Loca Sposa Wedding Dress Manufacturers Best 3

Loca Sposa Wedding Dress Manufacturers Best 3

Loca Sposa Wedding Dress Every bride has her own ideas for her wedding outfit – and that’s a good thing! It doesn’t matter

if you want a romantic wedding dress with lace, a modern wedding dress with 3D floral appliqués, a light summer model made of chiffon or an elegant model in shiny satin: A- row wedding dresses in different versions at Cinderella Love Story in Wuppertal.

Many A-cut wedding dresses are strapless and have a heart-shaped neckline, but strapped and V-neck versions are also very popular right now as they add visual appeal. Delicate sleeves, side Carmen straps or long sleeves create extraordinary accents.

A-cut dresses with flamboyant embellishments, appliqués or tattooed lace on the top are particularly popular. These can be continued on the skirt or combined with a plain skirt.

Most wedding dresses are in ivory, but blush or rosé models are also stylish and reminiscent of a princess dress from a fairy tale. A wide train will make your bride look perfect and add a touch of royalty to it!

A-cut wedding dresses are an absolute highlight, not just as a classic long model! They are also often worn as short dresses, especially in formal weddings.

In Cinderella Love Story you will find different types of short wedding dresses that are perfect for a summer wedding! In winter, you can combine your short wedding dress with a bolero jacket, cardigan or shawl.

If you are looking for a different wedding dress for your wedding, the two-piece trend is also a great option. It consists of a body with a cropped top or a wide, wide tulle skirt in the shape of

Here, too, everything is open to you in terms of design, because two-piece suits can be princess-like just like in classic wedding dresses, look elegant, playful or romantic depending on the look of the top and the width of the skirt.

Therefore, the two-piece suit is suitable for both church and free or civil weddings.



On your wedding day, you should feel completely comfortable in your wedding dress and shine in it! We want to help you find the perfect A-cut wedding dress that will make your heart beat faster

In our bridal fashion store in Wuppertal you will find a wide range of dreamy dresses from brands such as Adore, Lillian West, Sincerity and Sweethearth. We look forward to personal service and individual advice: because we focus on your wishes!

Straightens every figure
extremely versatile

Available in many variants
Can be interpreted in a classic or trendy way

After making an appointment to try on the wedding dress by phone or online via our contact page – the exciting preparation time begins! In order for your bridal look to fully meet your expectations,

Luce Sposa

you should definitely learn about the Cinderella Love Story series before you try it in our store. This first impression can be helpful, for example, if you’re not yet sure which wedding dress style you like best. Just browse our website and let yourself be inspired!

Choose your pre-favorites online or via our Instagram account Many brides come to us with a very clear idea about the dress of their dreams.

If one of our wedding dresses has already turned your head, great! Then, simply bring a photo of you with you to your rehearsal appointment.

If you’re still unsure, that’s okay too: collect a few screenshots of your favorite wedding dress from our range, and it’ll make it easy for us to find the dress in store.

Maybe there are a few do’s and don’ts that you should write down for your dress. However, it’s important that you don’t commit too much upfront, because when you wear clothes, they often look very different from your own imagination. No matter what designs, colors and cuts you like,


Invite your loved ones to accompany you on this special day!

Most brides look for a wedding dress without a partner and prefer to enjoy this event with a close circle of family and friends. You also want to share a special appointment such as wedding dress matching with your loved ones.

The typical companion is a female reference person, such as the bride’s mother, sister, best friend or closest circle of friends – one of these ladies often also holds the title of maid of honor.

Female relatives such as cousins or aunts are often present when trying on the wedding dress. Some brides bring their mother-in-law or future sister-in-law with them.

Of course, male references, such as your brother, father or best friend, are as welcome as your daughters! However, due to the ongoing pandemic, we have to draw your attention to the fact that you can only bring a certain number of people with you at the moment.


a line wedding dress

If you already have shoes or accessories that you want to wear on your big day, please bring them along to try!

Many brides spend a lot of time thinking about their wedding before proposing! Ideas about your own bridal gown and the individual details that should characterize the look are sometimes correspondingly precise.

If you’ve already decided on certain bridal shoes or accessories, please bring them to the bridal rehearsal! Sometimes brides-to-be are given a family heirloom such as a necklace, bracelet, or hairpin that they want to wear on their big day.

In this case, you should bring the good piece with you so that your wedding dress can be chosen accordingly. Because your outfit is perfect only when all the details of the bridal look are coordinated!


Get comfortable about your wedding dress rehearsal day, it will turn into an exciting event in itself!
You can start the morning of the rehearsal day in a relaxed way: wear a practical feel-good outfit and look out for nude or white underwear that doesn’t show through under the wedding dress.

Wear as natural (or none) makeup as possible. If you have long hair, you can collect them or braid them into a ponytail to fully reveal your outfits.

Is plus-size wedding dress fashion just to cover up a bride’s supposed problem areas? But on the contrary! Because no matter what your clothing size is, you are perfect just the way you are! For this reason, you will immediately feel comfortable in our stylish curved bride models.

Whether it’s tight bodices, flowy skirts or gorgeous shimmery effects: we make sure you feel not only good but also beautiful on your big day.

Whatever your self-proclaimed problem areas, we’ll find together your personal favorite piece that will make you the best version of yourself so you can truly enjoy your wedding day! Discover with us the dreamy curvy wedding dresses that fit you perfectly and make you truly glamorous.



Many plus size brides take a critical look at themselves in the mirror, even though it’s not actually necessary.

Because female curves are ideal for displaying them in a wedding dress! To make you feel truly comfortable on your wedding day, at Cinderella Love Story we rely on tailored cuts and fabrics that beautify your body and make you shine in the best light.

Loca Sposa Wedding Dress Manufacturers

For example, if you want to hide your abdomen, an A-cut wedding dress will definitely suit you. This flattering figure is also ideal for strong legs, but a princess dress would also suit you well.

If you have fairly strong upper arms, these can be hidden very well with loose sleeves. If you prefer to wear a strapless wedding dress, of course this is also possible without any hassle! Because a bodice with a large bust size keeps everything in the right place and at the same time maintains a tight fit.

In general, lacy, glittery or sequined flowy wedding dresses that draw attention to the waist or decollete are ideal for all curvy brides. But the most important thing is that you feel completely comfortable in your plus size wedding dress and can move freely.

Curvy bride in a wedding dress at the bridal shop Malia Bridal in Wuppertal


Our wonderful curvy bridal fashion offers you the perfect fit and brings out your curves effectively! The curvy wedding dresses from the top brands at Cinderella Love Story represent the versatility of all brides, ensuring that there is the right curvy wedding dress to suit every body and every taste.

A-cut, princess or boho dress – as a plus size bride you can wear it all, because it’s no secret anymore that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes! Our top brands see it the same way and offer you a wide variety of models in magical designs.

For example, beautiful A-cuts with embroidered and lace appliqués await at our curvy bridal fashion brand LOVELY.

Trendy label Elizabeth Passion enchants you with a wide variety of styles and offers everything from simple registry office dresses to flamboyant princesses! While Sincerity Bride and Amelie Gelin are preparing the romantic style curvy wedding dress fashion for you, Adore fascinates with chic elegance.

The Lillian West brand is ideal for modern boho brides because it convinces with its breathtaking contemporary designs! No matter what style your heart beats for, our consultants are there with you with expertise and precision to find your perfect curvy wedding dress.

Effortless is the right word to describe trendy bridal hairstyles for fashionistas. It’s like they flashed, but nothing could be further from the truth. Gone are the days of tightly fixed bridal hairstyles. The role of Grace Kelly may have been temporarily shelve

Armonia wedding dress

In recent years, the word “fashion” has become more important in the wedding dress industry. In the past, wedding dresses were predominantly A-cut or princess dresses, and few options were available for those who wanted to get married in a trendy style.

Fortunately, more and more brands are realizing that the target audience of brides who want to look stylish on their wedding day is growing, and the rest are growing with them.

Brides experiment with bouquets, wedding shoes, jewelry and, of course, hairstyles. Are you a trendy bride with a boho or vintage inspired dress?

Loose braids, flower wreaths, bridal hairstyles with loose pins, and even big bun hairstyles are currently extremely popular hairstyles among modern brides.

Of course, as a newly married couple, it is best for your wedding dress to be compatible in terms of color selection and style. It’s important to always have a piece of fabric from your wedding dress if you want to create a “perfect fit”.

Every bridal shop stocks fabric samples to give to the bride after she purchases her wedding dress. In this way, the stylist of the groom’s suit and shirt can then make sure that it blends well with the color of the dress.

There are a number of important points that you need to pay attention to in order for the bride and groom to achieve a harmonious harmony.

If you choose the classic variant, you choose elegance. A classic princess combined with a black or blue wedding dress. All suits are perfectly customizable. Or you can choose a tailored suit. For example, we might have a jacket for you made from a beautiful navy blue satin instead of a standard material.

A wedding dress with sequins and silver stones looks beautiful when combined with a silver or gray wedding dress.

A plain white bodycon dress looks best alongside a classic tuxedo.
Let our advisors guide you in the right direction. Without giving too much away, we find the perfect look for both.

stylish boho

Are you marrying a modern and boho look? Make sure you both dress in the same style.
The modern three-piece linen suit fits perfectly with the boho dress. Maybe
The groom wants a pair of hangers that match the suit to make the boho outfit perfect?

White is not the same as white

There is a big difference in different shades of white in bridal wear.
Therefore, when choosing a white suit
It is important to know exactly what the white of the dress is.

It would be good if both clothes were bought from the same store. This allows workers to see if the white tones match.

color splash

Do you like colors? Play with recurring accents in both outfits.
You can have a tie, bow tie or handkerchief made in the color of the dress or accessory.

What are the ideal materials for the perfect princess wedding dress? A gorgeous flowy skirt, dazzling embellishments, and a classic heart bodice? Everyone feels it differently, but one thing is for sure, the skirt is paired with a loose, fitted bodice.

High waisted or strapless? If you want to wear a princess wedding dress at your wedding, you should definitely read this article.

The skirt of the princess wedding dresses is almost the same as the A-cut wedding dresses. With the princess dress, the skirt is made only wide, and the skirt is folded up to the bodice.

The skirt can have dramatic ruffles or go straight down. This look has very high drama content and creates the ultimate princess look. The princess look comes in many different styles. Which one suits you best? Check out more below.

Which princess wedding dress suits you?

How do you know which princess wedding dress suits you? Do you want a glittery, tulle princess wedding dress or do you want a sleeveless and sleeveless lace or satin wedding dress?

Check out the different styles on the website, but don’t forget to try out different styles in the store as well. Many times brides think that a particular dress does not suit them, but when they put it on, the dress turns out to be so.

Glittery flashy princess wedding dress

Play big or don’t play at all! Of course, if you want to feel like a princess at your wedding, look for a wedding dress that not only has lots of glitter but also a super-wide skirt. You will make a magnificent entrance with your unforgettable dress.

princess wedding dress with sleeves

Are you getting married in winter or are you just in love with sleeved wedding dresses? Then the princess wedding dress with sleeves is of course your favourite. You can choose between three-quarter sleeves or elegant long sleeves. One thing is for sure, this look is elegant and timeless!

Lace princess wedding dress

Lace remains the most romantic fabric for wedding dresses. So it’s no surprise that many princess wedding dresses are made of lace. Some wedding dresses are lace from head to toe, others have lace accents, the choice is yours.

Are you planning your wedding in a bohemian style?

are you there? Boho wedding dresses are super romantic and totally trendy. Additionally, a boho dress is often beautifully smooth.

Therefore, if you prefer to marry with a comfortable dress, bohemian style will definitely be the right choice for you. You will find different boho wedding dress models in Wedding World’s new collection. From romantic boho wedding dresses to simple wedding dresses for a registry office wedding can be found here.

You can complete your boho wedding dress with jewelry and accessories. Looking for a bohemian dream dress? Then get inspired by all the beautiful dresses in our collection! We have made a selection of the most beautiful bohemian style wedding dresses for you.

beach boho wedding dress

Are you marrying the beach In our collection you will also find beautiful boho wedding dresses in an airy-casual style, perfect for the beach. Would you prefer a wedding dress with sleeves or a low-cut wedding dress? Either way, we have a beautiful bohemian option for you in our bridal shop.

romantic boho wedding dress

Looking for a bohemian wedding dress but also want a romantic look? We’re thinking of a strapless style, a fun lace or a romantic ruffled skirt. Bohemian and romantic go well together.

boho wedding dress backless

A bohemian wedding dress is especially sexy when the back is low. We offer this style in different silhouettes in our collection. A sexy fit, fit and flare or a romantic boho style A-cut are all cuts available in our collection.

boho vintage wedding dress

Vintage wedding dresses are a very popular trend. If you want to wear a real hippie style wedding dress in the 70s mood, bohemian style is for you. These wedding dresses are also called boho-hippie style or Ibizan wedding dresses.

You can of course wear beautiful sandals or (even better) stay barefoot with these outfits!

boho wedding dress registry office

A bohemian look is also very nice if you’re getting married at the Town Hall. The simplicity of a bohemian wedding dress combined with the romance of boho style creates the perfect boho registry office wedding dress. Check out the registry office bridal collection here.

boho wedding dresses with sleeves
Luxurious lace sleeves and a flowing V-neck are perfect for the bohemian bride looking for an elegant wedding dress with a bohemian flair.

Of course, this is also a great choice for the winter bride as it adds a little extra warmth to your wedding day.

sexy boho wedding dress
A sexy wedding dress with a beautiful V-neck or delicate lace bodice with spaghetti straps creates a sexy bohemian bridal look.

Princess wedding dress with tattoo lace on the back

Wedding dresses with tattoo lace on the back are very popular. There are different styles with this back design but of course we also have this look in princess style. It is very stylish and romantic when combined with a wide skirt.

Are you excited and ready to find your dream dress? Then arrange a convenient appointment in our beautiful shop. We look forward to continuing the search with you.

Wedding day is very special at any age. The bride is the shining center of events and she wants to look as beautiful as possible that day. That’s why choosing the right wedding dress often takes a lot of time.

After all, he just wants to feel completely comfortable that day and everything should be fine.

Many mature brides ask themselves which dress suits them best. Often one’s own style has changed over the course of one’s life, or there is a desire for colors instead of the classic white.

Maybe it’s a repeating marriage and you want to do it differently this time. Here we show you how, as a mature bride, you can find the dress of your dreams.


Can only young brides wear this? Get rid of this thought. All that matters is that the bride feels good on her big day. He should wear what he likes and not care what other people think. Perhaps this is the only basic rule when choosing wedding dresses for mature women.

In general, a wedding dress looks great at any age if it’s tailored to your own style, skin tone, and body type. Thanks to the wide selection, every bride will find her perfect dress here.

Soft lines and high-quality fabrics allow it to move freely in the suit and feel good on the skin. They also hide problem areas and make the bride shine even more.

Mature brides are often much more daring and less likely to be influenced by others when choosing the wedding theme. Therefore, a style is usually chosen based on a particular decade.

The wedding dress can be kept fit later as well. Vintage dresses provide flair and cut a really good figure. Wedding dresses in the style of the 30s and 40s are elegant, restrained and comfortable. Wedding dresses from the 50s or 60s are fun and will definitely motivate other guests to dance.

You also have a full length option. Whether midi or long, whatever the bride likes is allowed

r. The rule is that there are no rules. What if the bride wants sleeves but doesn’t want to look extravagant or harsh in it? There are now great opportunities for this.

Transparent sleeves, lace sleeves, loose sleeves or three quarter sleeves look very trendy and elegant at the same time.

Naturally! White isn’t just reserved for young brides. White can also be worn in a repeated marriage. It is only important that the shade matches the skin tone and hair color.

Nude or blush shades not only enhance the complexion, they are also very attractive! It doesn’t matter which dress you choose in the end: It should definitely be a dress that the bride absolutely loves and that feels good for a long time.


Choosing a wedding dress is an important decision for many brides. After all, you want to look charming and feel really comfortable in her on her wedding day. The wedding dress should make you glamorous, but at the same time, it should not restrain you or prevent you from dancing. In short: everything should be here.

Fortunately, with a wide selection of wedding dresses, there is something for every bride. However, the wide range of products can quickly overwhelm you and make it difficult for you to decide on your own wedding dress. Here we will show you how to choose the right wedding dress style.

Before you start buying your wedding dress, you can make a few evaluations now. This makes it easy to keep an overview in store and finally choose only those wedding dresses that really suit you. The four most important aspects are:

When purchasing, it’s best to bring one to five friends or other people who care about you with you. They can help you decide and honestly tell if the dress really suits you. Plus, looking for a wedding dress together is so much more fun!

The most important thing when choosing a shade is that it suits your personality and skin tone. If you like the classic style, off-white, champagne or soft pinks suit you very well.

Pink suits very pale-skinned brides, while cream goes well with dark skin and hair colors. Both colors look fun and romantic.

To find the ideal length for your wedding dress, you should consider your height and wedding venue. You should also consider whether you are a party person and want to celebrate.

The most important thing when choosing a shade is that it suits your personality and skin tone. If you like the classic style, off-white, champagne or soft pinks suit you very well. Pink suits very pale-skinned brides, while cream goes well with dark skin and hair colors. Both colors look fun and romantic.

This length looks elegant or fun and is something special. If you have thin wrists, dresses that end at the wrist look good as they draw attention to this area. Also, this height makes you look taller.

The calf-length wedding dress has a classic elegance and still gives you freedom when you’re dancing or out. It also suits almost any figure and wonderfully hides one or the other part of the body.

Knee-length wedding dresses are especially suitable for short women. They are incredibly comfortable and breathe new life into the wedding dress world. Knee-length dresses are also great for outdoor weddings.

The mini dress is ideal for tall brides and gives you a sexy look. These can often be combined with an overskirt. So you have two wedding dresses in one.


A cut wedding dresses have been popular for years. No wonder they make every bride look really good. The narrow top and wide skirt make you look slim and tall. They give you a lot of freedom of movement and can be found in almost any style.

Do you want to feel like a princess? The tight bodice and flared skirt make this possible. To make the skirt even more flattering, it is often complemented with a loop skirt underneath.

The top is usually strapless or has delicate straps that only draw attention to your décolleté and beautiful shoulders. With embroideries, pearls or rhinestones, the Duchess dress becomes even more dreamy.

Empire wedding dresses feature a high waisted and loosely draped skirt. This line is very elegant and feminine. This bridal cut is ideal for brides with a belly or straight body.

This wedding dress looks great for boho and vintage weddings or especially elegant venues, depending on the style. By the way, the empire dress is also ideal for pregnant women. Definitely romantic.

The perfect dress for confident women with an active body. This bridal cut is narrow to the knees and goes into a wider skirt from there. The mermaid dress is truly eye-catching and can range from hourglass to pear silhouettes.

It accentuates the contours of the skin particularly well! An optimal wedding dress cut, contrary to popular belief, is more suitable for curvy women.

Now is the time to choose the right style. After all, you want to show your own style at the wedding and not feel disguised. Luckily, you can find it in almost any length and cut in your favorite style.

Maybe you like the grand entrance and that’s why you choose a long train, sparkle and plenty of tulle. Or you like simple and valuable high quality material.

Delicate laces delight romantic women, while cutouts or long leg slits delight brides who love to show off their skin. As you can see, finding the perfect wedding dress is not that hard! Here we go!
The choice of styles and bridal cuts is wide. Classic, veiled, glamorous or boho/vintage.

The possibilities are more than ever! The most fashionable style right now is boho! But what does Boho actually mean?

Boho is short for the French word Bohème. It was used to describe the attitude/understanding of the metropolitan generation of intellectuals and artists who met in the bohemian district of Paris in the 19th century and found themselves in the context of poverty, hunger, valuing friendship

, idealizing and humiliating art. for money but They were different, they thought differently and they became liberated and moved away from established traditions. It is now a commonly used term for “traditional” for anything that seems to come from a bygone era. Of course, this mentality is also reflected in fashion.

Today, boho/vintage represents, among other things, an unusual fashion style. Crochet lace, romantic lace in general, lace appliques, full hippie style skirts, midi dresses all embody the boho style.

Boho/vintage style two-piece suits can also be found – lace tops, casually falling skirts made of soft tulle or chiffon, cropped of course! wedding dress _

Unusual and comfortable, there are many different interpretations of this style here too, which makes everything more beautiful and exciting! An important feature is that they are light to airy.

The wearing comfort is amazing! Delicate A-line is the most dominant line of boho style! It is striking that boho lines have become sexy in 2022 wedding dresses.

Deep V-necklines and/or back cuts exude feminine sensuality! However, high neck lace wedding dresses are also very fashionable.

Of course, it should not be missing in the Mermaid vintage series! The boho/vintage mermaid difference is that it doesn’t look smug or overly festive. This is often achieved with coarser ends combined with a delicate mermaid cut.


Overall, the boho/vintage style is suitable for all women who are unconventional and want to design and celebrate their wedding that way.

Outdoor, tent, converted barn etc. Here too the possibilities are huge. It doesn’t matter if it’s a church wedding, a free wedding in the countryside, by the lake, on the beach or in town.

And also as a wedding dress for the registry office or just a bridal dress – boho style is always possible! If you want to move freely and freely, this style is the right one. It is by no means too much and never too small a wedding dress.

Of course, a boho wedding dress can also be perfectly combined with a veil or flowers. And that’s the great thing – both are possible!

Women who like lace and light fabrics are in good hands with this style. Smaller, slender women can accentuate their slimness and body lines with delicate fabrics in delicate A-line cuts.

Conversely, slender women would suffocate in large A-cut skirts or princess dresses, and their figure wouldn’t come into their own.

Transparent lace is sensual and delicate at the same time. The tops of boho wedding dresses are usually sheer. Don’t worry you don’t see the chest, these parts are covered with nude fabrics or chest protection!

Sportier women who rarely wear dresses can also be found in boho/vintage wedding dresses. These dresses with a low-cut back or thin straps that give the dress a hippie summer dress look are not very “elegant”.

Curvy brides can also benefit from lightweight dresses and no longer need to tie their hands and pant at their wedding.

Lace tops and flowy cuts stretch and give the curvy bride the desired lightness. Fragrant lace sleeves or “falling straps” can caress the arms and still offer absolute freedom of movement! Depending on the model, corsets and corsets can be worn underneath!

Therefore, boho style is also the right choice for a curvy wedding dress. That’s why we also offer plus size wedding dresses for full and curvy women in our showroom.

Before moving on to styles; One thing has the highest priority: it should be comfortable! You should be able to stay in your shoes all day and all night and also be able to party! Your bridal shoes must have heels.

It does not need to be large, it must be between 4 and 6 cm high. The leg is stretched,

The leg is more sensitive and the gait is upright with the right body tension. Whether it’s heels or wedges or strappy shoes, anything is possible, but of course it depends on the style of your wedding dress!

Everything is possible here too. If you like an A-line long wedding dress, fit and flamboyant, empire or even mermaid, anything is possible.

Does a registry office wedding dress have to be plain? No, you choose your dress however you want. There is no right or wrong, right or wrong. It’s about you, your imagination and your wish fulfillment.

Of course, another consideration is whether you’re going to have a free wedding or even a church wedding anyway!

Nova Bridal

Then, of course, you can choose a more impressive or flamboyant wedding dress for a big wedding, and a simpler, long or short or two-piece wedding dress for a formal wedding. It’s nice to create a contrast between civil and church or free wedding dress!

Wedding dress for wedding dress and formal wedding

For example, there is no free or church wedding after the civil wedding and you want to wear a big, exciting wedding dress made of lace or glitter; do it!

Everything is possible! A bodice wedding dress with a loose skirt, Carmen neckline, sparkling tulle and delicate lace dress, the choice is wide! Is a wedding dress with a tail suitable for a formal wedding?

Opinions on this matter differ because opinions on this matter are so different! Personally, I am very liberal and modern and therefore I agree; Yes! If you want a train for your civilian wedding dress, do it!

You don’t need your mother’s or mother-in-law’s approval or… only you and your opinions matter!

As you can see, you have a bouquet full of possibilities. As always, to find out what you want to wear and who you want to be: make an appointment at the bridal shop of your choice and get advice and inspiration! you will learn!

More and more frequent trouser suits are required for wedding ceremonies. Something unthinkable just a few years ago! We are here to show you the various solutions we have created or are creating for brides who want to wear a suit with trousers for such an important day.

One of our classics is the cigarette trousers suit, made of slub fabric in the color of candy paper, with a patterned top and finished with an organza topcoat:

bridal proposal with pants

This is a simple and elegant outfit with great attention to detail and accessories. It is especially suitable for a formal ceremony or a second wedding occasion. It’s the perfect look for a bride who’s already dressed in a white dress and just wants to throw a party for her close friends and relatives.

Same solution for our bride Patrizia (trousers, top, coat). But in a more romantic version: baggy trousers, bustier top and always organza long coat:

Another version is Simona’s: golden beige boucle coat with silver design, in gold beige satin with a white chiffon sheath and simple chiffon top and white crepe de chine with sheer effect: bride in top and coat pants

complete with trousers for the bride

Following this trend, we have included other suggestions like this in our new collection, especially to meet with brides-to-be who love trousers.

Next, we took into account the growing trend to celebrate the wedding in the afternoon with the evening reception, and therefore, with minimal “violation” of the dress code, we recommend a white tuxedo, which can later become a classic suit (through a satin neckline and collar). A sexy and elegant bride

Which fabric can best meet any need? Our answer: Silk! Definitely! First of all, since it is a natural fiber, it gives us a feeling of freshness in the summer.

And this preserves heat in winter. And again, because it offers us endless alternatives: from chiffon to satin, from taffeta to heavy satin. There really is something for every taste. Let’s talk about the colors of silk today.

But let’s focus on colors for a moment. For the bride, the purity of silk is ideal with all varieties of white: optical white, silk white, cream, champagne, ivory, ecru.

Ivory or cream wedding dresses are very romantic, perfect for the most dainty and dreamy brides, but the natural color of silk is still the most popular.

In terms of traditional weddings, the Japanese are definitely the most colorful among the various states. The bride who wants to stay true to tradition has many details to follow, but the result is magnificent! Below we explain all these details of the traditional Japanese wedding dress one by one.

traditional japanese bride

Dressing details
The bride wears shiro-muku, a finely embroidered white silk garment that symbolizes purity, also worn under a white brocade kimono. All finished with various accessories and a special wig adorned with special pins called kansaski, silver hairpins or traditional crests:

traditional hairstyle of japanese bride

The wig can be replaced with a handkerchief or a tsuno kakuski cap that hides the “demon horns”. They take the role of wife with patience and calmness, who subjugate the groom by hiding.

what brings are signs of jealousy of the bride. The bride usually holds a fan in her hand.

Japanese bride in traditional headdress

The white color of the kimono is not accidental. While this color is a symbol of purity and chastity in the West, white is a symbol of a new beginning in Japan and the bride wears the white kimono to show that the groom brought nothing of his own to the house, a new life begins. .

Japanese bride: traditional wedding

The Japanese wedding ceremony is held at a Shinto shrine where only the bride and groom’s close relatives can attend.

The ceremony begins with purification, according to the san-san-kudo ritual, where the bride and groom exchange a glass of sake three times, symbolizing not only the union between the two, but the union between the two families.

First the groom leaves the temple, followed by the bride, who recognizes him as the head of the family.

At the reception, the bride replaces her traditional kimono with an iro-uchikake: a red and white kimono with silver and gold embroidery.

In Japan, it is believed that the color red drives away evil spirits and symbolizes marital happiness. Embroidered cranes are a symbol of loyalty, turtles are a symbol of life, and a plum blossom is a symbol of perseverance.

Japanese bride: kimono at the reception

At the end of the evening, the bride changes clothes for the third time: for the last time in her life, she dons the firisodeche, a brightly colored kimono usually worn by unmarried girls.

Japanese bride in traditional kimono

traditional wedding dress in japan

Today, Japanese brides can wear both a kimono and a European-style white dress to the wedding. Many wear traditional kimono with wigs for the religious ceremony and a white dress following western fashion for the reception.

The traditional color of the groom should be black, and his family should wear white.

Japanese spouses: traditional wedding

In addition to white and red, the Japanese bridal dress may include other colors besides purple and lilac. These colors are believed to bring bad luck.

But fashion is something that can destroy even centuries-old traditions! Famous Japanese designer Yumi Katsura confirms this with her beautiful wedding dresses:

Wedding Dress: Yumi Katsura

and also other alternative and rather unconventional offers:

Japanese wives: non-traditional clothes
Do you know why a wedding ring is worn on the ring finger? There are many explanations, but none as romantic and surprising as this Chinese myth:

Why is the wedding ring worn on the ring finger?
According to Chinese legend, each finger of the hand represents special people who are part of each person’s life: the thumb symbolizes parents,

the index finger represents brothers, sisters, friends, the middle finger represents himself, and the ring finger symbolizes the loved one. , little finger symbolizes children.

To understand the meaning of this Chinese legend, it is necessary to take hand in hand. Then, according to the symbology, you should connect one middle finger to the other (as shown in the photo) pointing towards you.

If you try to separate the thumbs from this position, you will notice that they are separated, because every person is destined to be separated from their parents sooner or later.


They separate by doing the same with their index fingers, because friends and siblings also live a destiny that is theirs alone. If you try to separate the little fingers, they will split too, because when the children grow up, they will leave us.

Now try to separate the ring fingers from this position and you will see that it is impossible. This is because the fate of a groom and a bride is inextricably linked, and the ring is symbolic of this bond.

Curious, surprising and very romantic! Right or wrong, a story like this reinforces the notion that gestures are never taken lightly and that nothing is left to chance in marriage.

The empire striped dress is one of the most loved by brides. The main feature of this dress is the “waist point” height. In fact, this is carried upwards, almost to the bottom of the breast, creating a conical line and at the same time a delicate appearance.

A classic empire line is a deep square neckline, but there are still many variations: dresses with straps or sash, and even dresses with long sleeves.

Considering the soft drape of the fabric on the back, the tail of the empire line wedding dresses should not be exaggerated. The cut of the waist under the bust is often emphasized by various applications: lace, embroidery, embellishments, etc. All this empire style wedding dress.

a little history
Empire-style classics are innumerable, starting with Giuseppina Bonaparte’s historic one, to the Hollywood dresses of Audrey Hepburn as Holly in “My Fair Lady” (remember her massive dresses, gathered under her bust, embroidered sleeves, and long white gloves? other times!).

There is absolutely no shortage of interpretations of this style, the important thing is to find what suits you and yourself!

Who is an empire style dress for?
Empire line dress is quite universal, because it manages to camouflage minor flaws, such as a waist that does not exactly fit the model. Women with slightly wider hips and small breasts

in is also suitable, but it is possible to reduce even large breasts (with some tricks). They were traditionally made of cotton or baptismal muslin, but light, soft silk fabrics such as chiffon or georgette are traditionally used for wedding gowns.

Our Jenny model wedding dress, for example, perfectly represents the empire style. It is made of jorjet , satin lined and enriched with swarovski crystal embellishments .

Sixty years have passed since Elizabeth’s coronation as Queen of England, and with the Diamond Jubilee many aspects of the monarchy were made public. But few people know that colors are the basis of a collaboration with “Pantone and Leo Burnett London”.

This collaboration lasted 60 years and only now they have teamed up to release a limited edition of all the color combinations that the queen has used on different occasions.

Thus Pantone Quenn was born. With a definite purpose that the Queen has learned over the years, in sixty years of color combinations. Her Majesty is particularly known for wearing monochromatic clothing. This makes her appear taller, diverting attention from details that would highlight color contrasts, thus depriving her of importance.

Pantone Queen

Leatrice Eiseman, director of the Pantone Color Institute, chose some colors from the Queen’s wardrobe:

the queen’s wardrobe

Pantone Queen 13-0755 Evening Primrose Yellow.
The color of the Queen’s dress for Prince William’s wedding: Yellow is the color that looks to the future with hope and optimism. It is a color with a strong visual impact without diminishing the importance of the bride.

At Prince William’s wedding

Pantone Queen 13-4411. Crystal blue.
It is the main color of the Queen’s wardrobe, symbolizing her steadfastness and devotion to the British people. Traditionally, blue has calming and distracting properties that the Queen used, for example, at the Royal Open Air Party in 2010 and other events:

Queen Elizabeth blue

Pantone Queene 16-2124 Pink Carnation.
This color was used a lot by the queen when she was younger because it gave a less stark image of the queen role: it was used, for example, at the Celsea Garden Party in 1967. However, she has used this color in recent years. color, even in bright tones, proves to be a modern ruler with spirit and way of thinking

Celsea Garden Party 1967

Pantone Queen 13-5414 Ice Green.
He first used this color on an official visit to Ireland after gaining independence in the 1920s: the choice of this color personified a desire to symbolize a new beginning, new thoughts and ideological rejuvenation.

Queen Elizabeth visits Ireland

In our opinion, this number is an excellent source of inspiration for mothers of the bride and groom, who are important people at the wedding and should not be confused among the guests.

Post update:
On April 3, 2014, fourteen years later, Queen Elizabeth II. Elizabeth returned to visit Rome. It updates the color palette with a beautiful bunch of one of our favorite colors:

Queen Elizabeth visits Rome, April 3, 2014
Let’s talk about a 1930s style wedding dress. We would like to tell you about one of our dresses that perfectly represents this very elegant style. Our 1930s style Wallis wedding dress was inspired by Wallis Simpson’s dress. We talk about all this in our article.

a little history
The 30s represent a real turning point in terms of fashion and therefore also for women. In those years, women were definitely represented with a more tapering, curvy, very feminine and very elegant silhouette.

And here the dresses become long, tight, slippery and very sensual. To create this effect, ingenious cuts are used almost entirely on the bias, emphasizing and therefore empowering female forms.

Bridal wholesale

This was the trend of those years. Famous mermaid dresses of Hollywood stars of the 30s and 40s come to life from this trend: Jaan Crawford, Jean Harlow, Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo.

A clear example of this is the wedding dress of Wallis Simpson, whom we mentioned in an article, who married Prince Edward, Duke of Windsor, who abdicated the throne for himself in June 1937. This dress is still an inspiration for brides today.

It was also for us who created the Wallis model for our Couture Collection. It is a curvy wedding dress with a deep hood at the back, encircling double silk satin, embellished with a belt embroidered with Swarovski crystals.

Today I want to tell you about the fabrics used in wedding dresses and give you some advice not to come to your most important appointment unprepared.

However, we state that the fabric world is vast and in constant development, so we never stop learning, but don’t worry, we will try to deal with the subject in a simple way.

Small premise: today the spinning world is facing a real revolution, in fact it is no longer conceivable to continue production with the same industrial methods that had a very strong environmental impact in the recent past.

An eco-sustainable production process is now very important. Luckily, get ahead on this one today.

There are many companies in the market that guarantee the highest quality to their fabrics. We decided to create our bridal collections from ECO fabrics in our own little way;

Currently, the option to work in scale with very little production waste is the choice going in the direction of eco-sustainability, but we want to do more by continuing to offer you uniquely styled and perfectly tailored wedding dresses. Respect the world around us.

The fabrics that make up a wedding dress are really many, we often like to dress our brides in lightweight materials that make them feel as free as possible while respecting their nature.

The skill lies in finding the right mix between the line, build and wearability of the suit. Everything should find a harmony that cannot ignore the important attitude of the bride to wear an important dress that reflects her and makes her feel comfortable.

ORGANZA is a fabric that is transparent to the eye but remains bodily. Organza is indicated for making dresses that have clear lines but can also give lightness.

It can also be used internally, for example; Maintaining a nice A-line of the skirt while avoiding overly overkill petticoats that are a bit outdated for me.

It is also often used for applications and embroidery, for example, I used it to make the Ambrosia pattern from the latest Floralia collection, the edges of the macrame leaves are applied over the organza.

It is a fabric that can be made predominantly of silk, polyester or viscose. There are many weights that differ in transparency and consistency. It goes without saying that silk is our main choice, but ECO viscose can also be a viable alternative.

MIKADO is a fabric of Japanese origin, predominantly made of very heavy silk. Visually it has a slightly opaque satin effect, the texture of the fabric is clearly visible and has a more closed, rougher sheen, unlike satin

. It is used for dresses that are a little more structured precisely because of its hardness, I recommend it more for winter weddings. It is often used in corsages to better define the body lines and support the bride.

GEORGETTE, named after the tailor Georgette de la Plante, is a thick silk or woolen fabric, but obviously in viscose and ECO polyester. Georgette is a very light, shed and very soft fabric, but it is rough and wrinkled to the touch.

It is generally used in evening dresses and in the lines of shirred dresses with torn waists. With Georgette you can get fluffy and flowy dresses that are perfect for summer weddings.

Georgette is one of my favorite fabrics because its roughness allows both draping and machine finishing to work very well. There are also various weights for this fabric called double Georgette or triple Georgette; this shows the amount of thread woven into each stitch to make the fabric.

Chiffon is made from silk or synthetic fibers and is often used in multiple layers. It is a very transparent fabric in appearance, it is more than georgette, it is very light and soft, smooth to the touch. It is widely used in light wedding dresses with flowing lines to balance wide widths with calm lines.

TULLE, this is easy to visualize, think of ballerinas’ tutus, this is one of the millions of types of Tulle in existence. Let’s try to organize them to get a more precise idea.

Let’s start with its construction: tulle is a very thin fabric with a very wide mesh; woven like a fishing net, the same, the same knits, just different sizes of stitches and threads.

It takes its name from the French city of Tulle, where it was first built. It can be made of cotton, silk, nylon or polyester.

The nylon one is very tough and is often used for dancing; In the wedding world, it is mostly used for petticoats or hard and fluffy veils and gives a visually crispy, hard feeling.

Instead, what is called “hand silk” is a blend of polyester and silk or cotton and is used in dresses and tulle with more slippery lines, having a soft and delicate texture.

100% silk tulle is rarely used as it is extremely expensive, fragile and delicate. I sewed a dress in 70% silk tulle in the past and I must say it was already a charm, super light, almost as if I didn’t wear it; that’s the beauty of noble fibers

Synthetic tulle can also be elastic, we see it very often in the corsages of wedding dresses that should give a nude feel,

I don’t like it very much, but it should be used frequently. In general, I would recommend tulle to brides who want to feel immediately romantic, maybe in the skirt, which in this case can greatly enhance the figure if used well.

There are tons of other bridal fabrics to talk about and we will continue to do these; In this article, for example, we talked about lace and its most important varieties, we recommend you to read it.
When a bride walks into my studio, I open up many possible singles.

There is the if and option: you can try on all the clothes that make up our annual collections; or you can move forward with a new bride-specific project; or by being inspired

By the wedding dresses in the collections, you can create models that mix and change on the bride-to-be and that can be personalized down to the smallest detail. These are the many possibilities that only a tailored wedding dress can offer you.

While I am telling you about this unique and special experience, I would like to give you the example of a bride that I particularly value, who personalized the number 1 model of Plumeria, one of the most loved models of our brand. collection .

A stylistic study of the bride’s physique and character, making the dress completely different from the original, making it an irresistible unicum.

To be honest, I love making winter wedding dresses for many reasons, but there are two main reasons: First, the dresses are definitely more sophisticated and everything becomes more arousing, at least for me. opinion; the second depends on a wide variety of accessories that find the perfect combination of style and necessity.

Naturally this is the opinion of a stylist who dedicates himself only to the bride’s outfit; but why should a couple be excited about choosing to have a winter wedding?

The reasons for getting married in the colder and less ordinary months are many and often depend on the overall organization of the wedding.

Spouses who prefer winter want to stand out more, they want a different wedding.
Perhaps that is why in recent years more and more spouses are choosing the cold season, preferring a more intimate and dreamy atmosphere than summer, which is more lively and dazzling.

Colors change, the sky clears and the air thins; The trees that are now bare lose their bright green and are covered with delicate shadows, everything is more restrained and calm.


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