Glamorous Wedding Dresses Models Best 5

Glamorous Wedding Dresses Models Best 5

Glamorous Wedding Dresses You can get lost among images of bridal bouquets for inspiration from wedding flowers.

Especially roses are the most preferred flowers for wedding organizations, bridal flowers and bridal hand bouquets.

Getting support from a consultant in this regard according to your wedding dress style will also allow you to have an idea about the types of flowers you would like to see in the arrangement.

Especially for brides who want to use a live bridal bouquet, it will also have a different aesthetics if it is compatible with the season in which the wedding will be held. The most alternatives are in the spring season weddings.

In addition to considering seasonality when deciding on a bridal bouquet, your wedding theme and color palette are other factors that will influence which flower variety is best suited for your wedding day.

For example, if you are planning a summer wedding or an autumn wedding, garden roses or wildflowers can be good choices for flower arrangements on the wedding day. In addition, the color variety in some flowers is versatile, while some flowers are limited in color.

Recently, the harmony between the groom’s boutonniere and the bride’s bouquet has been striking. Although this is a very fine detail, it is a detail that integrates the accessories of the bride and groom.

For example, gardenias will be a great choice for both the groom’s boutonniere and the bridal bouquet with their magnificent scent.

Probably the most romantic season for a wedding ceremony is april. For years. In the spring seasons, we witnessed colorful flowers, wedding cakes rising on the stage and many other wedding trends.

Although this trend continues today, unusual ceremonies have been observed in recent years. Crowded and large organized weddings were replaced by more minimal and intimate ceremonies.

These weddings, which focus more on the little things, are in demand in the eternal times.

Especially spring weddings are in more demand with the preference of open air venues. For this reason, since there is a serious increase in organizations in this season, you should make your reservation months in advance.

One of the most popular trends is space-related lighting. Lighting plays an important role in any wedding. It sets the ambiance, turning any wedding venue into a dreamy, romantic fairy tale.

Your wedding venue will provide basic lighting, but you can also agree with wedding organization companies for special lighting. Colorful scented candles on the tables can also be part of the lighting.

You can even gift scented candles as a wedding souvenir gift to guests.

Again, in recent years, another trend has come to the fore, which usually has a very special meaning in intimate weddings.

You can ask the guests to write a special letter for you in an envelope given to the guests and put it in the box at the wedding entrance. It will give you great pleasure to read the things written by the guests who came to the wedding after years.

An event tent furnished with flowers where the wedding is held at open-air weddings is one of the new trends. It really creates a visual feast by creating a different ambiance.

Do not forget that in intimate and minimal weddings, you will both save on budget and have the opportunity to deal with the guests one-on-one.

how do i choose bridal shoes

Finding the right shoes starts with finding the wedding dress that suits your style. After you decide on the wedding dress model, you can decide more easily about the remaining matches.

When choosing wedding shoes, it is an important detail to consider the venue of the wedding. Being in stiletto bridal shoes at a beach wedding will not be the right option.

No matter how comfortable looking. Be sure to have a spare pair of shoes with you, just in case. The importance of bridal shoes in a long process such as photography and wedding organization cannot be ignored.

We would like to give a few tips on choosing bridal shoes:

First, decide on the wedding dress. Buying the shoes without finding the wedding dress, even if it is the shoe you like very much, will not work after you do not adapt to the wedding dress style.

The length, cut, model, designs and accessories of the wedding dress will determine what kind of shoes you should wear.

Setting a budget for bridal shoes will make your job easier when looking for bridal shoes.

Another overlooked issue is whether it is compatible with groom shoes. If you want a bridal shoe that you want to be compatible with the groom’s shoes, you will have narrowed down the selection a little more.

Another thing to decide is do you want it to be trendy or comfortable? This will make your job easier.

When choosing a bridal shoe, do you want to wear this shoe for a night or a shoe that you want to wear on a regular basis.

With the answers you give to these questions, you will be able to decide on the choice of bridal shoes without difficulty.

Comfortable bridal shoes models

Wearing high heels to a wedding can make your wedding night suffer. Considering the length of the wedding dress and your tiredness, you don’t want to get stuck.

Especially if the wedding is an outdoor wedding. Instead of crowning intense running with aching feet, choosing very comfortable bridal shoes will allow you to move more comfortably. It is possible to both look stylish and move with pain-free feet.

Platform shoes provide more stability than stiletto bridal shoes. Therefore, even if it is high, you will have a much more enjoyable time with platform bridal shoes.

It is difficult to find comfortable bridal shoes, especially when shopping online. While comfort is definitely a priority when shopping for bridal shoes, finding trendy options can be tricky.

But remember, investing in the right shoes for this special occasion is well worth the effort. A comfortable pair of heels will not only complete your look for all those ceremony and reception photos, but will also allow you to dance the night away without having to take them off.

glamorous wedding dress designers

When choosing bridal shoes, looking at the details of the arch, height and heel shape in the shoes will cause you to make the right choice.

Of course, knowing your feet well is an important detail here. Therefore, if you know that you can’t stand pointy shoes, you can choose sandal-style wedding shoes.
Choosing a bridal hat

In recent years, bridal hats are preferred instead of bridal veils. Bohemian style products in wedding dresses and bridal accessories started to dominate.

Even bridal hats are thrown instead of bridal flowers. Of course, this adds a different atmosphere to the wedding atmosphere. Although we are used to the bridal veil and bridal crown, bridal hats have been preferred recently.

The important thing is that the wedding dress, bridal products and bridal accessories are in harmony with the bridal hat.

Maybe using a bridal hat is unorthodox. You can even decorate it with accessories such as feathers and flowers while using a hat.

At the wedding, your style and the bridal hat should complement each other perfectly. For example, if you use a flower accessory on the hat, make sure that the same flower is on the bride’s flower.

When choosing a bridal hat, do not ignore your physical appearance. For example, if you are tall, avoid long and very wide hats. Wide hats also look great on brides with short hair.

In a summer wedding, it would be more appropriate to wear your hat when the sun is at its peak. You can take it out in the evening if you wish.

When wearing a bridal hat, the hairstyle must match the hat. There are also some rules for wearing a hat. It will be a separate courtesy for you to comply with these. Brides do not have to take off their hats when they enter the indoor venue.

Because the hat is a fashion accessory for women. However, men must take off their hats when they enter indoors.

wedding budget guide

There is no need to spend high costs for a magnificent wedding. We will have a few suggestions for you to keep the costs at a lower level for the wedding budget.

When planning the wedding organization, make sure to create a budget and stick to it.

Renting a wedding dress instead of buying it will save a lot of money. After all, you will keep your wedding dress that you wear once for a lifetime.

Years later, it will cause the fabric to age and turn yellow. Fashion houses are now designing and renting personalized wedding dresses.

One of the ways to cut costs is to reduce the number of your guest list. Having a small wedding will give you financial comfort at every stage of your wedding.

During the summer, wedding venues are both more expensive and busier. You are also having a hard time finding a wedding date. For this reason, choosing quieter times will reduce the cost of the wedding.

Recently, in wedding organizations, wedding owners have started to make decorations with their own handiwork. You can design your own decor and create your photo booth. You can even make your own wedding cake.

If you are considering a catering wedding organization, it is also possible to deal with a restaurant instead of a catering company.

You put an incredible amount of effort into planning your wedding. We wanted to prepare a list of the moments that you should not forget during the process from the wedding preparation to returning home.

You want to capture the best memories for the most memorable day of your life. That’s why it’s so important to work with a photographer you trust.

Make sure to give your photographer a list of the photos you want from the wedding. When you create a shooting list, you will not miss any memories missed in the wedding rush. ,

Choose sample photos for the photos you would like to have on your wedding day. This will make your photographer’s job easier, too.

You can even take small notes on it. Although hundreds of photos will be taken both with the phone and with a professional camera, the important thing here is not to miss the unforgettable moments.

glamorous wedding guest dresses

For this reason, if there is something that you have envisioned or imagined, be sure to convey it to your photographer. What should be on the photo list:

Invitation, wedding program, gifts, wedding rings, wedding dress, groom’s suit, shoes, cufflinks, jewellery, bridal products, bridal accessories, bouquet, bridal bouquet, groom boutonniere, family photos, ceremony area, bridesmaids, entrance scenes to the wedding venue,

First A list such as dance, friends, community photos, wedding ceremony, marriage certificate will make your job easier.

The bridal bouquet is the most important part of the wedding flowers. It is an important bridal product that will accompany the wedding dress and complete the wedding concept.

Since it will accompany you in all the photos, the size of the bouquet, the color match of the flowers, the decorations and all other details should meet your expectations.

Sometimes a very simple bridal bouquet is used. Sometimes, long bridal bouquets are used, which are quite dazzling and even integrate with the bracelet.

The important thing here is that it is in harmony with the wedding and wedding dress style.

Especially in spring weddings, bridal bouquets made of seasonal flowers are preferred instead of bridal bouquets designed with artificial flowers.

Even if they are seasonal, live flowers, the flowers should be in harmony with the color. You can also get ideas from our website for specially designed bridal bouquets.

You can also design the flower as a single color and use the bridal bouquet holder as embroidered.

In addition, the bridal bouquet should be in harmony with the groom’s boutonniere. It is an element that completes the wedding concept and wedding dress.

White Rose Red Spike And Groom Bouquet, Bridal Bouquet With Rose And Leaf Chips, Bridal Bouquet With White Rose And Leaf Chips, White Gala Bridal Bouquet And Groom Boutonniere,

Bride Bouquet With White Tulip Ribbon And Groom Boutonniere are some of the bridal bouquet products available on our site.

When deciding on the color choice of the bridal bouquet, be sure to consider the color of the wedding dress. The color scheme of your bouquet is very important.

If the bridal bouquet clashes with the colors in the wedding concept, it will move away from the general aesthetic. Also, having your bouquet in too many bright colors will make it stand out too much in the photos.

The time when outdoor photos are taken is perhaps the most exciting part of the wedding organization. You will keep those photos for a lifetime and show them to your children and even grandchildren.

You will put your favorite photo in the corner of your house. You like photos that reflect more of your own self.

For this reason, let’s give information about a few details about what you can do in outdoor photos without escaping the naturalness.

In bridal photography, the most important object related to the bridal bouquet or wedding is associated with the photograph, especially in outdoor shots. You can use an unusual bridal bouquet for photo shoots and change it for the wedding ceremony. In other words, outdoor shooting accessories can be more different and eye-catching.

As a different concept is created with an artistic piano or flowers in the background, if you have a cat or dog that you feed, it can also be your friend during the photo shoot.

There is an endless sea of design in outdoor photos. Candles, balloons, your own custom signs. Swings are just a few of them.

Bridal jewelry can also be special for the photo shoot, and you can wear your own jewelry at the wedding ceremony.

The style and appeal of outdoor wedding shoots appeal to many couples. The wedding shooting location plays an important role in your wedding as it helps you set your mood and make you feel happy. There are many alternatives such as a seashore, a garden full of colorful flowers.

Although the bridal makeup for the outdoor photo shoot is a little different, you can refresh or differentiate your makeup as the wedding time approaches.

bridal crown ideas

In the fashion of the 1990s, shoulder pads, frilly sleeves and colorful bridal crowns were very popular. Recently, the fashion of those years has come to the fore again in bridal crown models.

Almost all brides-to-be like bridal crowns, especially from the Hellenistic periods. In fact, it is the most important symbol that completes the wedding dress.

Especially if a spring wedding is to be held, a bright bridal crown will inspire the whole concept. No matter what style you apply for bridal hair, these vintage crowns fit perfectly with all hairstyles.

Models such as zircon stone bridal crown, pearl embroidered bridal crown, crystal stone bridal crown are just a few of the hundreds of products available on our website . You can safely order bridal crown products in the design you want, suitable for every budget, from our website.

If you also prefer a spring wedding, a bridal crown made of flowers

The I model will also fit perfectly into the seasonal concept. Its appearance, especially on long, wavy hair, is also indisputable.

Just like the princesses that adorn the dreams of girls, the biggest symbol of a wedding is the princess bridal crown models. For example, the Fera bridal crown with crystal stones and beads is a bridal crown suitable for these dreams.

Bohemian style bridal accessories have been getting more attention in recent years. A bohemian style tiara is more in harmony with brides who leave their hair free.

It is also important to consider the harmony between the bridal hair models and the bridal crown. Putting your hair in a bun and wearing a bohemian-style crown will also create a very flamboyant effect.
Bride using hairpins

Bridal hairpin is a very useful accessory in bridal buns. Many of the bridal hairstyles are in the form of a bun. The most important reason for this is that bridal hairpins and other bridal hair accessories are easier to use. Hair accessories alternatives also increase with the bun model.

There are many options for making different models with bridal hairpins. Whether you use a single bridal hairpin or use several according to the bridal hair model, both options will create a very stylish look.

The important thing for brides-to-be is to fix the hairpins firmly in the hair. If the wedding dress is quite flamboyant, a simple look can be created with a bridal hair clip and the balance of the outfit can be created.

On the contrary, in a simple wedding dress model, you can gather all the attention on the hair with a few flashy and shiny hairpins.

There are beaded bridal hairpins, pearl-detailed or rhinestone bridal hairpin alternatives. You can order different bridal hairpins on our website

Glamorous Wedding Dresses Models

Although hairpins are usually used in a fluffy bun, they can also be used as just an accessory in a simple hairstyle. The main issue here is to stay true to your style created by wedding dresses and bridal accessories. Even a small bridal hairpin detail is important at this point.

How do you make the decision to rent or buy a wedding dress?

Many brides say that my wedding dress belongs only to me and dream of keeping it in the ballot box for life. It is true that there is a spiritual commitment to the wedding dress.

The bride gives the answer to the question of whether to rent or buy for a one-time event. If you want, take a look at our article before making that decision.

The cost of buying a wedding dress is quite high compared to renting a wedding dress. If you cannot afford this cost, you can rent a wedding dress with an affordable budget without feeling under any pressure.

When you buy the dress, you will see a wider range of products. In fact, it will be possible to design the wedding dress you have dreamed of according to your body and shape the design with the accessories you want.

When it comes to renting a wedding dress

In recent years, tailor-made sewing is also done in wedding dress rentals. For this reason, the subject of special design is not much different from purchasing. Here you just have to decide whether to keep the wedding dress or not.

There are also brides-to-be who want to buy the wedding dress with the thought of gifting it to their children. But remember, fashion is changing fast. In addition, it is not easy to maintain a wedding dress quite intact.
Pre-wedding cosmetics guide

It is almost impossible not to notice the radiance of the brides who started their beauty preparations months before the wedding. In fact, beauty preparation for the wedding day is a great excuse for many brides to be completely renewed. Here are a few tips for a complete rejuvenation.

You can start work without eyebrow shaping. Because it will take some time. Have your eyebrows plucked and shaped regularly so that you can have the eyebrow style you want until the wedding day. If you want to have microblading, start this process 6 months before the wedding.

Do not neglect dental care. Every bride wants to have a white smile. For this reason, be sure to complete your dental treatments.

Start drinking edema teasers 6 months before the wedding day. The swelling in your body will disappear and you will look more fit in the wedding dress.

Opt for a natural tan instead of a spray tan. With the solarium, you can have the tan you want until the wedding day. You will also give your color, which conveys a natural tan, a flawless appearance.

For a healthy and bright skin, do not leave the care to the last day. Do not neglect routine skin care a few months before the wedding day.

hollywood glam wedding dress

Complete skin care with peeling and masks suitable for your skin. Since it takes time to remove the dead layer from the skin, it will be very productive to do these procedures a few months before the wedding day.

Every bride uses false eyelashes to make the makeup look more effective. But don’t forget to care for your eyelashes while you have time. False hedgehog when you still can’t get the result you want

Find them as an option.

You can make your body look more alive with body peelings and spa treatments. Of course, it would be great if exercise was added to it.

Eyes are the most important detail of bridal makeup. The spirituality created by the gaze should not be overlooked. For this reason, every bride wants her eye makeup to be extraordinary.

But there are so many different styles and colors… Therefore, narrowing down the options will also make your decision easier. The first step to narrowing down the options will be to choose the makeup that best suits your eye color. Some eyeshadow and eyeliner colors and different eye makeup techniques will intensify the tone of your eyes and make them stand out.

No matter what eye color you have, choosing the right makeup for your eye color (green, blue, brown or hazel) will not only create bright eyes, but will also help you create vibrant skin.

So you look bright. When deciding on the color of eye makeup, make sure to use a color wheel. Especially use complementary tones. These tones, especially when it comes to green eye color, will be opposite the color and will make your eyes stand out even more.

To bring out the vitality in green eyes, be sure to look for soft pink, mauve, blush, rose, gold tones. Pink color brightens green eyes. Gold tones make it stand out even more.

If the bride favors naturalness and simplicity, light pink colors will be a great choice.

Another color option is purple. Purple really enhances any eye color, but it’s especially striking on green eyes. A little shimmery purple make-up will provide an ideal look, especially for a spring or summer bride.

how much are demetrios wedding dresses

Bridal accessories, wedding and wedding organization accessories are important details that complement the invitation and add elegance. In addition to bridal products and bridal accessories, let’s give information about the accessories that the groom will use and the details that should not be forgotten in the organization.

Veil, crown and hair accessories are the leading bridal accessories that complete the bride and the bride. Considering that you host guests during the wedding and actively participate in the entertainment, the selection of bridal shoes that you can feel completely comfortable with is also important.

Sometimes a shoe is liked so much that it is overlooked whether it is comfortable or not. For this reason, when purchasing bridal shoes, it is recommended to be worn a few times.

There are also other bridal accessories, wedding jewelry, bridal products such as cardigans, boleros or bridal shawls for evening coolness. Bridal underwear that will make you feel special in your wedding dress are other bridal products.

For the wedding organization, although it varies according to the wedding concept, organization and party products such as confetti, rose petals, balloons are completely different.

Even if you have agreed with any organization company, let us still state it. Table decorations, scented candles, flowers on the table or a table accessory of your choice will also add a different atmosphere to the organization.

Wish boxes, which have been very popular lately, also have a separate spiritual value. There are thousands of varieties of bridal products and wedding organization accessories. The most important thing is that the bride and the wedding concept are in harmony.

All bridal products, bridal accessories, are decided after the selection of the wedding dress. First you need to decide what kind of bride you will be.

Defining your style clearly will also help you in choosing bridal products and bridal accessories. Remember, bridal accessories are the finest details that complete the wedding dress. It is a whole with wedding dress accessories.

Let’s say you chose a strapless wedding dress. In the cool of the evening, a shimmering shawl or bolero on the shoulders will be a great accessory. You can find different designs for shoulder accessories at

Other details such as hair accessories, gloves, bridal shoes should match the bridal style you have determined in terms of color and style.

Bridal accessories also vary from choosing a long wedding dress, a fluffy wedding dress, a low-cut wedding dress.

Bridal products and bridal accessories offered for sale on our site; earrings, zircon stone set necklaces, crystal stone set necklaces, pearl sets, bridal belts, shoulder accessories, outdoor shooting accessories,

Hair accessories, combed hair accessories, beaded hair accessories, bridal cap, bridal crown, bridal bouquet, bracelet, bridal slippers and You can safely order other bridal products. Since most of our designs are personalized, we recommend that you order by considering a certain time period.

Do not forget that catching the harmony in all details, from the wedding venue to the wedding concept, from the music to the food menu, is the way to realize your dream wedding.

For this reason, although it may seem like a small detail, choosing the right hairstyle and accessories is also very important. Some brides wear hijab

Some may prefer to use hijab hair accessories such as veils, fluffy flowers, and thick headbands.
In the last few years, simple and natural bridal makeup has become more popular with brides in general. Since a simple make-up will never go out of style, brides are more adopting the natural make-up look.

Simple and natural bridal makeup will be perfect for a bride on her wedding day as it will accentuate the beautiful features of your face. In a very exaggerated bridal make-up, you may not be aware of it for that day, but when you look at the photos afterwards, a natural bridal make-up will be a good decision in order not to be surprised.

No one wants to look different than they are. Of course, no bride wants to encounter a completely different face with make-up. In order not to regret when you mix albums after years, it is useful not to give up on naturalness.

princess wedding dresses

For some reason, when the word bride is heard, a very exaggerated make-up comes to mind. But lately, this thought is gradually giving way to naturalness. If you’re going to work with a make-up artist, be sure to clearly state what you want.

The makeup look on the wedding day does not have to be extravagant. For example, if you have highlighted the eyes in make-up, the lips and cheeks may lag behind.

The other option, if the lips stand out in the make-up, the eyes can remain in a more natural look. In fact, the leading actor of the day, the bride, makes the decision.

The most difficult part of choosing a bridal make-up is that you don’t want to go beyond your naturalness, and you want a more special, extraordinary make-up.

The best part of working with a professional make-up artist is that they actually help with this decision. By taking into account the features of your facial features, they will also guide you correctly about bridal makeup trends.

Of course, in this decision, factors such as hair color, eye color, skin color also have an important effect on which bridal make-up should be done.

The concept of ethnic makeup is quite common, especially for brown-eyed brides. Of course, the most important element of bridal makeup is to highlight your natural beauty. Brown-eyed brides have so many choices in terms of color and style.

Copper and bronze eyeshadow colors are a classic choice for brown eyes. Brightens eye color tones. In fact, brown-eyed bridal makeup suits almost any color.

For example, the subtle purple shade would be a great choice as it creates a nice contrast that really makes brown eyes stand out. Some of the colors that are successful in this regard are teal and midnight blue.

Adding a little sparkle when applying shadows to eye makeup will also add vitality to the makeup. A smoky eye make-up is always a good choice for a bride who attracts all the attention and looks remarkable with brown eyes.

Attractive lashes add extra dimension to brown eyes with perfect makeup. Depending on how full you want it to be, you can choose between false eyelash alternatives.

Plump, prominent eyebrows attract attention with eye make-up and give the bride a lively look. You can perfectly complement your brows with some highlighter below the brow line. ,

While some mistakes are unobtrusive in your daily make-up, bridal make-up mistakes made on your wedding day can upset you greatly. We share what you need to do in order not to make mistakes in bridal makeup and to prevent these mistakes.

When using mascara, always use waterproof mascara. More than the change of weather, the rush at the wedding will tire you out.

romantic wedding dresses

Your face may sweat. This will cause your makeup to run. You can use waterproof mascaras to be more stress-free.

Using translucent powder powder after foundation will fix your make-up. If this fixation is not done with powder powder, you will face the possibility of make-up flow.

You need to be even more careful when using eye difference. Remember your daily makeup. The eyeshadow looks good for about 2 hours after which it starts to accumulate on the eyelids. To avoid this situation on your wedding day, apply eyeshadow primer.

The biggest savior will be the make-up fixing spray. Make-up sprays fix make-up in all weather conditions. It is indispensable especially for summer weddings.

If you are removing your eyebrows with wax, do not do it on the last day. Because a skin irritated by wax heals in 2-3 days on average. If you have particularly sensitive skin, you must have your eyebrows removed 4 days before, so you don’t leave anything to chance.

Do not forget to use cracked vaseline before applying lipstick. Applying your lipstick using a lip liner will also increase the permanence extra.

With the wedding day approaching, would you like to do the makeup yourself or have a professional make-up artist do it? Even if you decide to do the bridal makeup yourself, know about a few step-by-step tips.

Moisturize your skin after thoroughly cleansing it. After some time has passed for the skin to moisturize, apply a quality make-up primer.

It will be more effective if you apply the make-up primer not only to the face, but also to the hands and neck. Especially if you have combination skin, make-up primer will be extremely effective.

After completing the part of preparing your skin for make-up, you can start with eye make-up. For this reason, do not neglect the under eye care cream.

Apply under-eye concealer to hide dark circles around your eyes. Thus, the permanence of eye makeup increases in hot or humid environments. Do not forget to apply the concealer in dose.

It’s time to use foundation. When buying foundation, choose a foundation with a sunscreen effect. Since it is the most basic part of makeup, you can choose a foundation with anti-aging properties.

After applying a waterproof eyeliner and volumizing mascara, you can create your eye make-up with a smoky eyeshadow. Using false eyelashes for a more effective look will make your eyes more accentuated.

You can complete your make-up with blush and lipstick in peach, pink or bronze tones that match the color of your make-up. Do not forget to take your lip liner, blush and lipstick with you so that you can touch up during the wedding.

One of the issues that worry brides in summer weddings is bridal makeup and the durability of makeup in a hot environment. In hot climates, it is necessary to consider the sweating factor in humid weather.

For this reason, it would be right to choose a matte foundation. With a bright foundation, your skin is exposed to more reflection in the sun and a more moist appearance is formed.

Putting too much emphasis on bridal makeup also creates problems in photo shoots, especially in summer weddings. Such make-up mistakes cause brightness in photos.

If your skin has large pores, powder concealers will be appropriate. Cream concealers provide a moist appearance. A moist-looking bridal make-up is mostly applied in winter weddings.

Of course, the duration of the wedding organization is also important here. An organization that lasts from daytime to midnight requires a longer lasting make-up application.

Before the bridal make-up, it is necessary to use a waterproof make-up primer. Make-up primer will prevent your make-up from flowing and will keep it alive throughout the organization.

You can also ensure permanence with a matte lipstick in the choice of lipstick. Use lip liner to make your lipstick last longer and smudge less.

Do not forget to take make-up materials with you to make small touch-ups.
Brides-to-be who wonder what roses mean while preparing the wedding bouquet can prepare the bridal bouquet with peace of mind after reading our article.

Roses have been the best way to send a heartfelt message for ages.

Red roses are the universal expression of love. Romance and deep feelings have a special romantic meaning. Red roses in the bridal bouquet express feelings of respect, deep love, devotion and passion.

Did you know that the light and dark tones of pink roses also have different meanings in themselves? Pink roses symbolize grace, femininity, refinement and sweetness.

A deep pink rose includes an expression of thanks. It expresses gratitude and appreciation. A light pink rose signifies kindness, admiration and happiness.

White roses are the most used rose color in the bridal bouquet. It’s about new beginnings. It represents purity, innocence and is associated with love.

White roses are the perfect choice for a bridal bouquet when walking down the aisle for the first time. This is a message of loyalty and eternal love.

Yellow roses are an expression of friendship, affection and joy. It used to express jealousy in ancient times. Today, a bouquet of sun-coloured yellow roses is full of happiness and carries warmth and affection.

The vibrant hues of orange roses can bring out anyone’s energy. Orange roses contain a message of excitement, energy and passion. If you want to make a great impression on your guests at the wedding, orange roses will be a great choice.

For wedding make-up, you must have completed the preparation of your skin for this make-up. In order to prepare your skin, it is necessary not to neglect routine care at least a few months before.

You can have the make-up trial done before the wedding. Thus, you will not encounter any surprises in the make-up on the wedding day.

Wedding make-up will make it easier for you to decide on which colors and what style of make-up when you make a few experiments.

Every bride-to-be wants to focus on her wedding day. But there is no need to exaggerate this too much.

Do not forget to decide with the make-up artist whether the expression should be on the eyes or on the lips. For example, having a dark eyeshadow and dark lipstick will add too much exaggeration to the image. It would be helpful to get the make-up artist’s opinion on this matter.

elegant wedding dresses

Because bridal makeup is not just a situation that highlights the face. It is also important in terms of adapting to the wedding dress concept.

Consider the hues that bring out your face in the most beautiful way and complement the whole concept.

Although make-up artists are professionals, if you have a point of view, you must express your ideas clearly if you want.

We have prepared a small guide on the details you need to pay attention to before the wedding invitation preparation, preparation stage and printing.

In the wedding invitation, the legibility of the text is important. You should not compromise on readability because the font, calligraphy and text colors will be in different designs.

Make sure the text and background are in contrasting colors to improve readability. This will make it easier to read the invitation.

There are a number of rules to follow when preparing a wedding invitation. Traditionally, the names of the wedding owners should appear first.

Be sure to review the invitation design several times. Have the opportunity to make the changes you want on the design.

Again, one of the information that should be included in the invitation is the date and time. Other than that, make a clear decision about what information you want to have and what not.

Do not fill the invitation with unnecessary information. Because a wedding invitation with unnecessary information will spoil the design of the invitation. It will also cause confusion.

For example, if there is a limited guest list, do not forget to add an RSVP. You can also request your guests to give feedback on participation.

Before giving the invitation to print, make sure to make the necessary checks. Review the entries one by one.
The bridal bouquet, or in other words, the wedding bouquet, is part of your wedding accessories.

Of course, it is not only a wedding accessory, it also represents the most important part of the wedding dress. It will be an accessory that will accompany your beautiful wedding dress and be depicted in every photograph.

While creating a perfect bridal bouquet, it is important not to ignore the issues such as what you want, the style of your wedding dress, the wedding concept. Many different designs can be created with flower pairings.

One of the details to consider when creating your bridal bouquet is the type of flower. So, are you thinking of creating a bridal bouquet from artificial flowers or natural flowers?

In a bridal bouquet made of seasonal flowers, the vivid appearance of the flowers will make the bouquet shine.

In accordance with the concept, the color formation of the bridal bouquet is also important. If the bridal bouquet conflicts with the concept colors, it may move away from aesthetics. Ensuring color balance in photos also ensures that the photos are of better quality.

He is the bride’s right hand and best friend at bachelorette parties. It goes without saying how important your close friend, who takes on this responsibility, is for the bride-to-be.

Do not be intimidated during the party preparation stages. There are some great ideas for bachelorette parties. Of course, along with these ideas, we will also give information about the bridal accessories and bridal products used at the party.

What is a bachelorette party?

Although bachelorette parties have increased in popularity lately, it is a new concept for many brides-to-be. If we define it, it is a party called “the last night of freedom” by the close friends of the bride-to-be shortly before the wedding.

Do not confuse this party with the bridal shower. The bridal bath is a separate ritual.

There are also accessories you will use in this party, where the bride has fun with her friends and is specially celebrated among friends. T-shirts with funny texts, slippers, various decorations.

Regardless of the concept, this type of party includes a little craziness, a little fun, and a little laughter.

To give an example, it will make the environment even more cheerful if the guests who come to print very funny texts on the bridal slippers and wear these slippers.

Gold: 24 carat gold, 18 carat gold, white gold, yellow and bronze gold varieties are available. All 18k gold consists of 75 percent pure gold. The remaining 25% is formed by the combination of different metals.

White gold: Additional processes are applied to change the gold color. It is plated with a white metal to hide the yellowish tones of gold. Since this coating wears out over time, it would be beneficial to renew the coating at least once a year.

Platinum: Platinum is similar in appearance to white gold. Since there is no coating applied under white, it does not lose its color over time.

That’s why you don’t have to do anything all the time. 95% pure platinum and 5% other metals rings are heavier than a ring made of 18 carat gold. Since it preserves its shine more than 18 carat gold, it has been preferred a lot in the selection of wedding rings lately.

Some wedding ring designs are made of two or more wedding rings in order to create a different style.

Contains more gold colors. Combining different colors can create a striking design feature or pattern.

Alternative Metals: Titanium and zirconium are two other metals that have attracted attention in the wedding ring market in recent years. Titanium is a light but strong metal with a dark gray shade often described as gunmetal gray.

Zirconium is a metal with properties similar to titanium, but exposure to high temperatures produces a blackened surface. The black color of zirconium is caused by an oxidation reaction on the metal surface, so please note that deep scratches can reveal the dark gray metal below the surface.

Although more economical than gold and platinum, titanium and zirconium are not resizable and in most cases cannot be repaired when damaged, so please consider these options carefully.

From the wedding organization to the selection of the wedding dress, be careful not to go out of your style. For example, if you don’t like wearing a necklace, you don’t have to wear a necklace with your wedding dress.

The important thing here is the happiness and comfort of a bride. Here, you can choose the wedding dress model accordingly, as whether you wear a necklace or not will be more related to the collar of the wedding dress.

Whatever your style, the neckline of your wedding dress will often be the deciding factor in whether you wear a necklace and which style you choose.

We know how much a necklace will suit strapless wedding dresses.

Brides wearing a v-neck should consider the ‘v’ width as the wider lines will offer more options in terms of necklace style.

Necklaces may not be the right choice as they will conflict with high, round or boat neck wedding dresses. For this reason, it needs to be carefully considered. Most brides think a choker would be complementary.

Such necklaces will not show itself very well on wide or short necks. Because a bride’s necklace should be very close to the style of the wedding dress, it’s important to take the color and style of any detail into account.

Choose a necklace in the same basic tone if your dress is embroidered with silver or gold details, or accentuate it with a pearl embellished necklace if it’s embroidered with pearls.

While planning the wedding, a trend of events that you will enjoy is starting. Some parts are funny, some parts are emotional. Here it remains for the bride and groom to enjoy this process.

No matter how hard it is when it comes to minor touch-ups, the real fun part starts here. Because your dream is now beginning to take shape in its clearest form. Because somehow the most difficult decision, the wedding dress selection part, is over.

Almost all women want to look like princesses on their wedding day and not go out of style. It also takes some effort to keep the balance here.

After choosing a wedding dress that suits your fashion sense, you start browsing the internet and bridal boutiques for accessories suitable for your own style, and the stylish bridal products you see on will make your job easier in this process.

Keeping your style as simple as possible means that years later when you look at your photos, you’ll still see a style that never goes out of style. Remember that what is fashionable today is changing 20 years later.

Look at the whole picture in choosing delicate and elegant jewellery, styles suitable for the season and the occasion, hair designs and hair accessories suitable for the wedding dress, and all the other accessories you will use for the wedding dress.

In the selection of jewelry, the most important factor is usually the wedding dress model and color. Because the wedding dress, bridal shoes, bridal earrings, show itself with other bridal products.

If the wedding dress has a complex neckline, it is often not right to wear a necklace. But this time, the detail is hidden in the earrings. Glittering, elegant earrings complement these bridal styles.

There are many factors to consider in order to achieve the perfect bridal look. The first step, of course, is to reveal your dream wedding dress, then choose the right shoes, hair and makeup. One of the last decisions to be made is bridal jewelry.

For brides who do not like exaggeration in jewelry, modern earrings will be a good choice. There are many alternatives such as earrings with zircon stones, earrings with flower motifs, earrings with pearl details.

The earrings you will wear at the wedding ceremony and the earrings to be worn in the outdoor shoot may also be different. you can find a variety of outdoor shooting earring options.

As with any wedding, there are hundreds of to-do lists for the wedding organization before getting married. There is such a detail that you should not forget in order to prepare comfortably before or after the wedding…

You can browse our website for bridal slippers and elegant bridal slippers that you can easily wear at the hairdresser before the wedding. Find a limited number of hairy bridal slippers, printed bridal slippers in different models on our site.

sequin wedding dress

While preparing for the photo shoot, bridal slippers are preferred instead of wearing wedding shoes, so that the bride can spend time comfortably with her shoes during the wedding ceremony.

These details, which should not be forgotten in the form of house slippers, are also referred to as bride slippers on our site. Bridal slippers also do not have to be white.

Wondering how to decorate a strapless wedding dress from start to finish? You can safely order from flamboyant jewelry to matching bridal veils, lace capes, boleros, bridal shawls and different models from bridal products shopping site.

Strapless wedding dresses can be easily combined with earrings, jewelry or a veil. In most cases, it looks great with matching accessories specially designed for the strapless wedding dress.

Along with decorating the décolleté area with some very elegant necklaces, it’s also easy to style your strapless wedding dress with large earrings, a stunning necklace or choker, bridal tiara, statement cape or any combination of these.

Flamboyant bridal accessories look great in strapless wedding dresses, especially with loose A-line or ball gown skirts. A bridal tiara or veil on top will help harmonize the fullness at the bottom.

A strapless wedding dress is perfect for a smooth and radiant look, showing off the bust and shoulders.
When you choose a low-cut wedding dress, some small details will make a huge difference. In low-cut wedding dresses, an elegant necklace and a pair of earrings in harmony with the necklace will add beauty to your beauty.

These details help keep the whole focus away from the dress, bringing out the beauty of your face. Also, do not forget that the wedding dress is a whole with its accessories. If you are wearing a V-neck wedding dress, you can complete your design with a pearl necklace, a stone necklace and earrings that match your necklace. Moreover, you can increase this harmony with hair accessories that are compatible with necklaces and earrings.

Boat neck wedding dresses are very cool. He has a heavy stance. Lace details in the folds following the collarbone will give a very elegant look.

In such models, a romantic fluffy hairstyle with hair accessories will make you even more flamboyant. You can visit our website for stylish hair combs and hair accessories.

In V-neck wedding dresses, stay away from complex models that will change the focal point of the wedding dress. Accessories are important and can pull your entire look together.

You should also consider some non-traditional enhancements such as ruffles, flowers, feathers or embroidered fabrics. To make your neck look more elegant, you can adorn your decollete with a thin chain or a simple pendant or a ‘Y’ shaped drop necklace with a string of pearls.

No outfit is complete without the perfect pair of shoes, including the wedding dress. Of course, with this gorgeous wedding dress, you want to wear the shoes that suit her best.

But remember, that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on comfort. Imagine your wedding night. You’ll be on your feet for a long time and you don’t want to writhe in pain before you even get to the dance floor.

When shopping, consider the height of the heel, the type of strap and the accessories that will be on it. In order to prevent any discomfort, it is necessary to support your feet well and to choose a bridal shoe suitable for the foot model.

Try to find high-quality natural materials. Try to stay away from synthetic shoes as much as possible, so a pair of shoes made of quality and natural materials will be more durable.

In fact, make sure to try your shoes before the wedding so that you have an idea about any discomfort. If you prefer to wear a high-heeled shoe, you can use gel insoles. Gel insoles will make you more comfortable during the night.

Although the wedding night is the most special day of your life, do not be too far from your own style.

The aim here is to reflect your own self in the best way, to look comfortable and beautiful.
Henna nights consist of fewer people than the number of wedding guests.

Because in henna ceremonies, close friends of the bride and groom are invited. In some regions, it can be done separately as a girl’s henna and a boy’s henna.

It would be a more intimate setting than a wedding. In ancient times, henna nights were held in homes. However, in recent years, it has also been held outside in a separate venue. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a venue according to the number of guests.

Every henna night is a different scenario. Henna night means bright colors and colorful accessories. Remember that you have never seen so many colors together. In short, be prepared for a chirpy environment.

Henna brides prefer accessories suitable for the henna outfit. Hair accessories and jewelry should also be in harmony with the henna outfit.

A place to dance, as it will be a fun environment

must be created. The ethnic and traditional music of the henna night should not be forgotten. So much so that the sound system should be well organized.

You should have a playlist of exciting songs that guests can dance to. A DJ is also hired at some henna nights. This is also a good idea. On the other hand, you will have your own sound system. You must assign someone to direct the music.

The henna ceremony is an ancient art form that originated in India and throughout South Asia and the Middle East. In this ceremony, red henna is applied to the palms of the bride, the back of her hands and, in some cultures, her feet.

This pre-wedding celebration is usually held in a colorful atmosphere. Although these parties are traditionally held at the bride’s home, today’s bride prefers to have her henna ceremonies outside.

Tradition says that the darker the color of the bride’s henna, the happier the marriage of the bride and groom will be. It is said that the designs symbolize various blessings, luck, joy and love.

Although the bride and groom are the leading roles in the wedding, the leading role in the henna ceremonies is only the bride. Special attention is paid to the bride’s girlfriends and guests. Traditionally, women on the bride and groom’s side attend the henna ceremony.

Those who attend the ceremony should not ignore that they will apply henna. Although it is not as attentive as the bride, the guests who come to find their place also apply henna.

Entertainment is a must for henna nights. If you are invited to a henna party, keep in mind that you will be dancing. For this reason, it is also useful to wear comfortable shoes.

In all henna ceremonies, the wedding owner also distributes gifts to the guests. This gift can sometimes be a scarf or souvenirs that remind the bride and groom.

Morocco, Algeria, Yemen, Iran, Iraq and other Muslim countries and their neighbors such as Mizrachi Jews, Sikhs, Hindus and Zoroastrians have internalized and traditionalized the use of henna.

Jewish henna became an important tradition, marking and enhancing auspicious events such as births, birthdays, holidays, and a rite of passage for Jewish Sephardic weddings.

The most interesting subject in henna ceremonies is brightly colored clothes, fez hats, marzipan candies, special pastries, authentic Moroccan music and enthusiastic dances among family and friends.

The bride and groom wear ostentatious robes according to Moroccan wedding traditions. They usually change a few costumes over the course of the evening.

The bride and groom are of course the king and queen of the event. They are usually carried into the hall on elaborately decorated ottomans and sit on throne-like chairs.

Guests are encouraged to wear brightly colored traditional clothing provided by the host. Gifts (usually gold jewelry) are given to the bride and groom by the families.

Finally, the mud-like henna paste is applied by the bride’s mother or grandmother in a circular fashion to the palms of the bride and groom.

Afterwards, henna will be applied to the palms of all guests one by one, and it is offered to all guests with the belief that it will bring them good luck. It is said that henna protects the couple from the evil eye and brings them luck, health and abundance.

In Morocco, the Jewish henna party is held in the days before the wedding and could last several days. Today, however, the henna party in Israel takes place a week or two in advance.

Henna is actually a powder obtained by crushing the leaves of the henna plant. The first use of this plant dates back to the Pharaohs in Egypt about 9,000 years ago.

It is said that Cleopatra, the last reigning queen of the ancient Egyptian civilization, used henna to adorn her body and beautify herself. The Egyptians also painted mummies’ nails with henna before burying them.

Henna also has some superstitions attached to it as an art form due to its extensive history.

In India, it is believed that the deeper the color of henna on a bride’s hand, the better her relationship with her mother-in-law will be. In some places it is also said to express the power of love between the bride and groom. Many traditional henna designs are hidden symbols of prosperity, love, loyalty, fertility and good luck.


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