Bridal Accessories Wholesale Suppliers Best 3 

Bridal Accessories Wholesale Suppliers Best 3 

Bridal Accessories Wholesale Suppliers Before you start the bridal shopping process, determine your model and budget.

You may be tired of the “which model should I wear” question that you constantly ask yourself and your friends.

 Do not worry, and reduce the complexity of the model in your mind by reading our article on which wedding dress model should I wear according to body type.

After learning the wedding dress models that will suit you best according to your body type,

Take a look at the wedding dress models you find on Pinterest, Instagram or magazines and you will have ideas in your mind that you should wear this type of wedding dress.

 Thus, you will act as a bride who knows what she wants during wedding shopping. Also, you must have a budget that you set!

If you turn to models suitable for your budget, instead of getting lost among wedding dress prices, your selection range will narrow.

When to start looking for wedding dresses? Here is the answer…

If you are thinking of wearing a custom-made wedding dress, it is a good idea to start your wedding dress research at least 5 months, ideally 8 months in advance.

 Considering that the sewing of the wedding dress will take a certain amount of time and the details you will want to add later,

There is no need to risk your day when you need to look your best. In an early wedding dress shopping;

You will have time to easily choose pieces such as bridal accessories, bridal shoes, bridal flowers.

If you are thinking of buying a ready made wedding dress rather than a tailor made one, you can shorten the wedding dress search time.

If you want more tips for bridal shopping, keep reading our article.

If you’re asking, “I’m thinking about losing weight, when should I start the wedding shopping process”…

Most of the ladies who think they are overweight want to lose weight before their wedding or a very special day.

 If you are a bride-to-be who is considering losing 1-2 kilos before your wedding, you should not worry about the wedding

Dress shopping time and you should buy your wedding dress at the ideal time

Because if you are not aiming for a serious weight loss, your wedding dress will be made suitable for you with small touches.

Important points to know about bridal shopping

After the wedding dress selection, determine all the changes you want to make on the wedding dress model,

So you will not be stressed about the changes you want to make later.

Be sure to check your wedding dress, which is in the process of being sewn 3 months before your wedding.


Bridal Accessories Wholesale Suppliers

This is important for post wedding shopping.

If you work with a professional haute couture company, you will not ask yourself what will happen to my wedding dress

Because a professional team will do a professional job.
Wedding preparation is not just about the wedding dress,

Decide on your accessories, shoes, hair and make-up after purchasing your wedding dress.

For shoes, you should make the choice after ordering your wedding dress; because in the following rehearsal processes, your tailor

wholesale wedding veils and accessories

Will ask you to bring your shoes that you will wear under your wedding dress.

Your wedding theme and venue are predetermined, so you have the chance to choose your wedding dress suitable for the wedding venue.

 You can click on the link to read the article which wedding dress model should I choose according to the wedding venue.

Who would want to wear a bohemian model for a historic venue wedding! If you choose a wedding dress before your wedding venue is known,

You will feel bad with a wedding dress that is not suitable for the venue on the wedding day.

The quietest days for bridal shopping are weekdays! Thus, you will get rid of the busy store crowd on the weekend and you will be faced with a team that will take care of you specially.

Finally, take care to take a few people with you. Having more people with you during wedding dress shopping means more than one idea.

This leads to a clash of opinions. What bride would want to be stuck between thousands of different opinions!

Now you have all the information about bridal shopping. If you have a wedding in the following months, you can start shopping for wedding dresses right away.

 As a haute couture brand, it will be happy to assist you in your wedding shopping process.

From the past to the present, wedding dress models vary according to the trends brought by each age

However, some designs were admired and managed to become one of the classics and became the first models that come to mind when it comes to wedding dresses.

Brides-to-be identified many styles of skirt cuts and fabric combinations, from princess to embroidered, from satin to lace, with the word wedding dress.

When every woman thinks of the best wedding dresses, a design comes to life.

One of the designs that comes to mind most of the time is French lace with its elegant and high quality stance.

Brides-to-be who dream of the model they will wear in line with their body type and style will undoubtedly be very beautiful at their wedding.

Here is the most beautiful dress that we have compiled for you and which is on the list of every bride, tried and admired in the past,

Has become the symbol of the wedding dress and even in the future it cannot be stopped.

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l wedding gowns…

You can get the wedding dress of your dreams by taking inspiration from these 7 classic and romantic wedding dresses!

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You can find wedding dresses suitable for all seasons in this article.

For brides who want to glide like princesses, they are among the most beautiful wedding dresses: Princess wedding dresses…

The princess wedding dress model, which is a model that brides-to-be can’t stop wearing at their wedding, is among the most preferred

Best wedding dress models

That’s why it is definitely included in the bridal collections of the best bridal brands.

The princess skirt cut is the most suitable model that brides-to-be with a pear body type, wide hips, narrow shoulders and a thin waist can wear at their wedding.

This model, which will look very elegant on women with hourglass body type,

İs the first wedding dress model that comes to mind when weddings are mentioned in the prom concept.

A design nominated for the best bridal gowns category: Fish bridal gowns!

The fishtail wedding dress model is undoubtedly the most eye-catching design that best shows the silhouette of the body.

 This model, which suits women with an hourglass-shaped body type, creates a very harmonious atmosphere with hotel and poolside weddings.

You can try the most beautiful fish models that you can design according to your taste with different fabrics, sleeves and collar cuts

Another most preferred model: Strapless wedding dress…
Your shoulders will look very beautiful with the strapless model wedding dress

Which is one of the indispensables of wedding dress collections and is among the most beautiful wedding dresses.

 Whether you want a romantic look with a straight neckline strapless, or be glamorous with a heart-neck strapless!

Recently, brides-to-be, who are afraid of pulling up the strapless neckline wedding dress, also put illusion neck wedding dresses on the trial list.

Brides-to-be who will wear M-neck and straight-neck strapless can enjoy the freedom of choosing jewelry sets.

Candidates who will wear a wedding dress with an illusion neckline, instead of a necklace, in order not to cause a confused look

 They should prefer earrings, rings and bracelets.
You will adapt to every wedding concept with A cut wedding dresses!

The next model of our most beautiful wedding dresses article is A cut!

This model, which has been highly preferred from the past to the present due to its elegant stance, is a skirt cut that is among the options of every bride-to-be.

 This model, which makes the leg longer than it is, is the best camouflage model and adapts to every body type.

 One of its advantages is that it adapts to every bride’s hair with the right collar cut!

You can find this model, which must be tried by brides with petite body structure, short and medium height brides, women with apple and pear body types 

The indispensable fabric of the wedding dress.. Lace wedding dress models are among the most beautiful wedding dresses!

Lace wedding dresses, which you can definitely find in the list of the best wedding dresses,

Give a noble and romantic appearance when blended with the elegant structure and the weight of lace.

 Reflect your magnificence with embroidered wedding dresses!
Specially designed wedding gowns prepared with fine craftsmanship,

Chosen by the bride candidates who do not want to prefer plain wedding dress models, are the reason for preference for every bride.

 You will love the harmony of these embroidered wedding dress models, which are especially identified with flamboyant hotel weddings, with the princess cut!

Your wedding is approaching! We know you have a lot of things to think about.

Venue, wedding dress, hair, accessory shoes and more… But there is another very important issue that should not be forgotten,

Which is to have a clean and moist skin as soon as possible! Every bride wants to look beautiful and radiant on her wedding day,

Which she is waiting for with great excitement. The best way to achieve such a look is through pre-wedding skin care.

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We have compiled the details of pre-wedding care for you bride-to-be.

Having regular skin care and using protective sunscreen is very important for your skin to look radiant and healthy.

 Of course, we should also count nutrition and sports! Especially if your wedding is approaching, taking care of your skin and health is imperative for a flawless appearance.

 In this article, we focused on the necessity of skin care. There are different skin care applications for each skin type.

Prepare a great base for make-up by doing pre-wedding skin care or having it done, so you can enjoy your smooth-looking skin at your wedding.

The key to pre-wedding skin care is knowing your skin.
You may have oily, dry or combination skin.

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If you know more or less about your skin, you know which products to use.

We all know that brides with very oily skin should not use oil-based products and brides with dry skin should constantly moisturize their skin.

 In addition to the face, under the eyes is an area that needs moisturizing, regardless of skin type.

Skin care before wedding

If you add this to your routine, you can see that your tired under-eyes are revived in a short time and most importantly,

protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun! This is one of the main beauty rules that should be done not only before the wedding, but always. ,

Harmful sun rays can cause serious damage to your skin after a certain period of time.

 Morning and evening skin cleansing is one of the pre-wedding care rules.

Facial oils and skin serums are helpful products that will take your skin fatigue and clean your pores at the beginning or end of the day.

We recommend you to clean your skin with serum or mineral oils every morning and every evening and give a nice massage.

Thus, both your skin will rest and it will be purified from the dirt it has been exposed to during the day.

Clean and moist skin will make you look much younger.
Pre-wedding skin care is a topic that brides who want to look flawless on their wedding day wonder about.

There are other tips you can apply in addition to this process.
For a healthy skin, it is very important to enter healthy foods into the body.

Minerals and vitamins are the golden rule to brighten your skin.

During your bridal diet, if you take care to eat foods containing these, you will both control your weight and witness your skin look increasingly healthy.

Healthy and shining hair is the dream of every bride. Don’t forget to add hair care to your pre-wedding to-do list.

A care process that starts 6 months in advance will prepare you perfectly for your wedding day.

Leave the stress aside! Being stressed is another factor that affects the appearance of the skin.

Keeping your motivation high is actually one of the things that is good for your skin.

Are your lashes ready for your wedding day? Pre-wedding skin care is not just about good skin.

Long eyelashes are one of the details that will reveal your makeup. Feeding your eyelashes in a healthy way will allow you to throw false eyelashes in the trash.

Our last tip is to not change the routine you set. If you follow a certain pattern and are consistent with the products you use, your skin will pay off very well.

When you follow all these pre-wedding care tips, you will feel great on your most special day.

 Every detail you will consider, from pre-wedding body cleansing to pre-wedding skin care stages, will ensure that your whole day is positive.

Remember how you feel, that’s how you spend the day!
Today, wedding dresses are available in thousands of different styles and models.

If two same model wedding dresses are prepared with different fabrics, they will have different looks

Because each wedding dress fabric is different from each other and has its own characteristics.

This causes each of them to give a different look to the wedding dress.

 Before you start your wedding dress shopping, you need to learn what kind of fabric you should use and the effects of the fabrics on the wedding dress.

Wedding dress fabrics are a very important factor that determines the fluency, design and quality of a model.

Here are the 5 most preferred bridal fabrics by bridal brands…

When choosing your wedding dress model, you need to pay attention to its workmanship and fabric;

 Because the most important elements that will make a wedding dress of high quality are the workmanship and the type of fabric used.

Tulle and lace have been the most used bridal fabrics until now; but these are not your only options for your wedding shopping.

You can witness how formal a wedding dress fabric makes you look or make you look elegant.

 Satin fabric is among the first choice of bridal fabrics for brides who desire a luxurious look!

Satin, which has become the symbol of wealth and luxury from past to present, has been the favorite fabric of many designers with its smooth texture and durable aspect.

With its glittering structure and plain appearance, it has taken its place among the wedding dress fabric types preferred by the bride candidates.

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Today, it is frequently used in both evening dress and wedding dress design.

The prices of bridal fabrics vary according to the quality. Satin is one of the most expensive fabrics.

If you are planning a summer wedding, our advice to you would be not to choose satin fabric.

It can make you quite uncomfortable in the hot weather of summer; but if your wedding venue is going to be a flashy place such as a historical venue or a hotel wedding, satin fabric is just for you!

Chiffon fabric, which is indispensable for the summer season, is among the most preferred bridal fabric types…

The selection of wedding dress fabrics varies according to the seasons. Wearing a heavy and thick fabric in summer can cause a bride to have a very hot and stressful day.

 Chiffon fabric, which is the most suitable fabric for open-air weddings with its transparent and light structure, is frequently used in bohemian wedding dress models.

Chiffon, which is very preferred due to its thin structure in summer

The fabric also looks very nice with the use of layers.


A bridal fabric that rivals tulle… Organza!
Organza fabrics made of silk, which are widely preferred on bridal gowns and evening dresses with their transparent appearance, are ideal for open-air weddings with their light texture; but this fabric has a downside!

Since it has a delicate structure, it is a fabric that is suitable for breaking and tearing. This fabric, which will require you to be very careful at the wedding,

Will also add a romantic atmosphere to you. If you are looking for a fluffy wedding dress, your choice should be organza fabric!

Tulle is the most delicate fabric among wedding dress fabrics!
Tulle fabric, in which you will feel like a princess on your wedding day,

İs the key point to get a voluminous look in skirts. This fabric, which gives a dramatic style when blended with lace fabric and embroidery,

İs almost identified with the word wedding dress; but like organza fabric, tulle fabric is a type of fabric that is difficult to wear,

Since its delicate structure can be easily damaged, the bride should carry the wedding dress carefully.

 The most popular of the wedding dress fabric models is lace fabric!

For years, the first word that comes to mind when talking about wedding dresses has been lace.

Although it is popular among wedding dress fabrics, it has become the favorite of brides with its different motifs.

 Lace, which can add elegance to every dress it is used in and highlight your feminine form, is among the wedding dress materials

That can be used not only as a fabric but also as a detail in wedding dresses.

Are you looking for a simple or flashy, useful and high quality bridal fabric for your wedding day?

The right bridal fabrics are the highlight of your wedding shopping. Considering these items we have compiled for you, you can achieve the look you want on your wedding day.

Taffeta, ziberlin, crepe, charmeuse, silk or brocade are other preferred fabrics apart from these 5 popular bridal fabrics.

Remember, the fabric you will use will determine your comfort during the day and your appearance all day long.

You have found the perfect wedding dress for your wedding day. It’s time for the most popular bridal accessory, the bridal veil!

Veil models are accessories with very different lengths or styles. In this article, “Which bridal veil would suit my wedding dress?”

We will answer the question.

The most important criterion is that the veil, which is a complementary accessory,

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İs compatible with the wedding dress model. Thus, the veil will make the wedding dress even more beautiful

But there is another important factor to be aware of. This complementary accessory should not stand out more than the wedding dress.

When choosing a bridal veil model, your hairstyle and every detail of the wedding dress you want to wear should be considered.

Here is a list of bridal veil models that will suit and complement your wedding dress style, and all the tips you need to feel perfect at your wedding…

 Bridal Veil Models by Length

Veils differ according to their length. Your wedding venue, bridesmaid style, hair or the season of the wedding are factors that affect the length of the veil.

Here are the types of veils according to their lengths!

Long veil models

Long veils, which are mostly preferred in historical venues or hotel weddings, will be the ideal choice for bride candidates who love to show off.

These bridal veil models, also known as fingertip or cathedral veils, will complement plain wedding dresses.

 If you want to create a striking look, you can choose veils as long as your wedding dress tail – or even longer. If your wedding is formal, this model is for you!

But you should not forget that a magnificent veil will hide the back of your wedding dress.

 Medium – Nun veil models
This model, which is among the most used veils in wedding dress models and also known as nun veils, adapts to many wedding dresses.

These elegant bridal veils, which will never disturb you on your wedding day, can also be used as two floors.

If you want your partner to remove the veil after entering the wedding venue, this model was created for you!


Short veil models

The choice of vintage brides! If you are in favor of a traditional wedding or if your wedding dress is vintage, you can choose a short bridal veil.

You will look very cool with this model called bird cage.
Bridal Veil Models According to Your Wedding Dress Model

If your wedding dress is a princess model; you can choose long veil models; but your choice should be for the lengths at your fingertips!

Thus, your veil will blend in harmony with your fluffy skirt.
If your wedding dress is a cut; You can use any length easily. Our suggestion to you is nun veil models…

If you are wearing a fish wedding dress; Your choice may vary according to your height.

 Veils ending at your waist level, veils at shoulder level will be the right choice for mermaid wedding dresses.

If you have chosen a mini wedding dress; It means you’ve chosen a casual look for your wedding day.

Short veil models will be a unique choice for this bold wedding dress.

Veil models and bride

Things to consider in order to ensure the unique harmony between the make sure that the color of the bridal veil is the same as your wedding dress.

Our suggestion to you is to take your wedding dress or the fabric used in your wedding dress to your destination for veil selection.

Although the colors are not exactly the same, having colors that are very close to each other will ensure the harmony between the veil and the wedding dress.

You need to balance the decorations on your wedding dress and veil.

If your wedding dress consists of embroidery and beads, you should keep your veil as simple as possible.

 For a plain and plain wedding dress, think the opposite. A lace and embroidered model…

It is very important to choose the right fabric for veil models. The fabric generally used in veils is tulle; but recently, bridal veils made of silk or satin are also very popular.

Don’t forget to consider your hairstyle. Long veils suit the hairstyles that stand below. Short veils will usually look great with messy or vintage hair.

You will need to consider all these items when it comes to choosing a bridal veil.

You can now decide which of the above veil models is the right one for you.

Wedding is one of the important moments that will happen once in your life. That’s why your effort to make the best choice is worth everything.

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  If you are a bride-to-be who wants her wedding day to be perfect and thinks through every detail for it, another detail you should pay attention to in your wedding shopping process

Will be bridal flowers. We talked about “choosing the right bridal flower” before, but bridal flower models differ according to the seasons.

 Here are the bridal flower models that are unique, suitable for your wedding dress and the season, with beautiful meanings…

Choosing the perfect bridal bouquet for your wedding can be challenging as you will get lost among the invisible options; but when you want to choose according to your wedding season,

Some of these options will decrease. If you especially want to buy live bridal flowers, seasonal flowers are for you!

 What are the bridal flowers for the summer season?
The bridal bouquets that will look best in your wedding photos or videos belong to the summer season.

 When it comes to summer, one of the first flowers that comes to mind is the daisy.

Daisies are very popular among brides. The meaning of this flower, which is in harmony with the white of the wedding dress, is love and cleanliness.

 Among the bridal flower models for summer are peonies. These flowers, which are the favorite of brides-to-be this year with their marvelous looks,

Symbolize compassion and a happy marriage. In this hot season, there are bridal bouquets to suit every wedding concept and bridal style.

Another of them is hydrangeas, which symbolize sincere feelings.

Yes, you heard right! Now brides prefer different and colorful flowers rather than classical roses. If you are having a country wedding,

if you want to be more different and natural, we recommend lavender with its magnificent appearance!

Lavenders, which symbolize elegance, will be in harmony with your wedding dress and country wedding concept.

 If you are looking for a creative choice in your wedding, you can also choose tropical bridal flowers.

Which bridal flower models can be used in spring seasons?
In the spring, the flowers will differ depending on your region and the weather.

Tulips and hyacinths take the first place among the most popular bridal flowers in these seasons when the rain starts suddenly and the sun appears.

 It is also possible to blend tulips, which symbolize nobility, and hyacinths, which mean eternal love, together!

These flowers, each more beautiful than the other, will give the best meaning to the beginning of your new life.

Bridal flower prices vary in the spring seasons. If you have a good budget, we recommend lilies or orchids.

These bridal flower bouquets, which will complement each other with your white wedding dress, are among the must-haves of spring!

If you are confused about color and think about which tones should I go for, you should not forget that cold and pastel tones left their mark on the trends of 2019.

Other bridal flowers of the spring months are as follows; lilac, jasmine, gerbera, poppy and freesia!

Which bridal flowers can be chosen in the winter season?

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Winter, which is one of the most difficult seasons to choose a bridal flower, has not reflected its cold and gloomy weather to its flowers.

Many flowers, from carnations symbolizing attractiveness and love to daffodils symbolizing dignity, can reveal the beauty of the winter season.

The winter season is also inspired by the spring months, which are famous for their lilies and orchids.

 These luxurious bridal flowers are more typical of the cold season. They can also be used live or artificially.

 In general, brides-to-be prefer artificial bridal flowers in winter; but artificial bouquets will not look as pleasant and elegant as living ones.

Bridal flowers, one of the most important and remarkable accessories of brides, can be combined in harmony with your space and style,

Although they differ according to the season.

 In addition, for bridal flower models, not only the harmony of the season, but also the harmony of make-up and accessories is very important.

 Now that you’ve read our article about bridal bouquets according to the season, you can continue your wedding shopping from where you left off.

  Every person has different body types and different body sizes.

 From thin to chubby, from petite to tall, every woman is looking for ways to find the right wedding dress for her body type.

Today we will talk about wedding dresses for tall people. Here are the wedding dresses made for tall brides!

Your wedding day is approaching and you still can’t decide which wedding dress is best for your tall height? Here are the ideas that inspire you…

How should wedding dresses for tall people be?
If you want to look stunning on your wedding day and glide like a swan, mermaid bridesmaid dresses are for you!

Since you are tall, your body type will carry all the fish wedding dresses in the most beautiful way.

 It is very difficult to wear a fish model for brides who are not usually tall, and the tail of the wedding dress will not look like a fish, since the length of the skirt is shortened.

You can choose such a model on your wedding day with the advantage of your tall stature.

Your other option is fluffy wedding dresses that will make you feel like a princess!

Princess wedding dresses with countess skirts are ideal for tall brides; but you should stay away from long sleeves or turtlenecks used with such a model.

 This can make you look even taller and look bad. We offer you strapless or strapless wedding dresses!

 Tall brides-to-be may prefer wedding dresses with thick belts. In fact, the choices you make in contrast colors will balance your very long-looking height in a white wedding dress.

Choosing shoes for tall brides

If you are a tall bride-to-be and want to balance your height with your other guests, you should stay away from platform heels.

You’ll have plenty of time to dance and have fun during the day, and high heels can make this day stressful.

Your biggest advantage will be to continue the wedding with a flat shoe when you get tired at the end of the day.

We recommend you small heels or stilettos with ankle straps! There is one more detail you should not forget.

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Before you start sewing your wedding dress, you need to determine your heel height.

You can choose from bridal dresses for tall people according to your style and body type.

 If you want to get more detailed information about body types, you can read our article on choosing wedding dresses according to body type.

You can choose from ready-made models that are perfect for you, or you can turn to special sewing designs.

 If you are planning to buy a ready-made wedding dress, we recommend that you start looking for a wedding dress right away;

Because if you have a standard size, it may take a lot of time to find the right wedding dress for you.

 Moreover, a wedding dress that is perfect for you may not fit your style.

At this point, you can have a tailor-made wedding dress prepared in order not to risk the job and to get a perfect look.

This article, which we have prepared for tall brides, will inspire you in your wedding shopping.

 But if you still have questions about the choice of wedding dress; With its professional team, is waiting to help you find the right wedding dress.

  Your wedding day is perhaps one of the times in your life when you want to shine the most.

Therefore, it will be inevitable for you to do wedding shopping carefully and try to find the most beautiful wedding dress in the stores.

With each passing year, bridal fashion is advancing by adding something and changing.

The most preferred bridal gowns of the last year are bridal gowns with capes!

Adding a cool and elegant look to the wedding dress, the capes appear in fashion shows and wedding dress collections.

Many brides-to-be, rather than wearing plain and uniform wedding dresses;

She prefers to wear portable and versatile wedding gowns.

Bridesmaid dresses with capes offer this opportunity to brides-to-be who desire two different looks at their wedding.

Here are bridal gowns with capes that appeal to every style and body type…

Bridesmaid dresses with capes according to the style of the cape

Since it is a trend, there are 3 types of cape wedding dress models that are most preferred by brides.

The biggest reason why they are preferred is that they easily adapt to many wedding dress models.

Fully or half-closed long cloaks are very suitable for winter weddings that symbolize flamboyance and romance.

 Another type of cape is the halter neck models. Although this cape is often referred to as a mermaid wedding dress,

it is often It is in harmony with the wedding dress model. This model, designed with glittering details and flying fabrics,

Will turn you into a monument of elegance at your wedding. The third cloak model is short cloaks.

These models, which reveal a stylish and feminine stance, will add a completely different atmosphere to your wedding dress.

If you prefer a simple wedding dress, an elegant and sparkling cloak will suit your wedding dress.

  For which venues are bridal gowns with capes suitable?
With its portable design, bridal gowns with capes adapt to almost all wedding venues.

With the vintage atmosphere it creates, it will suit historical venue weddings,

Embroidered models will suit hotel and lounge weddings, and flight and flight models will suit beach, boat and country weddings.

Beauty and stylish clothing have always been at the forefront for women.

Especially on their wedding day, they want to be the star of the day and live that beautiful moment to the fullest.

 It is very exciting for every woman to glide like princesses in the wedding hall and achieve the perfect wedding dress of her dreams.

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Perhaps in the most unforgettable experience of your life, getting help from professional hands will be one of the best decisions you will make.

Wedding dress service, you can plan your wedding dress and accessory shopping step by step with our professional team.

You can complete your wedding dress shopping with a selection of beautiful vintage,

Bohemian, retro and modern wedding dresses that appeal to every style you will choose from our stores with our professional team,

Or you can design your dream design together with our professional designers.

 Complements of the wedding dress model, which will be designed in accordance with your body type and style;

 You can get suggestions from our professional team in your hair, make-up and accessory choices, so you can smile at your guests for a perfect integrity on your wedding day.

 With our VIP wedding dress service that appeals to every bride-to-be, you will enjoy getting the wedding dress of your dreams as soon as possible.

VIP wedding dress with professional touches and specially designed wedding dresses

We make it possible for you to achieve the look you want on your wedding day by offering the most accurate bridal dress proposals according to your body type,

Designing the model suitable for your style from the highest quality fabrics.

 Choosing the right accessories for the wedding dress
Get a perfect look with accessories that complement your wedding dress!

Our stores, where you will find all kinds of bridal crowns, whether shiny and bright, flashy and majestic, or minimal, and bridal bouquets suitable for your wedding concept

 It allows you to complete your shopping in a short time and according to your wishes, with bridal accessories suitable for every concept it offers.

As a Haute Couture wedding dress brand, which has been among the first choices of brides-to-be with its unique designs for years

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Every moment you experience while planning your wedding will remain an unforgettable memory for you in the future, with the special shopping experience we offer you.

  As your wedding day approaches, many channels can inspire you for your wedding dress model.

From Pinterest to fashion magazines, from bridal gowns on TV screens,

Every bridal gown you will see will perhaps help you on your journey to find the bridal gown you are looking for.

Here are the most famous wedding dresses that have been reflected on TV screens from the past to the present and fascinated with their splendor.

Fairytale weddings in movies or romantic wedding atmospheres in TV series have one common point.

Bridesmaid dresses that impress with their sparkle! The trick to reflecting your dream wedding is to find your dream wedding dress.

Many popular movie characters dazzled with the wedding dresses they wore up to this time, and the designs they wore have become iconic.

 Our list, where you will find the most legendary wedding dresses from classic to modern designs, will help you with your wedding dress shopping.

Bella’s backless wedding dress, which is the most talked about detail of the Twilight series, has inspired many brides-to-be.

The model designed by Carolina Herrera suits Kristen Stewart, who plays the character of Bella.

 This design, which is traditionally white in color and has a very plain front, took its place among the most famous wedding dresses with the work of 4 tailors for 6 months.

The satin wedding dress, with lace details at the ends of its long sleeves and elegant buttons on the back, provided a magnificent harmony with the open-air wedding scenario in the movie.

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Actress Audrey Hepburn, who is very popular with her beauty and characteristic facial features,

Wore the wedding dress she wore as Jo Stockton in the movie Funny Face, and became one of the most famous wedding dresses in the history of the movie.

Givency wedding dress, which is an ankle-length and boat neck model, suits Audrey Hepburn’s slim-waisted body structure, as well as its retro look.

The stylists preferred to combine this off-white wedding dress with a blend of tulle and satin with red lipstick.

The Hunger Games color-changing wedding dress model worn by Jennifer Lawrence, the highly acclaimed actress of the film series,

İn the Catching Fire episode of the film, has managed to be among the most legendary wedding dresses in the history of the film.

This wedding dress with a ruffled skirt made of metallic organza fabric worn by the character Katniss Everdeen is a Tex Savario design!

Transforming from a red evening dress into a magnificent wedding dress with a fascinating show, this unique design

İs completed with a metallic make-up and hair accessories.
Anne Hathaway’s straight-cut wedding dress with lace sleeves and shoulders details,

Which she wore in the movie Princess Diaries 2, in which she played Princess Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi, was also remembered.

Mia Thermopolis, walking down the aisle with great self-confidence, shed light on the dream model of young girls with her wedding dress.

This special design wedding dress with embroidered lace design will suit your hotel wedding very well.

The magnificent cream-colored wedding dress worn by the evil queen Clementianna in the Mirror Mirror movie can be a very ambitious option for your wedding.

 This model, which is a candidate to be the biggest wedding dress Julia Roberts has ever worn in movies and TV series, was prepared by designer Eiko Ishioka.

The design, which weighs 60 kilograms and has 35 meters of fabric, completes the look of the boat neck and layered skirt with a huge veil, may be the favorite of brides who love glamor.

Fifty Shades of Freedom, one of the sequels of Fifty Shades of Grey, attracted a lot of attention with the wedding dress model it published in its trailer.

This design, which has inspired many brides-to-be since the movie was released, suits Dakota Johnson, who plays the character of Anastasia Steel.

 This wedding dress by Monique Lhuillier has a long sleeved bateau neckline lace look like in the other movies.

The design did not surprise the film’s fan base, making it to the list of the most famous wedding gowns.

During your wedding dress shopping, the different wedding dress models you see in the stores and the different colors of those wedding dresses

Can cause you to be confused in a short time. Although the color of the wedding dress has been known as classic white for years,

This rule has already begun to be broken in recent years. No matter how difficult it is to choose among all these wedding dress colors,

From white to champagne, we will help you make the right decision in this article.

So, from brunette to fair-skinned, what should be the wedding dress color suitable for your skin? Here are Alisse nuerA’s colorful wedding dresses…

The most striking wedding dress colors for those who want to get away from the classics

Now, many wedding dress brands offer brides-to-be who want to break the tradition of white wedding dresses;

It offers dozens of options on the subject of wedding dress color.

Worn color; It is very important in terms of matching the skin color with the wedding dress and capturing the right look in the photos!

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 For this reason, most brides now want to see shades of white or different colors that are compatible with their own skin tone, rather than raw white, on their wedding day.

Here are the most preferred wedding dress colors with shades close to white…

For those who can’t give up: Traditional white wedding dress
It is a known fact that the color of white, which symbolizes purity,

Has remained popular in weddings from past to present!

Preferred by brides-to-be who don’t want to take risks and can’t think of a color other than white, this color is often used on summer season fabrics such as organza and chiffon.

Since it is pure white, it provides a clean and spacious appearance.

White, which is an ideal color for your outdoor wedding, unfortunately does not suit every skin tone.

White color, which will suit fair-skinned women with dark skin or yellow skin tone, can make those with cold skin tone look pale.

The most preferred wedding dress color in recent years: Ivory colored wedding dresses

The color of ivory, known as the color of innocence, is generally used on wedding dresses by mixing it with white.

This makes white have a softer and warmer tone. This wedding dress tone, which has a slightly yellowish tone, will create a wonderful look when used with lace embroideries.

If you’re planning to wear it at your wedding, you’ve found the right color.

 Of course, if you are a fair-skinned bride-to-be! The details on the ivory-colored wedding dress, which adds a romantic and quite soft atmosphere

Wedding dress model, are also quite striking. Moreover, you can easily find ivory wedding dresses made of many different fabrics in stores.

Real white, which we mentioned in the first article, cannot be compatible with most skin colors.

 The off-white color with a slightly soft tone will be a more ideal choice for your skin.

Although the most beautiful colored wedding dresses are not a clear white, they can look white under different lights.

It is a tone that can easily adapt to many skin tones, from dark to light. They are generally used on satin wedding dresses.

Cream is among the most popular wedding dress colors!
The more intense version of the ivory color,

The krem wedding dress color appears darker than ivory, as it is one of the undertones of yellow.

Having a warm color tone makes it; It will make it look richer in indoor weddings such as historical venues, halls or hotels.

 If you are a fair-skinned bride-to-be, you can easily find a balance between your skin color and wedding dress tone by choosing a creamy wedding dress.

The key to luxury looks: Bridesmaid dresses in bright gold color
If you want your wedding dress to match your magnificent wedding, you can follow the new trend.

Bridal gowns in bright gold color are the designs preferred by brides-to-be who want to achieve a rich look.

In addition to being dazzling, its use with many embroidery models makes this bridal color tone indispensable. These color wedding dresses, which also include metallic details, will achieve a perfect harmony with every skin color.

Bridesmaid dresses in color

 Champagne color for a sophisticated wedding dress!
Champagne colored wedding dresses have also been used frequently in recent years.

While it looks quite elegant, it is a tone that makes the wedding dress fabric even more prominent.

They can also be used by mixing with fabric of a different color. For example; Champagne lace fabric sewn on a white wedding dress fabric

Will make the details of your wedding dress look clearer. It is an ideal wedding dress color for auburn and wheat-skinned brides.

If you want to get away from the traditional details on your wedding day and are looking for one that appeals to you, you can start by choosing a wedding dress color.

 Designers now include many colorful wedding dresses from black to blue in their collections, rather than white and its shades;

But wearing a black wedding dress on the wedding day would be a very bold choice.

With these wedding dress colors that we offer you, the most preferred and trending in recent years, on your wedding day,

You will be away from the classic white and you will wear a wedding dress that is compatible with your skin color.

If you want your wedding dress to look like your dreams, choosing the right fabric is the most important point of your wedding dress shopping.

Today, dozens of fabrics are used in wedding dress sewing, and the appearance that each fabric adds to the wedding dress is different from each other.

Moreover, fabrics significantly determine not only the appearance, but also your comfort level during the day.

 Every fabric type, from hard textured fabrics to soft fabrics, can be used as bridal fabric.

If you have started to search for the wedding dress of your dreams for your upcoming wedding, you should first determine the model and choose the right fabric for that model.

A fabric not only shows off the wedding dress, it adds elegance, elegance and romance to it.

Here are the things you need to know about bridal fabrics that we have compiled for you that will help you in your wedding dress shopping process!

Different types of bridal fabrics that will add a different atmosphere to your wedding dress!

Satin wedding dress fabrics are the key to a luxurious look…
Satin, which is one of the most used fabrics on wedding dresses,

İs one of the first choices of brides who want to look simple but elegant with its heavy and draped structure.

Satin wedding dress fabric, which should not be preferred by plus size brides, is suitable for winter weddings as it shows the excess.

Of course, it can also be used in hot weather; but since its texture will make you sweat during the day, it will be very difficult to use for the summer season.

Satin, which is generally used for unembroidered and minimalist wedding dresses, is a fabric that Angelina Jolie prefers in her wedding dress.

The flamboyant fabric of wedding dresses is taffeta!
Known for its rustling during movement, taffeta fabric has become the key point of flamboyant wedding dress models.

With its heavy appearance and fluffy stance, it is suitable for many skirt models.

Although it has a shiny structure like satin, it has a mottled appearance when viewed.

This feature is one of the reasons why taffeta fabric is most preferred.

 Beautiful model Miranda Kerr also preferred taffeta fabric in her wedding dress.

 The elegant wedding dress fabric of elegant brides is lace…
When it comes to wedding dresses, the first fabric that comes to mind is lace.

Today, lace fabrics that inspire brand new designs reflect the meaning of the wedding with the romantic atmosphere they add to the wedding dress.

 While it can be used easily in any part of the wedding dress, full lace wedding dresses are also sewn.

Three-dimensional lace models, which gained popularity this year, broke new ground for wedding dresses and these laces are among the most preferred models of this year.

You can often see lace not only as bridal fabric, but also on bridal accessories! Many accessories, from veils to bridal bags, This stylish fabric, which has a unique elegance, has been the favorite of bride candidates

For years and has been the choice of Duchess Kate at the wedding of Prince Williams and Kate Middleton, which connected millions to the screen.

 Summer Chiffon is the favorite fabric of the season!

Chiffon, the most preferred fabric of the summer season with its flying air, is just for those who want a bohemian style wedding dress!

 Although it has a transparent appearance due to its thin structure, since it is used in layers on wedding dresses,

İt does not show the skin and adds a shabby atmosphere to the wedding dress. Since it is a dyeable fabric,

 it is also widely used in evening dresses. Burcu Esmersoy’s wedding dress fabric choice was chiffon.

 Tulle fabric is a must for fluffy wedding dresses!
Tulle fabric, which has a delicate texture and needs to be treated very carefully,

İs known for its use in princess wedding dresses. Tulle fabrics, which have a thin and transparent structure, are used to give volume to wedding dresses.

The air-permeability feature of the fabric is one of the biggest reasons for its use in summer.

 Like chiffon, it is used not only on wedding dresses, but also in accessories such as veils and gloves.

 On your wedding day, while wearing your tulle wedding dress, you should be careful not to attach your accessories to this delicate fabric and not to tear it by stepping on it.

Famous singer İrem Derici also chose tulle as her wedding dress fabric.

  Organza fabrics are the star of embroidered wedding dresses!

Organza wedding dress fabrics, which are transparent such as tulle and chiffon, will often be seen on wedding dresses this year.

Organza, which is generally used with embroidery and is one of the most suitable fabrics for a transparent look, is a very light fabric.

 This feature makes it one step ahead for brides who do not want to carry heavy wedding dresses all day long.

Şeyma Subaşı is among the celebrities who prefer organza fabric in her wedding dress model.

 Other fabrics used in wedding dresses: Silk and crepe!
Expensive but frequently preferred silk fabric with its soft texture

 It is used in ecru, off-white or cream colored wedding dresses.

 The fact that it looks luxurious like satin is the biggest reason why silk fabric is preferred over wedding dresses.

Crepe fabrics, which are one of the other fabrics used in wedding dresses and have a very sharp texture, are generally preferred in simple weddings.

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The most used fabrics of the spring and summer seasons: Organza, crepe, tulle, chiffon, lace, polyester, jersey

The most used bridal fabrics of the Autumn – Winter seasons: Silk, satin, taffeta, gabardine, brocade, lace, velvet

 What are the bridal fabrics according to the venue?
The types of fabrics differ not only according to the season or style, but also according to the place.

 If you are going to have a country wedding, our suggestion to you will be chiffon fabric with its flight and shabby structure.

Thus, you will both feel comfortable during the day and reflect the atmosphere of summer!

If you are a bride-to-be to have a wedding at a historical venue, it’s time to wear a glamorous wedding dress! For the magnificent wedding dress of your dreams,

Taffeta or ziberlin fabrics will be the right choice. Thus, you can appear in harmony with your space.

There are many types of fabrics for hotel and salon weddings. Our advice to you; satin, lace, silk or crepe will favor it.

You can choose from any of them according to your theme and reflect your style.

 If your wedding will be in a boat, you can choose organza or tulle fabrics.

These models will both suit your outdoor concept and keep up with the vintage vibe of the boat!

Finally, if you are planning a decent wedding and your choice is cocktail or poolside; satin, chiffon or lace fabrics are preferable wedding dress fabric types according to this concept,

No matter how different they are from each other.

If you pay attention to all these features and details when choosing a wedding dress fabric;

It will be very easy to find the right fabric for your wedding venue, season and style.

 Do you want a wedding dress that is easy to carry during the day?
Wedding shopping is a process where you can witness exciting special moments as well as the rush of sweets.

For example, like the first wedding dress attempt! Perhaps the wedding dress appointment, where you will see the wedding dress model you have been dreaming about for months,

Will be the most emotional memory you have left from your wedding shopping… But being unprepared can cause the stress of that magnificent day to increase.

Here is our article where we have compiled the details you need to pay attention to for a wedding dress appointment!

For a wedding dress appointment, you should have an idea about the bridesmaid dresses beforehand.

You made your first wedding dress appointment to get one step closer to your dream wedding dress; but you have no idea what you want?

This is one of the biggest problems that will confuse you during your wedding dress shopping.

After researching wedding dresses suitable for your body type and finding the right silhouette, go to the wedding dress trial by being open to new suggestions.

 By saving the models you see on social media and you like very much on your phone, you can show the team that will help you what you are looking for.

 Thus, you have the chance to try on many different designs of the model you want.

You should know what you want in your wedding dress shopping.

When you go to a wedding dress store, you will be faced with hundreds of wedding dresses.

 While this may seem complicated, if you’re sure of what you’re looking for, you can quickly narrow down your options and get the look you want.

This means that it is important that you have decided on the details that will be included in your wedding dress.

 Do you like lace? What kind of queue do you want? Is heavy embroidery on a wedding dress right for you?

 Or do you want to prefer a simpler model? All these seemingly small details will greatly affect the final look of your wedding dress and speed up your decision-making.

The most important thing is to find the wedding dress according to your style.

Choosing the right underwear is important when going to a wedding dress appointment!

Regardless of the wedding dress model you will wear, a strapless bra you will wear will be a very useful and life-saving option in every wedding dress model.

The moment you see yourself in your wedding dress for the first time, you don’t want the hangers of your underwear to show.

In addition, if you are thinking of trying wedding dresses in different styles, the color selection for your underwear should be in nude tones.

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Who would want a different color to appear through a transparent bustier wedding dress?

 If you bought your bridal shoes, you may want to bring them with you.

If you bought your bridal shoes before your wedding dress, it is a good idea to bring them with you to your wedding dress appointment.

You may want to see the two as a whole. Many bridal dress companies have shoes ready for bridal trials.

Although this is not a mandatory option, wearing the heels you will wear at your wedding on your first wedding dress date can add a different excitement to you

 However, if your shoes are strapped or laced, we recommend that you do not take them with you because you will have difficulty wearing them.

 You should not wear too many accessories during the wedding dress appointment.

Most wedding dresses are made of delicate fabrics that can tear easily, such as tulle, lace or organza.

The intense accessory you will wear, the skirts, sleeves, etc. of dozens of models you will wear. can be fitted. T

His brings with it a very difficult trial phase.

If you have chosen jewelry for your wedding dress, you can bring them with you and see how it looks after you wear your wedding dress.

If you bring a maximum of two people to your wedding dress trial, you will not experience confusion.

One of the biggest problems of brides-to-be is the different opinions of their relatives.

Different thoughts during a wedding dress try on can create an even more stressful atmosphere, and too many people can complicate your work rather than help you decide.

 Your wedding day; It is an important day when you want to be the most beautiful, eagerly awaiting and everyone from your guests to your future spouse will be on you.

That’s why you need to think about the setbacks that will happen that day and prepare a wedding bag for yourself for this big day.

 You should definitely take a look at our list of what should be in your bridal bag that we have compiled

İn order to find solutions to every problem, from breaking your make-up to tearing your wedding dress.

If you don’t want minor damages to be experienced on this big day, you will definitely need to have your bridal bag filled with these emergency products with you.

So, instead of thinking about what will happen later in the day, you can enjoy the day to the fullest.

  A sewing kit that you can interfere with your wedding dress must be in the bridal bag.
While taking a wedding photo or dancing, part of your wedding dress may be accidentally torn.

In such cases, you will have overcome a big problem in a short time by asking your bridesmaids for help and with the sewing materials in your wedding bag.

 From sewing needles to fishing line, from threads in white tones to a small pair of scissors, you should consider every detail and reach the fastest solution.

A strong adhesive that will stick the stones that have fallen from your accessories and wedding dress.

Most wedding dresses are made with rhinestones or embroideries decorated with gluing.

Apart from this, there may be small stones in the accessories that you will combine with your wedding dress.

 It is possible for these stones to fall due to the active environment during the day.

In order not to spoil your perfect look, you can easily fix the falling stones in place with a strong adhesive in your bridal bag.

Against messy hair: Hairspray, hairpin and comb
You may be searching for a hairstyle for your wedding for months;

But your hair model that you have made so eagerly may fall apart and deteriorate due to factors such as wind.

The quickest and easiest way to get rid of this is with the trio of hairspray, hairpin and comb included in the wedding bag.

With these products, you can collect the mess of your hair, fix your veil more on your hair and put your bridal crown back on your hair.


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