding dress, crafted with great effort, with every detail embroidered loop by loop to be perfect.

It is possible to catch the show with a plain satin wedding dress, even with the chosen satin.

If you want to be dazzled on that day and everyone’s eyes to shine with your wedding dress, a wedding dress covered with diamonds and a long veil accompanying it.

Or, if you want to impress everyone with your elegance, the use of pearl varieties that leave their mark on the periods will undoubtedly be important.

Even when visualized in the human eye, it can remain undecided.

 In fact, when we look at the recent times, a wedding dress full of pearl details and the accompanying look with pearls sprinkled on the veils are highly preferred.

And it looks very elegant. It is also possible to complete the wedding dress with a tiara made of pearl details for brides who want to be both elegant and simple.

Another preference is the choice of a long simple veil with hoop embroidery on a satin wedding dress.

 How you want to look is only possible with the right fabric and the right details in line with your dreams and choices.

So much so that with an option you choose, you can look like a mother-of-pearl from an oyster.

Unique Guipures.

Wedding dress and guipure covering your whole body, a swan-like image…

You can get a magnificent look by using guipure not only on the wedding dress, but also on veil ends, jewelry bags, hair accessories, and bridal bouquets.

When it comes to guipure, it is necessary to look at a wide range. sweat the most

French guipure, one of the most preferred ones, is the epitome of elegance with its unique motifs.

Guipure is one of the most beautiful options that will always make you look even more elegant.

The people who will help you in choosing the fabric are actually the tailor, fashion designer, or designer who sews your wedding dress.

 It will help you in many matters according to the seasons, according to the fabric types, according to the accessories used according to the wedding dress models,

And it will be for your benefit to guide you to your wedding without any stress.

This situation will make you look unique at the wedding, soaring in the dreamy wedding dress and saying that you’re glad you’re wearing it.


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