Tina Valerdi Wedding Dress Manufacturer Best 3

Tina Valerdi Wedding Dress Manufacturer Best 3

Tina Valerdi Wedding Dress manufacturer have always been an important part of my world. But starting my own business in the wedding industry has long been a distant dream for me.

Tina Valerdi Wedding Dress is a renowned wedding dress manufacturer based in China that offers an extensive collection of wedding dresses for wholesale purchase.

Tina Valerdi’s wedding dresses are known for their intricate beading, lace, and embroidery, as well as their classic, timeless designs. The company’s wedding dresses are available in a variety of styles, including ball gowns, mermaid dresses, sheath dresses, and A-line dresses.

Tina Valerdi’s wedding dresses are made with high-quality fabrics and materials, ensuring durability and comfort for the bride. The company also offers customization services, allowing brides to personalize their dresses to their specific preferences.

Tina Valerdi’s wedding dresses are popular with bridal boutiques and retailers around the world due to their affordable prices and fast delivery times. The company has gained a reputation for its exceptional quality, customer service and competitive pricing structure in the industry over the years.

Tina Valerdi’s wedding dresses are designed with the modern bride in mind, incorporating contemporary elements while still maintaining a timeless appeal.

The company’s dresses feature intricate beading and lace detailing that adds texture and dimension to the gowns while also highlighting the bride’s figure in all the right places; from intricate floral lace patterns on the sleeves and bodice of ball gowns or mermaid dresses with intricate beading along the waistline or on the skirt’s hemline; each dress is carefully crafted with precision and attention-to-detail that sets them apart from others in the marketplace today!

The dresses are available in various colors such as white or ivory and come in different sizes ranging from US size 0-30 or UK size 6-34; ensuring that every bride finds her perfect fit! The company also offers wedding dresses in plus sizes ranging from US size 14-30 or UK size 22-34.

Tina Valerdi’s wedding dresses are not only stunning but also comfortable to wear. The company uses high-quality materials such as silk, satin, and chiffon to create dresses that are lightweight, breathable, and easy to move around in. The dresses are also designed with the bride’s comfort in mind, featuring adjustable straps, hidden zippers, and removable train options. This ensures that the bride can enjoy her special day without any discomfort or restrictions.

Tina Valerdi’s wedding dresses are not only beautiful but also affordable. The company offers competitive pricing structures, making it easy for bridal boutiques and retailers to purchase dresses in bulk without breaking the bank. The company also offers fast delivery times, ensuring that the dresses arrive at the retailer’s store in a timely manner. This is particularly important for bridal boutiques and retailers who have tight timelines for their wedding dress collections.

In addition to its wedding dresses, Tina Valerdi also offers a range of bridal accessories, including veils, headpieces, and jewelry. These accessories are designed to complement the company’s wedding dresses and complete the bride’s overall look. The accessories are also available in bulk for wholesale purchase, making it easy for bridal boutiques and retailers to stock up on all the necessary items for their bridal collections.

Tina Valerdi’s wedding dresses are popular with bridal boutiques and retailers around the world due to their exceptional quality, customer service, and competitive pricing structure. The company has gained a reputation for its exceptional quality, customer service, and competitive pricing structure in the industry over the years.

The company’s customer service team is available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns that bridal boutiques and retailers may have, ensuring that they have a seamless and enjoyable experience when purchasing dresses from Tina Valerdi.

In conclusion, Tina Valerdi Wedding Dress is a reputable wedding dress manufacturer based in China that offers an extensive collection of wedding dresses for wholesale purchase. The company’s wedding dresses are known for their intricate beading, lace, and embroidery, as well as their classic, timeless designs.

Tina Valerdi Wedding Dress Manufacturer

The company’s dresses are made with high-quality fabrics and materials, ensuring durability and comfort for the bride. Tina Valerdi’s wedding dresses are popular with bridal boutiques and retailers around the world due to their exceptional quality, customer service, and competitive pricing structure.

The company’s wedding dresses are not only stunning but also affordable, making it easy for bridal boutiques and retailers to purchase dresses in bulk without breaking the bank. Overall, Tina Valerdi is a reputable wedding dress manufacturer that offers a diverse selection of wedding dresses for wholesale purchase.

I am very happy that I dared to take this step today so that brides like you can have an unforgettable day in our store! What makes Malia Bridal so unique?

I think this is above all the family atmosphere between our team and the brides, as well as the colorful mix of consultants and brides of all ages who are looking for their wedding dress and finding it with us.

Our team is always happy to learn the love story of each bride and to be a part of this wonderful story with her search for a wedding dress.

We are all united in the goal to make you shine on your wedding day and to highlight your uniqueness. With years of experience in the bridal fashion business, I am well aware of a bride’s concerns that often go hand in hand with her dream dress search.

These ‘problem areas’ are only problematic from a subjective point of view. Because every bride is unique and beautiful – and that’s exactly what a dreamy dress should highlight!

“I’ve made it my mission to perfectly portray your type and personality for your big day. Together we will make your dream come true – because the entire Malia Bridal team is with you in your search for your perfect wedding dress with expertise and precision!”

It’s important to me to show every bride the best version of herself in the right dress so she can shine on her wedding day for everyone to see how wonderful she is feeling and how happy she is!


It is no longer a secret that I have been in love with the wedding dresses in my family’s shops since I was little. For a long time, however, owning a bridal shop was nothing more than a distant dream.

Years passed when I devoted myself to dual education in business and found a career in project management in the business sector. When my aunt asked me if I wanted to take over the family business in Wuppertal in 2020 – after 30 years as the owner –

I seized this unique opportunity, mustered up my courage and made my own business plans. Malia Bridal was born and soon became my life’s work. I am so happy to have this dream job today and make brides like you shine on their wedding day!

My view: To create a place where brides-to-be can really feel comfortable and be themselves. In addition to this feel-good factor, another issue is very important to me: well-founded and competent advice that stems not only from my own experience but from our group’s 30-year history.

Because to find the dress of your dreams, you need not only a lot of heart, but also intelligence and expertise! Thanks to our in-house tailoring studio, it is possible to make individual adjustments to the wedding dress, so that every bride gets a very personal and perfectly fitting dream dress.

Our master tailor works in close cooperation with the consulting team,

For many brides, a wedding dress is the epitome of a girl’s dream and the expression of her own personality – most likely for you too!

The wedding dress should meet a wide variety of requirements: it should emphasize your own type, but at the same time fit the planned celebration and the relevant personality, and bring a certain feel-good factor.

After all, it’s all about emphasizing your individuality so that you can say “yes” as yourself! It takes more than a wide range of clothing to make this dream come true, often cherished and cherished for years.

If you are looking for your dream dress, you need sensitive support who cares about your health. But someone who is also proficient in style, can advise on materials and cuts, and finally combines all your wishes in one dress.

My passion is not only to find your dream dress, but also to give you a unique shopping experience in our store. That’s why me and my team are at your side in your search for a wedding dress with honest and supportive advice so you can find the dress that accentuates your presence.

We would also be happy to advise you on choosing the right accessories to add the final touch to your bridal look. That’s why me and my team are at your side in your search for a wedding dress with honest and supportive advice so you can find the dress that accentuates your presence.

We would also be happy to advise you on choosing the right accessories to add the final touch to your bridal look. That’s why me and my team are at your side in your search for a wedding dress with honest and supportive advice so you can find the dress that accentuates your presence.

We would also be happy to advise you on choosing the right accessories to add the final touch to your bridal look.

When it comes to clothing, short women often face a big problem. What looks good on a hanger is attractive when pants need to be shortened or the upper body seems too long.

loses his spindle. Especially looking for clothes is not always easy. And while many brides look forward to the magical moment of finding the dress of their dreams, the thought of finding that dress can be particularly challenging for some.

You ask yourself: “Where can I find wedding dresses for little women?” and I can’t imagine creations that look so great on tall, slender models also wow them. But with the right cut, even a little bride feels like the most beautiful woman in the world!

WHAT IS IMPORTANT IN BRIDES FOR LITTLE WOMEN?There are several tricks that can be used to visually deceive a few centimeters in addition to your height. Of course, high heels make a real difference, and an updo can help too.

However, not every woman is used to walking in high heels all day, and not every haircut can be styled accordingly. However, if the selection of wedding dresses for short ladies is done well,

it can make them look longer.The neck, shoulders and décolleté play a decisive role: a deep V-neck extends to a halterneck. However, when it comes to the latter, broad-shouldered brides should critically examine whether the proportions still seem consistent.

The high collar also achieves the desired effect, and the mandarin collar looks particularly elegant. A wedding dress with a tapered top not only visually lengthens a short woman, but also gives her a particularly glamorous look.

Shimmering or shiny fabrics underline this look. If you absolutely must wear a Duchess style dress, it is important to keep the skirt simple.

Pretty small sizes are common, but wedding dresses for small women have some pitfalls that both large women struggle with. Good advice is needed here to find the right one for your particular type. What looks great on one bride may not suit another.

For big-breasted little ladies, the sleeves ending at the chest level in wedding dresses can hide a little. Neck straps and V-necklines look particularly good with a flattering cleavage, as they provide good support.

Spaghetti straps and appliques or laces on the chest area are objectionable. On the other hand, ruffles and embellishments are helpful for brides whose bust is quite small, as they make the piece look more voluminous.

The bateau neckline (also known as the bateau neckline) also makes the cleavage of bridal gowns look fuller and broad shoulders look narrower for short women. Curvy ladies should avoid transparent and shiny fabrics.

In these cases, we recommend a not too tight, body-hugging variant so that the female curves are perfectly staged and not hidden.

Finally, another point that has nothing to do with body type but that little ladies should consider separately for wedding dresses is the color of the fabric. Lighter skin types are better off choosing a darker shade to avoid looking paler.

Tina Valerdi türkiye

The darker the skin, the brighter the white can be.THESE CUTTINGS ARE PERFECTThe choice may seem clearly limited by a large number of criteria.

But even in wedding dresses for small women, the styles are so diverse that it is difficult to decide between beautiful dressing gowns

:A-Line: This cut accentuates the waist or flattens it for less prominent brides. It hides typical problem areas, such as a bodice belly and wide hips with a wide skirt. It also stretches and makes every woman look slimmer.

Empire Style: In these dresses, the waist part starts just below the bust, making the body appear longer. Soft, flowing fabric accentuates this effect. This model is available in floor-length and knee-length versions.

In addition, the cut that evokes a more flamboyant low-cut makes it an ideal wedding dress for small women with small breasts and narrow shoulders. The wide hem makes these creations the perfect choice for pregnant brides

A-Line : This cut is the icing on the cake of your big day! It is the perfect dress for anyone with an hourglass figure as it accentuates the slim waist. In addition, these wedding dresses are advantageous for women with narrow shoulders as well as for small ladies with broad shoulders.

Trumpet style: The mermaid cut is particularly popular, but it really only shows up on tall women. The trumpet style is a great alternative here. It has a higher cut that starts below the hip, which means the wearer doesn’t look even smaller.

Sheath Dress: The narrow cut of this short wedding dress for little ladies visually lengthens and looks very elegant and sexy. A beautiful, athletic figure is most appropriately staged, but there are not many ways to hide something.

Mini dress : The length of these creations does not differ from the sheath version. However, the flared skirt creates a completely different silhouette and can hide problem areas. Beautiful legs come into their own here. These models are perfect for small and petite women.

VoKuHiLa dress : The legs of the happy bride can still be seen, as the skirt is short in the front and long in the back. This makes them appear a few centimeters taller.

On the other hand, for little ladies, anything that will make the proportions of the wedding dress even shorter should be avoided: horizontal transitions, wide belts, a long tail or a two-piece suit.

Even very flamboyant or particularly flared models will not flatter little brides because they are literally immersed in it.

Outdoor wedding? With the sound of the sea and the sand under your feet? Since the trend towards free weddings, this idea has long ceased to be a dream for many couples. Some coastal cities in Germany or communities abroad now even offer civil marriages by sea.

So which wedding dresses are suitable for such ceremonies? We’ve explored this question and put together a few helpful tips for the perfect beach wedding dress to make your big day at the beach perfect.


Beach weddings are mostly held in summer and as the name suggests, they take place outdoors, on the beach, in nature. You should always consider these “conditions” when choosing your wedding dress. Thinking of a fitted dress that is longer than floor length or even with a long tail?

Is your dream dress a heavy, flashy, princess-style dress? Things can get tough on the beach with these wedding dresses. That’s why we recommend summer A-line or empire-style dresses with light, flowing fabrics. Or how about a trumpet/mermaid style dress?

After all, there is no better place for a charming mermaid than the seaside.

Chiffon, georgette, satin, silk, organza or tulle can be used in the skirt. These fabrics are very thin and not perfect for getting married at the beach just because of their wearing comfort. The thin, tulle-like fabric flows loosely, is particularly light, and sways with every movement.

The perfect complement to the open sea and relaxed atmosphere of a beach wedding. You – the bride – imagine how you are standing on the beach in a dream of light tulle or chiffon, and how your wedding dress on the beach flutters in the wind. An amazing picture.

However, we do not recommend an endlessly long train for a beach wedding. The danger here is so great that it takes away the lightness of the draped skirt. It’s also a shame if the train soon gets dirty or wet – beach wedding dresses have to cope with special requirements due to the environment.

However, if you do not want to make a trench coat on your wedding dress, we recommend you a brushed trench coat. It is the shortest of all trains and hardly touches the ground.

As a result, the bride still has enough freedom of movement and still does not have to do without the wow effect. A perfect combination for a beach wedding dress.

There is no limit to the length of the skirt. Although many brides prefer floor-length dresses, short or knee-length or mullet-style wedding dresses are also very popular.

We’ve put together some ideas for short wedding dresses in April. Take a look and let yourself be inspired. If you are not sure which style or fabric is right for you and your wedding, please feel free to contact us. Together we will find the perfect wedding dress for you!

The cut of the wedding dress should also be well thought out in harmony with the fabrics described. If you wish, of course, you can choose a sexy mermaid or sheathed tight-fitting wedding dress.

Still, the bride should keep in mind that these dresses severely restrict her freedom of movement and somewhat lack the comfort of a beach wedding. Women who like to be more lively and light can choose a sleeveless dress with an open back if you wish, with a skirt that flies around its silhouette.

In terms of cut, classic A-cut, empire style dresses, popular boho vintage style or short wedding dresses are suitable. If you are brave, you can marry with a mini wedding dress, or you can show your skin with a strapless or low-cut dress.

It is important that both the bride and the light, summery mood are reflected in the style of the dress. It goes without saying that whatever you like is allowed. You must have felt good! So if you like it more flamboyant, of course you can also choose the princess style or the ruffled and loose tulle ball gown, but for your beach wedding we suggest a lighter look.

bridal corsage

Unlike the flowy skirt, the top of the dress can also be a little more eye-catching, but it should still fit the style. Very popular for the perfect beach look are vintage style wedding dresses, for example lace with beading or appliqués and embroidered tops.

They can have a sexy sweetheart neckline or show off your beautiful back. be a little more cloudy. Also, wedding dresses for the beach can be both sleeveless and with longer sleeves, for example, made of lace. Thin straps at the top are particularly popular because a

they also give the look a youthful lightness. But strapless corsages are also a minor issue. But here, heavy corsages with a lot of fabric and bars should be avoided.

These are usually very heavy and take away the refreshing feel of the beachy look of the wedding dress and the lightness of the bride. Such tops are mostly used for flashy, eye-catching dresses.

If you’re feeling uncomfortable or too naked with a sleeveless dress or spaghetti straps, that’s okay too. Here, for example, higher closed, sparkly lace tops with different decorative patterns around the neckline are ideal.

This makes the bride feel more veiled and yet does not detract from the casual lightness that makes the dress look beachy. Or how about a strapless wedding dress with an interesting back look or a modern halterneck wedding dress?

Brides also like to opt for lace jackets that they can take off. This allows you to give the wedding dress a whole new look later on.


Accessories should be chosen as lively and light as a wedding dress for the beach. Instead of a veil, for example, a beautiful wreath of fresh flowers or a simple headdress can be used.

But if you don’t want to do it without a veil, you can also integrate it into your look. But here, too, the veil should match the look and type of the wedding ceremony or the atmosphere of the wedding on the beach.

That’s why we recommend choosing a short, light tulle instead of a long sweep train. Feel free to experiment with veils in different sizes, styles and lengths so that it fits perfectly with the dress in the end.

Shoe selection should also be well thought through, because due to the nature of the ground, high heels like pumps or stilettos are usually not an option unless they are some kind of bridge over the sand.

But here too, caution is advised due to grooves and gaps. However, if you do not want to give up high heels, block or wedge heels are recommended. If you prefer it straight, choose beautiful sandals or ballerinas, for example, white or ivory. We would choose open-toe shoes for a light, summery style.

Or try something really crazy and go barefoot to the wedding. This is not unusual for a beach wedding. A little tip: then the groom should also do without shoes – it looks more harmonious. In the end, the choice of shoes is up to you, just like choosing a wedding dress at the beach, the main thing is to feel comfortable!

You can find more inspiration for summer weddings in our previous blog post. Of course, we would be happy to advise you in our bridal fashion store near Hanover to ensure that everything from the headdress to the neckline and from the skirt style to the shoes will fit you perfectly.

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Of course, a wedding isn’t just about the bride and the gorgeous wedding dress, even if that’s the main focus. But the second main actor is the groom, and his appearance must of course match the style of the beach wedding and the wedding dress chosen by his great love.

A bride in a relaxed, light and flowing beach look should not necessarily be a classic wedding outfit for a man. Black suit and tie at the beach? Boring! That’s why we recommend making arrangements in advance.

That doesn’t mean you should tell your husband about your dress, but you should at least point him or the friend he’s buying in the right direction because it’s the only way both will give a cohesive overall picture on your big day.

For example, a lighter colored casual suit goes well with the beach bride’s rocking, light look. We do not recommend black in such an atmosphere. Here we prefer to use lighter shades of gray, blue or beige and rely unconventionally on light summer fabrics such as linen.

You can also do without a bow tie, tie and/or shoes in a comfortable environment like at the seaside. Why don’t you walk barefoot down the aisle in a light shirt, a baggy waistcoat, and rolled up pants? But the same is true for the bride and groom: however everyone is comfortable.

Take shades of blue or beige and unconventionally rely on light summer fabrics like linen. You can also do without a bow tie, tie and/or shoes in a comfortable environment like at the seaside.

Why don’t you walk barefoot down the aisle in a light shirt, a baggy waistcoat, and rolled up pants? But the same is true for the bride and groom: however everyone is comfortable.

Take shades of blue or beige and unconventionally rely on light summer fabrics like linen. You can also do without a bow tie, tie and/or shoes in a comfortable environment like at the seaside. Why don’t you walk barefoot down the aisle in a light shirt, a baggy waistcoat, and rolled up pants?

But the same is true for the bride and groom: however everyone is comfortable.


In addition to your groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen and your guests will also have a beach wedding.

It plays a decisive role in the overall picture of your portrait. They should also tailor their outfits to the style of the wedding. Hence our tip: include a dress code on your invitation cards.

Even this is common, but often it’s like “We want festive clothes”. However, you can easily rephrase this phrase and ask for casual, nautical fashion, for example.

The so-called boho style, which we talked about in our article about summer wedding dresses, is very fashionable right now. You can discuss ahead of time with everyone involved what your groomsmen and guests’ bridesmaids’ dresses or festive wardrobe will look like.

When choosing their wardrobe, taller women do not face the hassle of finding trousers that fit not only their body size and therefore their leg length. Wedding dresses for tall women should also be a little longer.

Fortunately, the dresses are still delivered in plus sizes so they can be cut to fit each bride’s body individually. In addition, the right cut is also important, which cleverly hides typical problem areas and subtly emphasizes the advantages. We tell you how to find the most beautiful wedding dress for a perfect wedding!

The average height of a woman in Germany is 166 cm. While even smaller women are usually only a few centimeters apart, there are also women who sometimes significantly exceed the 180cm mark. Then the lengths that meet the demands of a tall woman will also apply to tall women in wedding dresses.

However, it is important not only to consider the overall length, but also to put it in the right proportion. For a tall bride to look successful, the length of the arms, the fit of the upper body and thus the waist or the width of the shoulders play an equally important role, depending on the style or model chosen.

The fact that about 90 percent of the dresses are sleeveless makes the choice easier.

Tina valerdi gelinlik

To ensure that neck is not the primary concern but the focal point due to the tall bride’s gorgeous overall impression, bridal fashion should correspond to an appropriate style that flatters the bride type.

Due to their positive characteristics, different styles are well suited as wedding dresses for tall women, which we would like to present in more detail:

mermaid style wedding dress

trumpet dresses

princess or prom dresses

empire style wedding dress


These wedding dresses, which are also known as the English Mermaid, are the wedding dresses that hug the body and sit up to the knees. Only then the skirt expands and falls slightly around the bride’s lower legs.

Feminine curves such as the waist, hips and butt are emphasized, as are the long legs of the bride. Especially tall women with a slim body are recommended to wear mermaid dresses.


It is a modification of mermaid dresses and therefore also ideal as a wedding dress for tall women. In trumpet dresses, the skirt opens in the middle of the hips, which means a slightly more discreet look.

The right neckline provides a harmonious look for both variants: A strapless wedding dress can be considered as good as a spaghetti strap or bateau neckline wedding dress for tall women, as they all emphasize filigree details such as the collarbone.


Princess dresses, also known as duchess dresses, are recommended to tall women who love romantic and magical things.

First of all, they are characterized by a wide skirt with a fluffy skirt, combined with a top that emphasizes a slim waist and flatters the body.

Such a dress is often embellished with lace or pearls, and many brides also want a bodice instead of a one-piece dress.


Tall women with a narrow body and rather wide hips look great in an empire-style wedding dress. The waistline of this dress starts just below the bust, thus hiding problem areas such as the hips and hips and calves.

As a wedding dress for tall women, it is a perfect alternative for women who cannot be comfortable with very tight cuts, but who want a more elegant wedding dress than a princess style wedding dress.

There is a wide selection of bridal and wedding fashions, as well as collars, colours, fabrics and accessories. Here, too, the different variants offer some practical and visual advantages that the bride-to-be can take advantage of.

We are happy to offer the right tail and a wide selection of jewelery to complete the chosen look.

Karmen’s Bridal Fashion Hannover
There is a wide selection of bridal and wedding fashions, as well as collars, colours, fabrics and accessories. Here, too, the different variants offer some practical and visual advantages that the bride-to-be can take advantage of.

We are happy to offer the right tail and a wide range of jewellery to complete the item.

Collar forms, straps and sleeves

Wedding dresses / models not only come in different silhouettes, but also offer a variety of neckline forms and a variety of straps and sleeves. There are some classic, frequently chosen options, and some more eye-catching and unusual.

The same shape can look very different due to the choice of fabric and the design of the fabric edges. Collar, straps and sleeves should match and complement the cut and style of the wedding dress.

Some bridal cuts:

straight neckline/bandeau style, strapless

round neck, suspenders

Strap V-neck

Neckline, halterneck, open back

Bateau neckline (oval shape), suspenders

Waterfall collar with multiple layers of flowing fabric

Heart collar, with or without straps

Carmen collar, strapless, sleeved

Carré collar: straight and square neckline, suspenders and tight sleeves

Sabrina collar: shoulder-to-shoulder straight neckline (similar to bateau neckline), gathered at the shoulders, sleeveless

One-shoulder or asymmetrical collar with one strap or sleeves

mostly high-neck dresses with straps, sleeves or no sleeves

Collared dresses such as tangerine collars or booby collars


The choice of fabric or fabric for the wedding dress is closely related to its style and collar. Fabric often affects how flowy or voluminous a look looks. The different characteristics of textiles make professional advice particularly important.

The choice of raw materials also makes a wedding dress more expensive or cheaper. For example, price-conscious brides can use synthetic fibers instead of natural fibers.

Typical fabric and fabric options for different wedding dresses/models:

Tulle: translucent, reticulated, fine or coarse

Silk: delicately shiny, flowing, very high quality

Satin: satin, slightly heavier, made of silk fiber

Organza: made of silk fiber, sheer with a slight sheen

Chiffon: sheer and very delicate but sturdy, made of silk fiber

Taffeta: Made of silk fibers, with a silky sheen, firm and slightly lighter

Doupion: irregular surface structure due to thickened threads made from silk fibers

Lace: delicate fabric with an open structure in the form of a pattern

The choice of fabric or fabric for the wedding dress is closely related to its style and collar. Fabric often affects how flowy or voluminous a look looks.

The different characteristics of textiles make professional advice particularly important. The choice of raw materials also makes a wedding dress more expensive or cheaper. For example, price-conscious brides can use synthetic fibers instead of natural fibers.

Typical fabric and fabric options for different wedding dresses / models:

short dresses: especially good for hot weather and to perfectly show off beautiful legs

Calf-length dresses (“tea-length”): dresses of very festive length, ideal for summer

Sheath dresses: straight cut elegance for a modern look, often used as registry office dresses

I-line: Modest, slim-fit dresses with slightly dangling skirts

Corsage style: classic among tops to accentuate decollete and waist

High-low dresses: romantic and modern dresses that are shorter in the front and longer in the back

Costume: short two-piece suit, usually kept very simple

Trouser suit: half-length or long trouser leg, very festive and diverse – simple, rich in details, elegant, romantic, extravagant

Wedding dresses are no longer limited to the classic shade of white: in addition to a large number of pastel shades, bold colors are also increasingly seen.

Wedding dress makers use it for the fabric layers of the bodice or skirt as a small accent added to the fabric of the dress. Fully dyed bridal gowns are also available.
Discover the color variety of our bridal dresses:

bright white is definitely classic, but it can make fair-skinned women look too pale.

Ivory is off-white with a yellowish tinge that radiates warmth and grace.

Cream and champagne shades are also softer than pure white and are flatter for all skin types.

Black contrast or all-black wedding dresses are a very fashionable choice and are not only popular with Gothic fans.

Wedding dresses in light and dark shades of red look very passionate and modern.

Pink and soft pink wedding dresses give the wedding a fairy tale feel.

Pastel colors such as light sky blue, mint green or lavender are ideal for a fresh look.

While in the past decades wedding fashion was also subject to the corresponding trend of the time, today confident brides choose a wide variety of styles.

After all, we are freer than ever before, and old times are still attractive. Hippie wedding dresses of the 1960s and 1970s, original vintage models and bohemian chic are very popular today. The right setting for the wedding is stunningly staging the bride in a hippie wedding dress.

In fact, the term “hippie” has its origins in the 18th century. then

Even man, those who opposed tradition and order and sought their wealth outside of the mainstream were “cool”. The term “hippie”, a term used for those involved in the youth movement of the 1960s, later emerged in the United States and is increasingly being used in Europe as well.

Who designed Madonna’s wedding dress?

When it comes to fashion, hippie wedding dresses from that era are not the only ones that are once again extremely popular today. Bell bottoms, crochet vests, platform shoes, flowing skirts and headbands are also more common in daily life today.

Hippie wedding dresses are just as diverse, whether they are chosen with floral lace or bohemian style, with patterned decorations. The transition between two very similar styles is fluid, as evidenced by the collections of different designers.


Be it trumpet sleeves, a low or lace-covered neckline, wide swinging skirt, one-piece or two-piece suits – their versatility makes such dresses unique. Thanks to its generous cuts, it hides problem areas and flatters the bride’s body. Hippie bridesmaid dresses are especially suitable for brides who want to get married while pregnant and are looking for a pregnant wedding dress. Also, these types of bridesmaid dresses are often a good choice for other occasions later on, if staged differently with matching accessories.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of hippie style wedding dresses is that they give the bride more freedom than very flashy and expensive wedding dresses.

Usually made of lightweight fabrics and wide, flowing cuts, hippie wedding dresses are comfortable and easy to wear.

It can also be perfectly combined and elevated with accessories such as flower garlands, ethnic bracelets or beautifully knit sandals, and can also be easily worn on a day at the beach or in the woods, as is customary at hippie weddings.


Boho style hippie wedding dress
If you don’t like the floral lace models of typical hippie wedding dresses, you can turn to bohemian style dresses.

The word “Boho” derives from the French word “Bohémian”, which describes Sinti and Roma who came to France from the 15th century. This culture is also reflected in the modern boho wedding dress style.

At the same time, they offer a lot of comfort with the charming look of the bride. Instead of flowers, here is lace, which is often kept in ornaments or patterns. But tassels, tulle, trumpet sleeves and, above all, flowing skirts that often go down to the floor are very typical features.

Hippie wedding dresses are perfect for outfits, so there’s no limit when it comes to accessories. Some possibilities are:

The cool look gets a little more cheeky with a cheeky hat.

Braided or other narrow belts accentuate the waist.

Jewelry made of colorful pearls adorn the bride’s neck and ears.

Flowers knitted into the hair should not be missing from any hippie outfit anyway.

What ultimately enhances the hippie look is up to each bride. After all, besides love and peace, there is no slogan that fits a hippie wedding better than our greatest asset: freedom!

Undoubtedly, the offer is very attractive: lying comfortably on the sofa, you can find out about the wedding dress / models on the Internet, order it in the online store and have it delivered. The best in the so-called “China Store” as it offers a low price and short delivery times. I

t also promises a personalized dress, at least the description says so. Especially when the wedding is approaching and the wedding dress has not yet been found, many brides resort to this remedy – after all, there is a lot of work to be done before the big day and the stress level is high.

Unfortunately, the ideal of ordering the right wedding dress online from China is almost never fulfilled. Brides-to-be are disappointed if they receive the delivered goods. The pressure to find a suitable wedding dress before the wedding is very high.

Reviews of our customers, who initially tried to order wedding dresses from China, show the numerous problems of ordering in online stores:

The dress was delivered in the wrong size or color.

The delivered wedding dress had a completely different design from the image shown on the China Online Shop: instead of a lacy back neckline, it now had a closed back, but with a loose tulle V-neck at the front.

The size ordered was significantly smaller or larger than known sizes in German stores.

The cut of the dress did not match the idea and did not fit. A-cut dresses ordered in China Shop are very different from A-cut dresses from other wedding dress manufacturers.

The so-called tailor-made dress did not fit the body, despite the meticulously communicated measurements.

The suit was dirty, damaged or missing parts. In most cases, you couldn’t remove the dirt and repair the damage yourself; You had to find professional help and pay for it.

The fabric of the dress is usually of poor quality.

It looks more like a carnival costume than a wedding dress. Although the tulle needs to be loosened, it is hard, the satin surface is rough and like chiffon thread.

The fabric has been handled dirty. Customers often report open seams, broken decorative items such as sequins and rhinestones, adhesive residue on fabric, crooked fabric edges, unsymmetrical cuts, or irregularly designed lace.

Delivery was not made on time and the dress was not there in time for the wedding.

The shipment was lost and never arrived. Due to the long shipping way, it could not be tracked where the package went. There was no response to complaints made to the store.

The so-called cheap price of wedding dresses from China often rises significantly due to large shipping costs. In addition, there is a regular 19% import sales tax and if necessary. customs clear.

3 to 4 dresses were ordered for assembly. When I wanted to return it, it was realized that the return was not free and the buyer had to pay the shipping fee himself.

The purchase price must be paid, for example, through a buyer-protected payment service. B. PayPal is almost always lost, as the time to claim buyer protection often expires due to the long delivery time.

These are just a few of the many risks associated with wedding dresses bought in Chinese stores. You can avoid these disappointing situations with a professional consultation and bridal rehearsal in our bridal shop.

Instead, you control the style and fit of the dress yourself, the dress is pinned directly to your body to customize it, you can feel the fabric and its features and check the embroidery yourself on the spot, and there are no hidden costs.

Of course, a personal appointment at the store represents an investment of time – but it will save you the stress in the aftermath. In addition, choosing a wedding dress with the bride’s friends and the bride’s mother becomes a common experience.

Thanks to this helpful support, many brides find the wedding dress of their dreams as soon as they try!

The A-cut wedding dress is one of the most popular wedding dresses of recent times. From where? Because it suits every bride! The long, flared skirt and tight waisted top really set the stage perfectly for any silhouette.

A-line wedding dresses are available in a variety of styles. For example, they are often strapless or have delicate straps.

Many A-cut dresses feature gorgeous lace trim on the bodice and skirt, and can also be used with glitter if desired. It’s a great dress for a classic wedding and perfect if you want to make a grand entrance as a bride!


Similar to the A-line, the princess wedding dress convinces with a charming waistline. This makes the upper body look narrow and elegant, while the long skirt is even more voluminous than an A-line wedding dress due to the ring skirt.

The princess dress is ideal for any bride who wants to be a once-in-a-lifetime princess – because this wedding dress is simply beyond compare when it comes to fairy tales.

In our shop in Wuppertal you will find a large number of princess wedding dresses in different designs, for example in ivory or blush and with wonderfully beautiful decorations.


This style is significantly less wide than A-lines and princess gowns. Mermaid bridesmaid dresses are suitable for all brides-to-be who feel comfortable on their body.

Because the slim fit that hugs the body emphasizes the entire silhouette from the shoulders to the knees. This is how the bride’s natural curves come to life.

Mermaid wedding dresses are elegant and totally feminine. Whether you are looking for a wedding dress for the registry office, a wedding dress for your free wedding or a church wedding, you will always look great in this sexy dress!


Like the mermaid dress, the Fit and Flare wedding dress subtly accentuates the hips and waist. However, the skirt is already wider than the thighs, so as a bride in a tight, baggy wedding dress, you can enjoy significantly more knee room for walking and dancing.

This style is ideal for emphasizing female curves and is also available in many variations. Many brides choose a backless or lace wedding dress for their wedding. The Fit’n Flare wedding dress has a classic elegance and can be worn at any wedding

If you like romantic, fun and yet elegant, a boho wedding dress or a vintage wedding dress is for you! Both models make brides who prefer lace and draped silhouettes happy.

And when it comes to color, boho vintage wedding dresses have a lot to offer: classic white and cream, dreamy rosé or rather cappuccino colors are all up to you. All styles are possible, from hippie chic to trendy two-piece bridal suits to elegant vintage dresse

Boho vintage wedding dress

Short wedding dresses are an absolute classic, especially for formal weddings. Regardless of the season, they can be combined with a floral wreath in summer and a soft bolero jacket or cloak in winter.

Whether mini or knee length, short wedding dresses are versatile! It is suitable for all brides who want to emphasize their legs. In our experience, the most popular short wedding dresses are elegant sheath dresses, short A-cut dresses or short princess dresses.

Either way, short wedding dresses impress with their playful elegance

short wedding dress


For the registry office, free wedding ceremony or church – a bridal jumpsuit is the perfect all-rounder for the modern bride and an elegant alternative to a bridal gown!

Here you will also find a wide variety of styles, silhouettes and fabrics. Two-piece bridal suits are also a practical and stylish solution to suit any style: combined with lace tops, crop tops or capes, a modern bridal look is both casual and glamorous!

The most popular wedding dress cuts in Malia Bridal
A-line wedding dress
princess wedding dress
Mermaid Wedding Dresses
Fit and baggy wedding dress
boho vintage wedding dress
short wedding dress
Bridal Jumpsuit

Princess-style wedding dresses are among the classics of bridal fashion – and rightly so! Because glamorous dresses are good for any bride and let her make a big impact on her wedding day. Princess dresses emphasize the female silhouette and captivate with their breathtaking elegance.

Who made Queen Victoria’s wedding dress?

If you want a romantic fairy tale inspired dress for your wedding, you’ll be amazed by the selection of princess dresses at Malia Bridal in Wuppertal.

Our range includes various great models from well-known brands such as Intimacy, Lillian West, Adore, Agnes, Elisabeth or The One. .

In princess wedding dresses, the slim fit effectively emphasizes the upper part of the body, while the skirt comes down quite a bit. This body-friendly cut offers the best of every silhouette and is therefore extremely popular.

The princess wedding dress, especially combined with a veil and a crown, is truly eye-catching with its almost royal look! There is no limit to extravagance in this style, as both the wedding dress and the veil are often embroidered with elaborate embroideries, lace, ruffles, sequins or pearls.

Are you dreaming of a fairy-tale wedding in a palace or castle, flamboyant rose decorations, a multi-tiered wedding cake and of course a truly magnificent entrance in front of all your loved ones?

Then you’re guaranteed to be happy with a voluminous princess dress! No other style is as romantic and glamorous as a large princess wedding dress with a touch of royalty!

With this, your guests will be amazed as you and your chosen one shine like a royal couple on their wedding day. Because the princess wedding dress invites young and old to dream and takes you to the grand ballroom where Cinderella dances with her prince.

princess wedding dress
The Perfect Princess: Individual details for your personal awesome look
Of course, not all princesses are the same. Because tastes differ, we always value diversity at Cinderella Love Story.

Because it’s the only way for every princess bride to find her personal favorite that brings her inner beauty out and makes her shine. The pain of choice starts with color because princess wedding dresses come in so many different shades.

Most brides opt for a classic ivory or delicate blush wedding dress, but subtle cappuccino shades are also popular at the moment. Many princess dresses have an integrated bodice so that the upper body and décolleté are perfectly staged.

You can choose a strapless princess dress or a strapless dress according to your personal taste. Especially in the winter months, many brides want princess wedding dresses with longer sleeves, which are usually made of transparent fabrics or lace.

The fact that the princess dress is quite wide from the waist and the typical flamboyant character of the wide skirt makes the princess wedding dress a very special eye-catcher.


If you want a princess wedding dress for your own wedding, you usually want a grand entrance. Often these models also feature a tail – with this and the elaborate embellishments on the dress, the wow look is maximized!

From glittery tulle to embroidered lace or tattoo lace, pearls and rhinestones, there are countless variations to suit every taste. But of course, there are more flamboyantly designed princess wedding dresses.

Instead, simple models with little or no embellishments make the fabric and cut eye-catching: like a wedding dress made of heavy satin, the sheen of which looks like silk.

Such thinner variants have a less playful look, but leave a much more elegant impression. In a plain princess wedding dress, your look will be exciting, especially if there is a long tail. Simple or ostentatious

No matter you choose a princess dress, you can look forward to many wonderful moments on your wedding day!

smug silhouette
tight (corset) top
circular skirt
Strapless or with straps
Often lavishly decorated

Traditionally, your wedding is all about you and your sweetheart. But that doesn’t mean you have to hide your baby’s tummy at your party! On the contrary, many couples today are making the conscious decision to place pregnancy at the center of their wedding celebration.

So you can celebrate your love and your little family and all your loved ones are there! However, as a pregnant bride, choosing a wedding dress that fits comfortably around your belly button and looks beautiful at the same time is important for you to feel good about yourself.

This tightrope walk is a headache for many pregnant brides. But don’t worry, we at Cinderella Love Story are here to help you find the perfect wedding dress for your big day!

Pregnant get married? Yes, of course!
Sooner or later, many pregnant brides ask themselves whether it would be better to postpone the wedding. But in this is no longer necessary!

Many manufacturers offer dream wedding dresses for pregnant women that are super comfortable and also breathtakingly beautiful! In the meantime, you don’t have to give up on comfort and elegance, because the choice is more diverse than ever.

Maternity wedding dresses are usually made of flexible materials, so the wedding dress can be flexibly adjusted to your waist size.

These include, for example, stretch satin or elastic lace. If you prefer a romantic look, flowy fabrics are ideal because they flatter and do not restrict your body. In general, your well-being on this day is a criterion.

you should never miss it. Because only if you feel 100% comfortable and your dress fits perfectly without restricting you and your baby can you truly enjoy your wedding celebration.

Empire wedding dresses are a classic for pregnant brides. With its typical silhouette, this highlights the narrow space between the chest and navel, which beautifully envelops the small tummy.

If you want to emphasize your growing belly, you can draw attention to your waist with a belt. The empire dress takes a romantic turn with the lace trim that makes it really eye-catching in boho style.

Many empire wedding dresses feature a fluffy, multi-layered chiffon skirt that gently caresses the body and never tightens. Embellished with glitter, for example in the form of a narrow belt, the baby bump is perfectly staged and the imperial wedding dress is even suitable for church!

If your pregnancy is not too advanced at the time of the wedding, for example, an A-line dress can also be a great choice. This cut is perfect especially if you want to go all out visually on your wedding day.

Because A cut wedding dresses can be extremely flashy depending on the skirt volume you choose. Many models have integrated lacing on the back, giving you the advantage of an individual and spontaneous response to changes in waist circumference.

If you’re dreaming of a grand wedding dress and a fabulous wedding and still want to stay flexible, your wish will come true with an A-line wedding dress!

Want to make your baby’s ball the center of attention? Then a fit and flamboyant wedding dress is ideal! This style is very body-hugging and therefore extremely popular with confident brides.

The narrow silhouette flatters the female figure and can also be made from stretchy fabrics. With its long sleeves made of lace, Fit and Fair wedding dress will be the dream companion of your winter weddings, while in summer you can choose models with short sleeves or filigree straps.

Whichever style you choose, your baby’s navel will look great in a fitted and flared wedding dress!


Summer or winter wedding – a short wedding dress is always a great solution during pregnancy. Short wedding dresses are available in many different styles and will suit any bride, no matter the size of the baby ball.

The shortened length draws attention to the legs, while the dress gently caresses the baby’s tummy. There are short wedding dresses with long sleeves for the cold season, you can combine them with a soft cardigan, blazer or bolero jacket according to your personal taste.

wedding dress for pregnant women
Marrying pregnant women: Good advice works wonders!

For you as a pregnant bride, waist circumference at the time of the wedding is of course an unknown X factor, but with the right cut and material, it won’t be a problem! So be sure to rely on expert knowledge when purchasing a wedding dress and let your contact person

Cinderella Love Story in Wuppertal advise you! Our team will be happy to support you and show you different styles of wedding dresses for pregnant women. Discuss your personality and body type during a consultation in our shop

we bring out the best version of yourself. We have our own tailor shop for tailor-made tailoring, where we can make small and big changes to your dream dress to fit perfectly on your big day!

Wedding dresses for pregnant women – these models are perfect for pregnant brides:

empire wedding dress
A cut wedding dress
Fit’n’Flair dress
short wedding dress

The A-cut is one of the most popular wedding dress classics. It is characterized by a narrow top – usually a bodice – and a wide, swinging skirt. These models are available in a multitude of styles, but all are absolutely figure flattering.

A-cut dresses truly suit any bride and always convince with their pure elegance and classic beauty. The A-line was popularized in the 1950s by fashion icon Christian Dior, who revolutionized the then-classic silhouette.

Ever since A line conquered the fashion world’s catwalks, it has also become an integral part of the bridal fashion industry. No wonder, because the A-line cut is extremely versatile and perfect for accentuating any figure.

Who designed Alicia Keys wedding dress?

The A-line is pretty much the only cut that makes every figure the center of attention. But that doesn’t mean all brides look the same, quite the opposite!

The A-line is incredibly versatile and is anything but the boring one-size-fits-all style. This style of wedding dress offers so many possibilities and great scope for an individual look! A line wedding dress can be perfectly sewn according to your preferences.

The body-hugging top consists of an optimizing bodice, often in conjunction with a stylish lace-up at the back.

Therefore, filigree can emphasize figures and feminine curves and create a beautiful décolleté in any situation! Also, the waist looks particularly tight due to the stretchy top, while the flared skirt hides problem areas.

Whether hourglass, apple or pear type: you can show your best self on your wedding day with an A-cut wedding dress!


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