Online Bridesmaid Dresses Best 5 Models

Online Bridesmaid Dresses Best 5 Models

Selecting the perfect bridesmaid dresses is a pivotal aspect of wedding planning, and the convenience and variety offered by online shopping have made it a popular choice for brides-to-be. Online bridesmaid dresses open up a world of options, from classic styles to contemporary trends, allowing brides to curate a cohesive and stylish bridal party look. In this comprehensive guide, we explore the realm of online bridesmaid dresses, covering key considerations, popular trends, top online platforms, and tips for ensuring a seamless shopping experience.

1. The Convenience of Online Bridesmaid Dress Shopping:

Online shopping has revolutionized the bridesmaid dress selection process, providing brides with the convenience of browsing and purchasing dresses from the comfort of their homes. The advantages of online bridesmaid dress shopping include:

  • Extensive Variety: Online platforms offer an extensive range of bridesmaid dresses in various styles, colors, and sizes, catering to different body types and preferences.
  • Affordability: Many online retailers provide affordable options, allowing brides to find stylish dresses that suit their budget and the budgets of their bridesmaids.
  • Customization Options: Some online platforms offer customization services, enabling bridesmaids to choose dress colors, styles, and sizes that complement their individual tastes while maintaining a cohesive look.
  • Ease of Comparison: Online shopping allows bridesmaids to easily compare different dresses, styles, and prices, facilitating informed decision-making.
  • Convenient Sizing Information: Detailed sizing charts and measurement guidelines help bridesmaids select the right size, reducing the likelihood of fit issues.

2. Key Considerations When Shopping for Online Bridesmaid Dresses:

  • Color Consistency: Ensure that the online platform provides accurate color descriptions and, if possible, order fabric swatches to confirm color consistency across all dresses.
  • Sizing Accuracy: Pay attention to sizing charts and measure accurately to avoid sizing issues. Some online retailers offer made-to-measure or custom sizing options for a more precise fit.
  • Return and Exchange Policies: Familiarize yourself with the return and exchange policies of the online retailer. Knowing the terms and conditions will be beneficial in case alterations or returns are necessary.
  • Shipping Timelines: Plan ahead and consider shipping timelines to ensure that the dresses arrive well in advance of the wedding date. Factor in time for any potential alterations.
  • Customer Reviews: Read customer reviews to gain insights into the quality, fit, and overall satisfaction of previous buyers. Real experiences from other customers can be valuable in making informed decisions.

3. Trends in Online Bridesmaid Dresses:

  • Mix-and-Match Styles: Brides are increasingly opting for mix-and-match bridesmaid dresses, allowing each member of the bridal party to wear a style that complements their body shape and personal style while maintaining a cohesive overall look.
  • Mismatched Colors: Brides are exploring the trend of choosing a color palette and allowing bridesmaids to select dresses in varying shades within that palette. This adds visual interest and allows for individual expression.
  • Convertible Dresses: Versatile and convertible dresses that can be styled in multiple ways are gaining popularity. These dresses provide flexibility, allowing bridesmaids to create different looks with the same dress.
  • Sequin and Metallic Accents: Dresses with sequin embellishments or metallic accents are on-trend, adding a touch of glamour and sophistication to the bridal party ensemble.
  • Floral Patterns: Floral patterns, whether subtle or bold, are making a comeback. Floral bridesmaid dresses add a romantic and whimsical element to the overall aesthetic.

4. Top Online Platforms for Bridesmaid Dresses:

  • 1. Azazie: Elevating Bridesmaid Dress ShoppingAzazie is a renowned online platform specializing in bridesmaid dresses with a vast selection of styles, colors, and sizes. The platform offers a unique “Try at Home” program, allowing bridesmaids to order sample dresses to ensure the perfect fit and style.
  • 2. BHLDN: Timeless Elegance for BridesmaidsBHLDN, Anthropologie’s wedding brand, features a curated collection of bridesmaid dresses characterized by timeless elegance. The platform offers a range of styles, including mix-and-match options and dresses with delicate details.
  • 3. Dessy: Celebrating Versatility and StyleDessy is a well-established online retailer known for its versatile bridesmaid dress options. With a focus on style and quality, Dessy provides a wide array of dresses, including popular trends like mix-and-match and convertible styles.
  • 4. Birdy Grey: Affordable and Stylish ChoicesBirdy Grey stands out for its affordable yet stylish bridesmaid dresses. The platform offers a curated collection of on-trend dresses in various colors, making it a budget-friendly option for brides and their bridal parties.
  • 5. Revelry: Celebrating Size InclusivityRevelry is celebrated for its commitment to size inclusivity, offering bridesmaid dresses in a wide range of sizes. The platform also features a diverse selection of styles, colors, and fabrics, catering to different tastes.

5. Tips for a Seamless Online Bridesmaid Dress Shopping Experience:

  • Order Swatches: If color accuracy is crucial, consider ordering fabric swatches to confirm the colors before placing the bulk order for bridesmaid dresses.
  • Start Early: Initiate the bridesmaid dress shopping process well in advance to allow time for ordering, delivery, potential alterations, and addressing any unforeseen issues.
  • Communicate Clearly: Maintain open communication with bridesmaids to understand their preferences and ensure a collaborative decision-making process.
  • Consider Body Types: Keep in mind the diverse body types of bridesmaids when selecting dress styles. Opt for universally flattering silhouettes or choose mix-and-match styles to accommodate different figures.
  • Explore Accessories: Bridesmaids can personalize their looks with accessories like jewelry, shoes, or hairpieces. Encourage individual expression within the overall aesthetic.

6. Addressing Common Concerns:

  • Quality Concerns: To address concerns about the quality of online bridesmaid dresses, opt for reputable platforms with positive reviews. Ordering sample dresses or reading customer feedback can provide assurance.
  • Fit Issues: Accurate measurements, sizing charts, and custom sizing options can help minimize fit issues. Encourage bridesmaids to measure themselves carefully or seek professional measurements.
  • Alterations: Plan for potential alterations, and communicate with bridesmaids about local alteration services if needed. Some dresses may require minor adjustments for the perfect fit.
  • Color Discrepancies: To avoid color discrepancies, order fabric swatches, and ensure that bridesmaids are aware of the chosen color palette. Realizing that subtle variations may exist between batches can help manage expectations.

7. Conclusion: Unveiling Bridesmaid Elegance Online

Online bridesmaid dresses have transformed the way brides curate the look of their bridal parties, offering convenience, variety, and affordability. With the right considerations, communication, and attention to detail, brides can navigate the online shopping experience seamlessly, ensuring that each bridesmaid looks and feels stunning on the wedding day. As brides embrace the diverse trends and styles available online, the world of bridesmaid dress shopping continues to evolve, celebrating individuality and enhancing the overall elegance of wedding celebrations.

Online Bridesmaid Dresses

Online Bridesmaid Dresses Usually the best materials are used in wedding dresses. Typical bridal fabrics differ in look, feel and raw materials. It doesn’t always have to be pure silk – synthetic fibers can mimic natural fibers very well anyway. The type of fabric and starting material determines the comfort of clothing.

When it comes to bridal fashion, you will immediately notice that silk is often used here. No wonder – after all, high-quality natural fiber has a noble appearance and is also good to wear. Silk fabrics are often combined with tulle and lace in wedding dresses. Silk usually remains as the upper material.

1. Silk as a Wedding Dress Raw Material
Silk is a precious, fine natural fiber. It is obtained from silkworm cocoons. In its unprocessed form, it has an off-white, cream-colored tint.

A silk fabric is often felt to be particularly pleasant on the skin. This is because silk fibers are very smooth. Fiber from nature is very gentle on the skin.

Silk fabrics generally feel cool and soft on the surface of the skin. The fiber has a relatively high elasticity. Therefore, silk fabrics are relatively wrinkle-free. Thanks to its flexibility, the wedding dress fabric adapts perfectly to the body shape.

Noble shine is characteristic of silk fabrics. This differs from silk fabric to silk fabric and can range from matte glossy to very glossy. The silky shine is due to the endless length of the fibers and their very smoothness. They can reflect light well with their smooth surface perceived as gloss.

Silk is usually the raw material of wedding dresses. A wide variety of bridal fabrics are processed from silk fiber:

Chiffon: extremely delicate, sheer, sturdy fabric
Doupion: Strong yarn irregularities determine the surface appearance
Organza: sheer, slightly shimmering fabric

Satin: High sheen, medium weight fabric
Taffeta: tight, relatively lightweight fabric with a silky sheen
Many of these original silk fabrics are still made from synthetic fibers today.

As polyester fabrics they are easier to care for, less sensitive to light and virtually wrinkle free. However, then they are heavier than silk.

An airy, lightweight chiffon fabric is mostly made of silk and is often used in bridal fashion, not just because of its obvious positive properties.

Chiffon fabric is very delicate, thin and completely sheer, but quite stiff and has a rigid structure.

Dyed chiffon fabrics create particularly beautiful color nuances when the fabric is worked in multiple layers. The colors come on their own without being bothersome. Because of its transparency, the fabric is often integrated into a model in multiple layers and used as an outer fabric.

Playing with colors is especially beautiful with chiffon: a colorful background shimmers enchantingly on a light chiffon fabric. The lightweight fabric has a matte finish and is slightly rough to the touch. This can be traced back to the crepe yarns used in fabric manufacture.

Chiffon has a very low weight. So if you want a wedding dress to look particularly flowy and fairy-like, chiffon is probably the right choice.

The fabric falls very fluidly and caresses the feminine curves of the bride. Due to its lightness, even several layers of fabric do not look bulky. The lightweight fabric also looks very nice when rolled up. It can also be embroidered chiffon for very delicate short sleeves.

Fine weave actually suits most types. Chiffon wedding dresses mean sophistication, femininity and sensuality. Silhouettes blur and everything looks a little softer and rounder.

This high quality fabric is made exclusively from silk. Pronounced irregularities in the yarn are characteristic of doupione silk. They occur as knot-like thickening of the threads on the material in varying degrees.

This gives Doupione silk its wild silk character, although the silk used is cultivated silk. Doupione silk is a very popular upper material from which wedding dresses are made.

Satin fabric is characterized, first of all, by its brilliance. This can be seen when satin is woven from very fine, smooth fibers.

The high-gloss top side of the product contrasts with the very matte bottom side. The satin fabric used in bridal gowns is either silk or a synthetic fiber such as polyester. Satin can be the outer fabric of a wedding dress. It can also be used as a satin fabric lining.

Silk satin is the perfect choice for a sexy cowl neckline, where the fabric gradually fluctuates along the bust. For this neckline to fall smoothly, loose, lightweight bridal fabrics such as satin are required.

The smooth fabric does not wrinkle, but is very soft and ripples without edges. Silk satin is a very flowing fabric that creases very little. The elegant shine is evident in the stepped cowl collar.

Junior Bridesmaid dresses

Satin wedding dresses often have one thing in common: they flatter the female silhouette. Flowing satin fabric does not wrinkle and hugs the body. Curves are well staged with the typical sheen of satin. Satin especially in champagne colors

appears in many warm tones that flatten the skin. Soft and smooth fabric does not look fake. A fine silk satin is never bulky, even on heavier fabrics.

Gloss creates many color transitions. They are light in the middle and the satin fabric looks darker towards the sides. Therefore, the silhouette appears narrower.

The feminine folds on the top also look particularly good. Shadows falling on satin fabric visually increase the size of the chest.

It is also said that satin feels pleasant on the skin, as the fabric has a very smooth surface. The processing of silk satin indicates high quality.

Smooth fibers, whether made of silk or synthetics, are largely wrinkle-free and quickly regain their shape. You don’t have to worry about big, ugly wrinkles after sitting down with a satin wedding dress.

Taffeta, which can be made from pure silk or synthetic fibers, is popular in wedding gowns because of its silky texture. The smooth weave is matte and lighter than satin. But it also wrinkles faster and causes slight crackling sounds. Because taffeta is so strong and tough, embroidery really comes into its own.

Just like satin, it has taffeta as upper material and lining material.

What bridal fabrics are there other than silk?
Cotton is a natural fiber obtained from the seeds of the cotton plant and is very comfortable to wear as it breathes and absorbs moisture easily.

A well-known cotton fabric is batiste – a feminine fabric that is soft, airy and sheer, especially good to wear in summer.

Lace is not understood only as a filigree patterned textile surface. Lace ribbons and braids are also referred to as such. Laces that are more or less transparent are generally used in wedding dresses.

It stands out on a thin, often floral-patterned net-like bottom fabric. Lace is mostly used on a smooth outer fabric such as dupion or taffeta and gives the wedding dress an elegant look. Lace wedding dresses are especially popular in the vintage style.

A tulle fabric is characterized by its net-like appearance. More or less thin, the tulle is transparent. Tulle is woven from a synthetic fiber such as polyester. It looks great as a drape over a wedding dress. The volume can be created in several layers.

Tulle also works well as a veil. This fabric has a certain stiffness. For this reason, many wedding dresses also have tulle inside.

Countless layers of tulle transform a dress into a princess dress, not as a top but more as a fluffy skirt. Multiple layers of tulle were used to inflate the dress and support the ball gown silhouette.

In addition, small sleeves or hangers are made from thin tulle. If you look under the skirt you will most likely find tulle there too. The net-like fabric under the skirt is often of a very stiff and coarse quality, as it is intended to add volume and support to the wedding dress.

Thanks to the use of a wide variety of threads, the mesh-like fabric is available from thin to thick – so it can be used in wedding dresses in so many different ways.

The most important feature of this classic wedding dress fabric is that it is translucent. It is also very breathable and thin, thanks to its mesh-like surface.

It is made of different materials: for example, fine silk threads, fine cotton threads and artificial fibers can be raw materials and have a decisive influence on the structure of the tulle. In this way, tulle can represent a very thin, soft fabric as well as a rough, hard surface.

Colored and smooth or patterned versions of the fabric are also available. This versatility makes it very versatile for bridal fabrics.

The classic use in bridal accessories is, for example, veils. Made from the finest embroidered tulle, it is definitely a princess-like and romantic accessory for the bride. Tulle is also widely used in tulle and other hair accessories. Even small fabric flowers can have delicate tulle petals.

Lulus Bridesmaid Dresses

Tulle quickly creates the image of a princess dream. A romantic veil or crinoline made of the finest tulle creates a romantic and above all classic overall picture.

Women seeking simplicity and simplicity should therefore save on tulle. Ladies who are uncomfortable with too much puffiness should avoid tulle skirts. Instead, small accessories that benefit from the delicacy of a thin tulle can be resorted to.

High quality inside too: linings
Silk wedding dresses should not only look beautiful from the outside. A high-quality lining is just as important as having it directly on the skin. A quality comfortable lining was chosen to match the outer fabric.

Many designers steer clear of fabrics made entirely of man-made fibers: they quickly become electrostatically charged, adhere to the body and allow almost no air to come into contact with the skin.

For this reason, viscose lining and high quality blended fabrics are frequently used. There is a very simple reason why pure silk was not chosen as the lining material: fine silk fabrics are generally not opaque.

What would wedding dresses be without embellishments? Even simple models can be steadfastly upgraded with decorations and make the dress eye-catching.

There are many different types of decorations. However, one thing is certain with each variant: there is often a lot of manual work and effort involved. These decorations on wedding dresses are especially common:

Bead and sequin embroidery
Lace inlay and embroidered lace

fabric flowers
For a sparkling look: pearls, sequins, gemstones

In both plain and extravagant wedding dresses you will often find embroideries made of pearls, sequins or gemstones – often in combination. The embroideries are generally in the form of filigree, floral patterns and extend to the top, straps and skirt. In fact, some of the dresses are decorated with such embroideries all over.

The more elaborate the decoration, the higher the price of the dress. Small embroidery patterns are often sewn by hand. The light is particularly well reflected when processing sparkling gemstones, making the dress shine.

Particularly elegant: lace inserts and lace embroidery
Translucent, delicate lace looks especially beautiful on the skin. It covers it on the one hand, but still allows bare skin to be seen for a moment. Lace is often used in combination with a high neck tangerine collar.

It also looks good with deep back cuts, sheer lace and a floral pattern (“bridal tattoo”). Filigree fabric can also be created by careful craftsmanship: it is embroidered with fine tulle and also decorated with pearls or sequins. The resulting tip is of very high quality.

Very feminine: fabric flowers
Small and large fabric flowers or flowers are made by hand. Fabric panels are gathered together and sometimes embroidered with pearls and sequins.

Bridesmaid dresses

For example, small fabric flowers can be attached to the wedding dress in bulk. Large fabric flowers are used more irregularly. For example, they are used to draw attention to the crown, belt or hips.

Fabric flowers usually consist of a fabric used on wedding dresses. This could be the outer fabric. If a wedding dress is made up of many different layers, fabric flowers are also made of thinner and more delicate fabrics.

Just like fabric flowers, frills are gathered from fabric panels. Ruffles on wedding dresses come in a wide variety of lengths and sizes. For example, if the wedding dress consists of many layers of fabric, the individual panels in the skirt are plain or ruffled diagonally.

This gives the wedding dress volume. But even small frills can be added to straight lengths of fabric. The frills reinforce a romantic-fun overall picture.

Decorations are an important aspect of a wedding dress; they are also particularly beautiful to look at. You can get lost in the smallest details.

The decorations on the wedding dresses are often elaborately embroidered. There are bead and sequin embroidery, precious stones and lace embroidery. Fabric flowers and ruffles can also beautify the bridal fashion.
Silk fiber is as delicate as it is high quality.

Silk fabrics are generally sensitive to water. Although silk can absorb some of the moisture, unsightly stains often remain. In addition, the substance is light sensitive. Therefore, the wedding dress made of silk should not be stored in daylight or even in partial shade, otherwise its fibers will fade.

Try it on a wedding dress infrequently to avoid accidentally damaging the delicate fibers.
Hang the dress in a dress bag in the closet
If it rains on the wedding day, keep the dress covered as much as possible.

Take it to the dry cleaners right after the wedding – never wash yourself!
In addition to the fabric of the wedding dress, the color also plays an important role in the selection of the wedding dress.

kennedy blue bridesmaid dresses

You can find out which color suits you best from our blog post about different tones and color types of white.
Surely you have discovered a certain trend in many areas of life: what is modern and fashionable is what is made to look old.

Vintage is the keyword, and it doesn’t just circulate in the world of fashion and photography. Vintage weddings and vintage-looking bridal gowns have become increasingly fashionable in recent years.

Vintage wedding dresses don’t necessarily have to be original from the 20s to 70s. Many designers also take inspiration from the vintage look and create bridal fashions that radiate a vintage touch.

The idea originally came from the land of endless possibilities, but many bridal couples in Europe also say yes with a vintage look. We have three tips on how to apply the old wedding well…

1. The bride and guests show up in vintage fashion
For the right decoration for a vintage wedding, the bridal couple should ask their surrounding acquaintances.

If you have an attic full of old scraps, you may have the right accessories and decorative objects for a vintage wedding.

Together, the bride and groom can wreck an old shop, discover forgotten treasures and use them for free for the wedding. You can usually find everything an old heart desires in lofts: old photos, picture frames, cameras, telephones, candlesticks, lace bottoms.

lights and fabrics as well as kitschy decorations.
There are also lots of DIY vintage decorating ideas. These can be easily done for the wedding itself with very little effort.

This not only saves money, but also creates very special decorative items for your wedding.

You can find how to easily make a cute vintage sign for your wedding in the blog article “Make your own vintage signs”.

Another do-it-yourself idea, for example, do-it-yourself paper hearts from an old book . This allows stale air to spread quickly. You can also find a nice decoration idea in the instructions for making vintage picture frames yourself.

A Polaroid camera is a great way to have fun at a wedding. In keeping with the old wedding, popular snapshots are taken by guests.

This way, you’ll immediately have a wonderful memory of the wedding. Idea: Each guest should make their own Polaroid and hang it on a string. Prepare some text so that guests can write a few kind words under the photo.

A perfect old guestbook! If you’re still looking, here are some great wedding photo albums with great tips and ideas for a memorable guestbook.

A strapless wedding dress is something very special and can perfectly accentuate the shoulder and neck area. But are you afraid your strapless wedding dress will slide down on the big day? Guaranteed no more slipping thanks to our tips!

Bridesmaid dress websites

Whether princess, A-Line or mermaid, a strapless wedding dress is absolutely eye-catching on any cut. A strapless wedding dress is ideal if you want to show off your shoulders and neck in the best possible way.

You can also accentuate your back beautifully with a strapless wedding dress. We have 5 important tips for you so you don’t have to constantly adjust yourself on your big day

When choosing a strapless wedding dress, you can pay attention to whether it is already loose or not. A top with a well-tied bodice ideally offers adequate support without slipping.

Sewn-on bones shape the figure and allow the top to be worn very close to the body. Of course, you also need to feel comfortable with a tight-laced bodice. As a result, if a wedding dress’s waist is relatively narrow, it is unlikely to slip.

This should be taken into account when trying on a wedding dress. Of course, the strapless wedding dress can also be narrowed or the neckline adjusted later.

The type of closure plays an important role here. You are very flexible with a lace-up wedding dress, with a zipper or button-down wedding dress everything may need to be set up perfectly 1-2 weeks before the wedding.

When you choose your strapless wedding dress, you will soon see that the pattern is usually determined by the fabric of the wedding dress. A stretchy fabric is often better for a strapless wedding dress than a stiff or slippery fabric. It fits your bust size perfectly and generally creates a nice collar.

A wedding dress does not always have a tight, fixed bodice. Strapless wedding dresses should be tied to the body in a different way to prevent slipping or simply to create a secure fit.

The woman chooses her fashion tape as professionally as a Hollywood star. This adhesive tape, also known as body tape, has a double-sided adhesive surface. Skin-friendly fashion tape is attached to the dress collar and leather.

The transparent body tape adheres the dress almost invisible to the wearer and provides adequate support.

With this solution, the strapless wedding dress fits snugly to the body. But be careful: the skin should be clean and preferably untreated. So before sticking, moisturizer etc. do not drive.

To be safe, take a few pieces of adhesive tape with you in your emergency bag so you can replace the fashion tape if needed – after all, the wedding day is long and the dance floor still needs to be boisterous.

If nothing is sewn to the bodice of the strapless wedding dress, you need a strapless bra for a flawless look. Not only should the wedding dress itself fit your body optimally, but the strapless bra should also provide a secure hold.

After all, what good is a strapless wedding dress that doesn’t slip if the bra doesn’t fit properly and needs constant adjustment? Therefore, in your strapless wedding dress, look for a strapless bra that really fits you and offers you a high level of comfort all day long.

Every bride wants to shine on her special day and inspire everyone with her wedding dress. Big or small, fat or thin – there is the right wedding dress for every bride. A magical look can easily be achieved even with an oversized wedding dress.

A few extra pounds is definitely not a reason to give up on your dream dress. With the right choice, advantageous areas of the body are expertly highlighted and unwanted areas are expertly hidden. Find out how this works and where to find your wedding dress with the tips below.

Do you have strong upper arms that are bothering you? You can easily distance yourself from this minor problem area. How? Instead of narrow sleeves, choose sleeves made of delicate, flowing fabrics that gently hug your arms.

Pink bridesmaid dresses

The fabric can be sheer or match the tone of your wedding dress.

If a strapless wedding dress is your absolute dream, a loose bolero jacket or light shawl will be the perfect complement.

It is better to avoid delicate belts such as spaghetti belts. They’re very contrasting and tend to accentuate your upper arms.

Wanted to wear a revealing bridal hairdo? Perfect – because depending on the length of your hair, you can start a great distraction maneuver with it.
Loose sleeves with flowy fabric

Many brides struggle with problematic tummy area. Here it shouldn’t be a problem if you’re distracted with a love handle and the right wedding dress.

A plus size wedding dress should never be too tight as this accentuates the stomach or hips. Mermaid wedding dresses are therefore quite a few good choices. For plus size ladies, we recommend you look at the empire model, lightly flowing dresses or A-line wedding dresses.

Although the belly can easily get lost under the princess dress, you should be careful that it is not too bulky

mermaid wedding dress

If you have a large bust, you don’t need to hide it. Quite the opposite – if you stage it right, you can easily create a beautiful décolleté. It’s important to have a really good bra and tight-fitting straps for plus size wedding dresses. Because with the right grip, nothing can slide.

If you have very large breasts, even a strapless oversized wedding dress or strapless bra is not recommended. A straight neckline can also have a rather restrictive effect here, so wedding dresses with a V-neck or sweetheart neckline, for example, are a better choice for neckline variants.

A nice plunging neckline is allowed as long as it’s not too revealing. If you want to look sexy and sensual despite a chubby body, you can safely wear a plus-size, low-cut wedding dress.

Heart or V-neck
well-fitting bra
Sufficient support from straps

very deep neckline
straight collar

You can complete a great look with stylish accessories with plus size wedding dresses. For example, if you have a very simple dress, you can draw attention to your neck and décolleté with a striking chain.

Hair ornaments such as flower wreaths or tiaras are also really eye-catching and therefore can be a bit of a distraction.

Do you want to give a slight waist to your wedding dress? Then how about a waist belt? It moves your eyes away from the stomach by circling the top of your wedding dress.

Most bridal shops only offer a limited selection of plus sizes for bridal gowns. So when the dream dress is found, the right size may not be at all. But don’t worry! Many bridal shops have already recognized this problem and have a special section for plus-size wedding dresses, even fully specializing in XXL fashion.

You can also call ahead and ask if your size is suitable to avoid disappointment.

If the plus size bridal gowns in the bridal shop are too expensive for you, there is of course the option of simply looking at the online shops. Here you will find a wide selection of bridal fashions, often in slightly larger sizes and some less expensive. But you should also consider a possible adjustment of the wedding dress by the tailor.

Have you started to deal with your dream wedding dress for a suitable wedding dress? Maybe there is something for you.

Wedding dress from size 46
Dreamy dresses from size 50

Tired of constantly trying things out and do you have a clear idea of what your wedding dress should be for chubby women?

Then a personalized product may be the right choice. Bespoke tailors specialize in plus or medium sizes, as there is no ready-made clothing here.

Good tailors know which figure is suitable for which size and how, with the help of tricks and the right tricks, you can magically lose a few pounds.

Together with the tailor of the wedding dress, you can determine the cut, choose the fabric and determine the loving details that beautify your body.

kennedy blue bridesmaid dresses reviews

A mermaid wedding dress (also called a mermaid wedding dress) is truly eye-catching thanks to its trumpet-like shape. It is fully stretched from the chest to the waist and hips, usually to the knees, and then suddenly expands.

The mermaid wedding dress is also named after this cut, because all the elements on display resemble a tail fin.

The mermaid wedding dress is strapless in a very classic way. Of course, there are also beautiful varieties with hangers. Mermaid style wedding dresses are actually always floor length. The flared skirt is often layered in addition to the princess factor.

Mermaid wedding dresses usually have a train that complements the overall picture perfectly.
The mermaid dress is suitable for all brides who want to emphasize their feminine lines. For example, a larger chest size or narrow

you can emphasize a waist. A beautiful butt can also be perfectly staged with a mermaid dress.
A certain length is definitely suitable for a mermaid wedding dress. Of course, the easiest way to find out if a mermaid dress suits you is to try it on.

The choice of accessories should be very delicate in order not to distract attention from the wedding dress and not look exaggerated due to the exaggerated cut. In other words, you cannot give up a simple elegance in necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

The bride’s hair should also be in harmony with the fish wedding dress, not too flashy and flashy.

The veil is a beautiful complement to the mermaid wedding dress, but it should not be too long or embroidered in a flamboyant way so that it does not steal the show of the wedding dress.

A certain self-confidence is very important for a mermaid wedding dress. Because only with a bold look, you can perfectly convey the exaggerated look and feel comfortable with the extraordinary shape.

Satin bridesmaid dresses

It does not matter which registry office outfit you choose – the outfit of the bride and groom should always be perfectly coordinated. It’s the only way you can create a beautiful overall picture and get beautiful wedding photos.

For example, if the bride wore a colored dress to the registry office, the groom should choose the same color for his tie or handkerchief. If the bride has chosen a white wedding dress for the registry office, the groom can also match the bridal bouquet with color accents.

Of course, this is not a requirement for the registry office outfit.
If there is no other marriage other than the official marriage, of course, there is no obstacle in front of the white wedding dress in the population directorate.

With this, you will definitely get excited and you will be able to fulfill your dream of a white wedding dress.

Wouldn’t you prefer a classic wedding dress for a formal wedding? Then you can make a grand entrance with other registry office dresses.

Of course, you can choose the color of the registry office dress to your taste. With cream or beige tones, you come very close to a wedding dress in color and you usually stand out from the wedding guests.

mint wedding dress

But pastel hues are also a great choice for registry office attire, such as a soft pink or mint wedding dress.

The length of the dress in the registry office also depends on your personal preferences. With a long evening dress, you provide a flashy look.

However, you can also create an elegant look with a soft pink wedding dress.
It is always advisable for the groom to wear a suit for the registry office. Today there is a wide choice of cuts and colors – trying often helps.

The suit should be of high quality and should match the groom’s build and complexion. An elegant suit can be used both as a registry office dress and as an outfit for an ensuing church wedding.

You can add a special flair to your registry office suit with a tie, handkerchief or boutonniere and cufflinks.
If the groom is very reluctant to wear a suit, then at least a shirt, jacket and dark jeans are suitable.

Even if you don’t want to sit back, this is a very special day, which should be reflected in the civil registration special attire.

Even when choosing an outfit as a wedding guest, you can often have a hard time choosing and deciding is not always easy. Of course, the most important thing is that as a wedding guest, you feel comfortable in your registry office attire and maintain your personal style. However, there are a few important tips to keep in mind:

It is reserved for the white bride and is therefore an absolute taboo as a wedding guest!
It is better to avoid black as the color of morning.

Is there a dress code on the invitation? Then just stick with it.
The registry office adapts their attire to the style or venue of the wedding.
Less is sometimes more.

Of course, you can also wear an evening dress to the registry office, but it shouldn’t be too overdone – after all, you don’t want to steal the bride’s show, especially if a church/free wedding is planned.
Not completely sure? Ask the bride and groom or the best man!

kennedy blue mother of the bride dresses

Special rules apply when choosing registry office attire for some wedding guests. For example, if you’re a bridesmaid, you’ll likely already choose dresses that coordinate with the bride.

Especially as the groomsman or mother of the bride, you should adapt the registry office outfit according to the style of the wedding and the bride and groom and look stylish.

If you want to sell your wedding dress online, the more accurate the information about your wedding dress, the better. They then help a potential buyer get a good overview of your offer.

You can also search for your wedding dress using keywords and categories. It is an advantage if the properties are given in full. This increases the probability of finding your wedding dress in a detailed search.

The first classification is manufacturer or designer. If you don’t remember the name, you can look at the label of your wedding dress. If your wedding dress is completely custom made, you can mark it as sewing.

Model number or model name
Often a wedding dress also has an individual model name or model number.

is a rope. If you know these, this is a great advantage because brides-to-be are often looking for a very special wedding dress. The model number or model name makes it easy to find. Alternatively, you can specify which collection the wedding dress comes from.

wedding dress size
The size of your wedding dress is important. Changes made by the tailor may have changed the original body of the wedding dress. If you are unsure of this, it is best to re-measure the dress.

The color of your wedding dress
The exact definition of color is also important. Depending on the skin type, cream will suit the potential client better than pure white, for example.

Of course, you can also see the color in the photos, but the hue may look different on different screens. So be as specific as possible about the color of your wedding dress.

You can read it in the designer’s description, ask for it at the bridal shop, or guess the best possible color. If your dress has additional color accents, you can also specify these colors.

The external shape of the wedding dress should also be briefly indicated in the key data. This way, a potential buyer can get a quick overview of the wedding dress without reading the model description. Name the silhouette of your wedding dress with a keyword like A-line or Empire.

Important features are, for example, the condition of the wedding dress, but also its length (or your height), sleeves and neckline. The more precisely you provide the data, the better for the potential buyer.

Material is also an important feature. This can be found by looking at the label on the wedding dress. However, other materials that are not mentioned in your wedding dress may have been used.

Tip: Here you will find a detailed list of the most commonly used bridal fabrics.

The price of your wedding dress
Deciding on second hand wedding dress prices can be quite difficult. If you want to sell your wedding dress quickly, you should not set the price too high. But you don’t have to sell your wedding dress below its value.

Floral bridesmaid dresses

The rule of thumb is 40-50% off the original price, depending on the condition of your wedding dress. You can also look at how much others have charged for a similar wedding dress in a similar situation. Use our filter function and enter information such as brand, status and seller for a good comparison.

Contact information for online sales
Note that you may want to send your phone number or email address so potential buyers can easily contact you. You should be easily reachable using this contact information.

An interesting explanation – How can I describe my wedding dress correctly?
If you want to sell your wedding dress online, you also need a nice description of your wedding dress. It gives you the opportunity to enter details that may not be visible in photos.

But you can also go into more detail about individual data and features here.

Things to consider for a good portrayal of your wedding dress can be found here:

Some women can only read the description text. Therefore, it is important to mention again the most important key data in it. Here, the designer, model name and size can be specified with a few sentences. Also include the price of your wedding dress.

It is important that you name the color or color of your wedding dress as accurately as possible, as the color of your photos may look different on other screens. If there are color accents, you can briefly mention them.

The naming of the silhouette is also important. Also, how close the bodice and skirt are, how wide the skirt is, whether the wedding dress consists of one or more pieces, etc. You can also mention. You can also talk about a wonderful decoration.

Tell me the whole wedding dress
Enter the details of your wedding dress in your description text. It’s best to start over. Here you can find a checklist with key points:

Collar shape: How is the neckline of your wedding dress?
Straps and sleeves: Are the straps of the wedding dress narrow or wide?
Also indicate if it is strapless.

Your wedding dress can also have sleeves. In this case, also indicate the length of the sleeves.
Shape of the bodice: Is the bodice tight?

Explain whether the top is boned and how it is closed – for example, with button fly and zipper.
Shape of the skirt: Describe how wide the skirt is.

Does it have multiple layers or frills?
Embellishment: Your wedding dress is embroidered, beaded, etc. Is it decorated with
Please describe them in detail. Sometimes you can’t see them well in photos.

Length: If the wedding dress goes all the way down, please indicate whether there is a train behind it and how long it is. If feet are visible in your wedding dress, the exact length information is important.

Be it ankle-length, calf-length or knee-length. It is advantageous for a potential customer to know your height. Add this along with the heel height of your shoes to give a good idea of the length of your wedding dress.

This way you can predict in advance whether the wedding dress needs to be shortened, or possibly too short.
Accessories: Shoes

Do you want to sell bro, jacket and the like? Then you can name and describe them.
How did you feel in your wedding dress?

Floral bridesmaid dresses

Finally, you can supplement your descriptive text with, for example, a few personal words. Here you can find out what inspires you so much about the wedding dress and whether you feel comfortable in it. Clothing comfort is also very important for wedding dresses.

Important tip: Have someone reread the entire description text to reveal any errors. You can also find out if it is easy to read

A good photo is essential for your wedding dress to be perceived in the best way possible. They are crucial to whether a potential buyer finds a wedding dress attractive.

They also help interested buyers get a quick overview. We’ll show you what’s important in photos for a wedding dress sale.

What photos of my wedding dress do I need?
The following photos are important so that potential buyers can get a good picture of your wedding dress:

a full preview
great back view
a nice detail photo of the decorations

also a beautiful photo of the happy bride in a wedding dress
How do I choose the right wedding dress photos?

Here it depends on whether you want to select photos from wedding photos or shoot new photos specifically for sale.

You can save yourself some effort with the first variant. You may already know which images from your wedding photos would be appropriate.

Make sure the wedding dress is fully visible. So nothing should be cut or covered with your hands, bouquet or other accessories. In addition, colors should be reproduced in accordance with nature. Image quality is also very important – higher resolution is better.

It is very important that you like the pictures too. It’s best to remember what made you decide to buy that wedding dress. Then you can check if these important criteria appear in the images. Always choose advantageous, attractive photos.

It might also be helpful to get other opinions on this.

bridal and bridesmaid dresses

Photos in which the face appears are particularly sympathetic. However, if it bothers you to see your face in photos, you can crop the photo so it doesn’t show. This looks nicer than pixelating the face or covering it with a black censor bar.

Have you successfully entered, filled in and got everything online? Then the wedding dress can now be found in the specified category. However, you can be active so that as many women as possible notice your wedding dress.

For example, you can share the link of your wedding dress on your social networks. Here you can also ask your friends to share the link to increase reach. Remember that recommendations from friends have more of an impact on the purchase decision than a simple advertisement.

It also helps you tell your friends about the sale of your wedding dress. They can also pass this information on to their friends. This increases the chances of a woman currently looking for her dream dress hearing it.

Easily accessible contact information for quick communication
Contact information is very important so that potential buyers can contact you as soon as possible. That’s why it’s a good idea to provide an email address that you check your inbox with frequently.

This way you can find out as quickly as possible if someone is interested in your wedding dress. Optionally, you can also provide your phone number.

Short waiting time – answer questions as quickly as possible
If a woman is interested in your wedding dress, she’ll probably send you an inquiry pretty quickly. This could include any questions about size, length or price.

Not everything can be seen in the photos and description. Respond to such questions as quickly as possible so that a potential buyer does not lose interest.

The interpersonal aspect is very important when selling a wedding dress. Therefore, answer all questions patiently and as soon as possible and clarify whether the wedding dress can be tried on on site. This increases the chance of purchasing your wedding dress.

Don’t be discouraged if hundreds of requests don’t reach your inbox right away. However, even if there are too many questions, it is useful to take the time to give informative answers. Maybe there is a woman who will buy your wedding dress.

6. How can I recognize spam and suspicious requests?
If you want to sell your wedding dress online, sometimes questionable questions arise among the inquiries. You should be especially wary of emails with poor English that quickly ask for bank account information.

A few of those who send these emails offer an inflated price. Some ask you to send the wedding dress as soon as possible. They would still transfer the money. But unfortunately there is no money and the wedding dress is gone.

best bridesmaid dresses online

You can politely respond or ignore these requests.
Have you already dreamed of your wedding dress? Of course, of course!

But have you also considered the shutdown variant?

Wedding dresses can be closed in many different ways. The type of closure contributes significantly to a perfect fit.

Lace or buttoned wedding dress? – These 3 fasteners draw attention!

Option 1: lace-up wedding dress
A romantic and at the same time practical variant is wedding dresses with laces.

When tying a wedding dress, a narrow (or wide) band is tied at the back, threaded through loops or rivets and tied together at the top or bottom.

The laces on the wedding dress are usually backed with fabric so that the bare back is not visible. Of course, you can add a sexy atmosphere to the wedding dress by putting some skin under the laces.

When tying the wedding dress, be careful not to wrinkle the skin! Schedule a little more time to put on the lace-up wedding dress, as it requires an experienced hand.

A clear advantage to a lace-up wedding dress is the cut:

With this closure variant, the wedding dress remains somewhat variable in size. The circumference of the lace-up wedding dress will be smaller or larger depending on how tightly or loosely you tie it. In addition, while tying the wedding dress, the curves of the woman can be adjusted perfectly. This means that no further tailoring adjustments are necessary in case of slight weight fluctuations.

wedding dress with buttons

Most button-down wedding dresses use small, fabric-covered buttons that are closed in close rows with loops.

The incredibly beautiful glamor at the back can be as long as a style element, especially on a wedding dress, and can reach the hips.

You think it looks great, but its quick on and off is totally impractical? The truth is, most button plackets are not designed to be buttoned up and buttoned up. A beautiful button placket on the dress is a decorative element that cleverly hides the zipper underneath!

Buttoned wedding dresses draw attention to the back. The resulting vertical line extends optically longitudinally. The pattern of the button-down wedding dress should be exact because the sizes here can no longer be adjusted, unlike lace wedding dresses.

The practical advantage of zippered wedding dresses is undeniable – a zipper is easy to open and close.

The wedding dress has a zipper on the side or the back. This mainly depends on the style of the wedding dress.

Of course, such a zipper on a wedding dress does not look that great. But there are various solutions for simple shutdown to remain invisible! For example, a side seam zipper is perfectly sewn between the side seams. On the other hand, the back can be covered with a decorative button placket.

The disadvantage of a zippered wedding dress is that it has to fit perfectly. There is no freedom like in laced wedding dresses. It is therefore recommended that the wedding dress be adjusted by a professional for the perfect fit.

But consider the right time here. There may be weight fluctuations until the big day wear. Therefore, the adjustment should not be made too early.

A short veil goes great with updos. It also gives brides with short hairstyles a girlish elegance. Long veils suit both fluffy and open bridal hairstyles. In bridal hairstyles with gentle curls, a long veil looks especially beautiful.
There is a veil for every wedding dress! Whether long or short, plain or voluminous and eye-catching…

All you have to do is match the wedding dress and veil. The color, style, material and length of the wedding dress are decisive for the perfect choice.

Basically, it can be said that the more detailed the wedding dress, the simpler the veil. In a very simple wedding dress, a striking, richly decorated veil can be the highlight of the bridal outfit.

3. What length of veil should I choose?
Bridal veils come in various lengths. Many are named according to which part of the body the hem of the veil reaches.

The shortest bridal veil is the so-called birdcage, which covers only part of the bride’s face. It is usually no longer than just below the tip of the nose. Often it is even shorter and the net is made of tulle.

The birdcage veil offers lots of room for accessories and hairstyle design. However, it works best with a graceful bouffant or cinematic water waves in a 1920s look.

Another short veil is also known as a full fluffy veil. For example, it is tied with a tulle comb in an elegant updo and then gathered and fluffed. Since the protruding bridal veil is available in different lengths, you have a good chance of finding one that suits you among the wide selection.

The short bridal veil also includes the shoulder-length veil, also known as the mantilla. The cute softly falling fabric makes it look so elegant. It also has a gorgeous hem made of lace and embroidery.

This combination provides a very elegant look. Filigree lace applications are clearly seen by placing the mantilla veil directly on the hairline.

The most worn veil in Germany is the elbow veil. As the name suggests, it reaches up to the bride’s elbows. A few centimeters more waist

Also called uvula. This veil shape can be combined and diversified as desired and fits perfectly with a wide variety of wedding dresses.

Long veils look very stylish. The shortest of these is the fingertip veil. His name also refers to his height. Perfectly accentuates the elegant silhouettes of empire or ball gowns. But the toe-tie veil also looks particularly elegant with an A-line wedding dress.

One of the lesser known veils is the knee veil, also known as the ballet veil, and the waltz veil, which is slightly longer than the knee veil.

unique bridesmaid dresses

The curtain extending to the floor , the chapel curtain and the cathedral curtain are other examples . The cathedral curtain is the longest. But the chapel curtain also looks very majestic, about 2 meters long. It looks beautiful when combined with a simple wedding dress.

Perhaps the most classic of bridal veils are white veils. An ivory bridal veil or a cream veil often goes better with the overall image, as the choice of color depends heavily on the wedding dress and its color. Also, not every bride looks snow-white, depending on her color and skin type.

Just as wedding dresses come in colors different from the typical shades of white, veils come in harmonious tones. Maybe you’ve seen a red or black veil. Colorful tulle can be happily spiced up with a few white and gold details.

Still, the fit of the wedding dress should be tested. For example, if you want to accentuate the red color but do not want to wear a red veil from head to toe, you can also choose a white veil with a red lace or red silk ribbon at the hem.

lulus bridesmaid dresses

Pearls represent love and symbolize beauty. A pearl veil can look very elegant and noble, especially in ivory wedding dresses. Beautiful details can be obtained with pearls, especially on the skirts of the veil. For a round overall picture, these can again be collected in bridal jewelry.

Whether it’s from head to toe or just at the hem: lace veils look simply gorgeous – they’re especially indispensable with a mantilla veil.

They go very well with A cut , mermaid and princess wedding dresses . If the wedding dress already has lace appliqués, you can make the lace of your veil match with the wedding dress. The more similar the two, the more rounded the overall picture.

Many bridal veils are made of tulle. It comes in a variety of lengths, but is most commonly worn as an updo, waist or fingertip veil. The birdcage veil also looks very stylish with tulle.

The advantage of the tulle bridal veil is its flexibility. It supports highly detailed wedding dresses in its simplicity. At the same time, it can give a certain something to a plain wedding dress, for example, if it is decorated with small fabric flowers.

This veil is a must for the princesses who are among the brides-to-be. If the wedding dress has glittering details, beautiful light images can be created in every move of the bride. The amount of glitter is very important here. For subtle accents, a glittery edge veil will be the right choice for you.

Mesh cover is very popular for birdcage cover. It can be combined with white fabric flowers, white feathers or even a mini bridal hat. The vintage style adds a beautiful appeal to the veil and goes well with a fifties or twenties bridal look.

6. Buy a bridal veil
Popular brands here are Lilly veil, Poirier veil, and Emmerling veil. But veils of lesser-known brands are also beautiful. When buying a veil, it is a good idea to buy it from a wedding dress store and get advice on choosing a veil.

Of course, there is also the possibility to buy the veil online for the wedding. You can choose from a wider selection and possibly get your bridal veil cheaper.

7. When should the veil be removed?
There is a tradition called the veil dance, after which the mother of the bride carefully removes the bride’s veil at midnight.

In another tradition, the groom is allowed to remove the veil. But he has to do it blindfolded. For each successfully pulled pin, he receives a kiss from his bride. But there are many other customs for removing the veil.

If the veil cannot be easily removed because it is so integrated into your bridal hair, you can wear it until the end of the wedding celebration. If the veil is too long to be worn all the time, you can remove it after the wedding and photos.

Tip: It’s best to discuss your wishes with your make-up artist so she can create the perfect veil bridal hairstyle for you. The veil should either be in the right place all the way down or be easily removed without ruining the rest of the bride’s hair.

Bridal hair accessories perfect the bride’s wedding outfit and complete the entire look. You can beautifully stage yourself and your wedding dress with tiaras, veils, flower wreaths and the like, and above all, let your personal touch come in.

boho wedding dress

Although there are many beautiful types of bridal hair accessories today, they should be suitable for both the wedding dress and the bride’s personality. Hence, a boho wedding dress with a huge crown or a very elegant wedding dress with a wreath of wildflowers.

lin is less compliant. We will introduce you to different accessories and give you important tips.
No bridal headpiece is as recognizable and popular as a veil as a hair ornament for the wedding. The bridal veil is associated with a longstanding tradition of lifting the veil or dancing and is considered a symbol of innocence.

Today it is often seen simply as a fashion accessory for the bride – the veil can also be an optical eye-catcher.
The veil is available as a bridal hair ornament in many different designs. But long or short, voluminous or thin, with or without lace, the veil will always have that special WOW moment.

Which wedding dress does the veil go with? to each one! Since the types of bridal veils are quite wide, you can choose according to your wedding dress.

Noble, extravagant and simply magical! A tiara is the perfect headpiece for any princess bride. The wedding tiara goes very well with updo hair as well as with half-open bridal hair. Depending on your taste, you can choose between small and large crowns, as well as with or without rhinestones. The tiara for the bride is definitely a real highlight.

Tip: Want to create a particularly glamorous look with your bridal hair accessories? Then combine the crown with the bridal veil. Later in the evening, for example, you can take off your veil and wear a beautiful bridal jewelery in your hair thanks to the crown.

The crown actually goes with almost any wedding dress. A cut wedding dresses or princess wedding dresses are especially popular here . However, if it is a very loose and airy wedding dress, such as a hippie look, the crown can make it look too tight.

All flower arrangements as bridal hair accessories are increasingly seen at weddings. No wonder, because this natural and colorful hair accessory for the bride is a great eye-catcher and looks great in wedding photos.

In any case, the flower wreath should match the bridal bouquet and possibly the color concept of the wedding to create a harmonious overall picture. It is best to tie the flower hair ornaments to your florist, then nothing will go wrong.

As a bridal headpiece, the flower wreath fits perfectly with open or half-open bridal hairstyles. Of course, you can determine the size of the flower wreath according to your personal taste.

However, it should not be too big, otherwise your head may look a little too full and your attention may be distracted from the wedding dress.

The flower wreath looks great with lace wedding dresses. A wreath of flowers doesn’t go well with shiny satin dresses.

Headbands for the bride are great for integrating into a bridal hairstyle and are truly eye-catching. There are narrow or wide versions with pearls, rhinestones and even lace. Depending on what kind of look you want to achieve, you can tailor this bridal hair accessory perfectly.

Tip: Even though the ribbons of the bridal hair accessories fit very well, you can secure them by securing them with a few clips. So nothing slips on the dance floor later on.

Headband for the bride and her wedding dress is always an appropriate and beautiful headpiece due to the variety of options.

All variations, from simple to extravagant, are suitable as a headband for a wedding. However, what matters is the coherent overall picture.


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