Atelier wedding dresses Best 3

Atelier wedding dresses Best 3

Atelier wedding dresses are renowned for their exquisite craftsmanship, attention to detail, and timeless elegance. The term “atelier” is of French origin, translating to “workshop” or “studio,” and it signifies a space where skilled artisans create bespoke, high-quality garments.

In the context of wedding dresses, an Atelier wedding dress refers to a gown created in such a specialized studio, often designed and crafted by expert couturiers.

The allure of Atelier wedding dresses lies in their emphasis on individuality and exclusivity. These gowns are typically made-to-measure, ensuring a perfect fit for the bride’s unique body shape. The process often involves multiple fittings to guarantee that every detail aligns with the bride’s vision and preferences.

This personalized approach distinguishes Atelier wedding dresses from mass-produced options, offering brides a one-of-a-kind garment for their special day.

One defining characteristic of Atelier wedding dresses is the use of luxurious fabrics and materials. Designers in these workshops often source high-quality silk, lace, tulle, and other premium textiles to create dresses that exude sophistication and grace. The choice of fabric contributes not only to the aesthetic appeal but also to the overall comfort of the bride during her wedding day.

The design philosophy of Atelier wedding dresses revolves around intricate details and fine craftsmanship. Couturiers pay meticulous attention to embellishments, embroidery, and hand-sewn elements, ensuring that each gown is a work of art.

Delicate beadwork, lace appliqués, and carefully placed crystals are common features that elevate the beauty of these dresses, making them stand out as symbols of elegance and refinement.

Atelier wedding dress collections often encompass a diverse range of styles to cater to various tastes and preferences. Whether a bride envisions a classic and timeless silhouette, a modern and sleek design, or a romantic and ethereal look, Atelier collections offer an array of options.

From ballgowns with voluminous skirts to sheath dresses with minimalist lines, the versatility within Atelier collections allows brides to find the perfect expression of their individual style.

Many renowned fashion houses and independent designers operate Ateliers dedicated exclusively to bridal couture. These designers often have a strong presence in the global fashion industry and are celebrated for their contributions to the art of wedding dress design.

Brides who choose an Atelier wedding dress often do so with the knowledge that they are investing in a piece of fashion history, created by a designer with a passion for craftsmanship and a commitment to creating something extraordinary.

In conclusion, Atelier wedding dresses represent the epitome of bridal couture, combining personalized craftsmanship, luxurious materials, and exquisite design. These gowns are tailored to the bride’s unique vision, offering a level of exclusivity and sophistication that sets them apart in the world of wedding fashion.

Choosing an Atelier wedding dress is not just a matter of selecting a garment for the wedding day; it’s an investment in a piece of wearable art that captures the essence of the bride’s style and the significance of the occasion.

Atelier wedding dresses are a unique line of bridal gowns that are designed and crafted with utmost care and attention to detail. These dresses are created by a team of skilled artisans who use traditional techniques and modern technology to produce one-of-a-kind creations that are both elegant and timeless.

In this article we will explore what makes Atelier wedding dresses stand out from other bridal gowns on the market today.

Atelier wedding dresses are handmade by a team of skilled artisans who use traditional techniques to create each dress. From the initial sketch to the final fitting, every step of the process is carried out with the utmost care and attention to detail.

The dresses are made using high-quality fabrics and materials, and each detail is carefully considered to ensure that the dress is both beautiful and functional.

Atelier wedding dresses are designed with a focus on timeless elegance. The dresses are classic and sophisticated, yet they also incorporate modern elements that make them unique. The designs are inspired by the natural world, with flowing lines and delicate details that evoke the beauty of nature.

Each dress is a work of art, and it is clear that the designers have put a great deal of thought and creativity into each one.

Atelier wedding dresses

Atelier wedding dresses are designed to fit the body perfectly. The dresses are made using a variety of techniques, including corsetry and tailoring, to ensure that they are both comfortable and flattering.

The dresses are also designed to be adjustable, so that they can be customized to fit the bride’s body perfectly. This attention to fit ensures that the dresses are not only beautiful, but also functional and comfortable to wear.

Atelier wedding dresses are made using a variety of high-quality fabrics, including silk, lace, and tulle. The fabrics are carefully selected to ensure that they are both beautiful and functional.

The dresses are also made using a variety of textures and finishes, which add depth and dimension to the designs. The fabrics are chosen to complement the designs and to ensure that the dresses are both elegant and timeless.

Atelier wedding dresses are designed to be worn with a variety of accessories, including veils, headpieces, and jewelry. The dresses are also designed to be versatile, so that they can be worn with a variety of styles and themes. Whether the bride is looking for a classic, traditional look or a more modern, bohemian style, there is an Atelier wedding dress to suit her needs.

Atelier wedding dresses are sold through a network of exclusive retailers, who provide exceptional customer service and support. The retailers work closely with the brides to ensure that they find the perfect dress for their wedding day.

They also provide advice and guidance on accessories, styling, and other aspects of the wedding planning process. The retailers are committed to providing a personalized and memorable experience for each bride, and they go above and beyond to ensure that their customers are satisfied with their purchases.

Atelier wedding dresses are at the forefront of innovation in the bridal fashion industry. The designers are constantly exploring new techniques and materials, and they are committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in bridal fashion.

They are also committed to sustainability and eco-friendliness, and they use recycled and sustainable materials whenever possible. This commitment to innovation and sustainability ensures that Atelier wedding dresses are not only beautiful and functional, but also environmentally responsible.

Atelier wedding dresses are a unique and exceptional line of bridal gowns that are designed and crafted with utmost care and attention to detail. The dresses are handmade by a team of skilled artisans using traditional techniques and modern technology, and they are designed to be both elegant and timeless.

The dresses are made using high-quality fabrics and materials, and they are designed to fit the body perfectly. The dresses are also designed to be versatile and can be worn with a variety of accessories and styles. Atelier wedding dresses are sold through a network of exclusive retailers, who provide exceptional customer service and support.

The designers are committed to innovation and sustainability, and they are constantly exploring new techniques and materials to push the boundaries of what is possible in bridal fashion. Atelier wedding dresses are a true work of art, and they are sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who sees them.

Wedding Gown Manufacturer Whenever a marriage proposal comes in, a woman browses the internet to find the wedding dress that suits her best.

You start searching through Google photos, browse bridal fashion sites, evaluate the collections and take screenshots of the most beautiful ones, and start collecting hundreds of photos on your mobile phone, from loose models to slippery wedding dresses.

Maybe you can sort them into a bunch of neat folders: “Shoesed wedding dress”, “Emperor wedding dress”, “His wedding dress” After two weeks of research you have 37 folders and 4,000 dresses downloaded but still no clear ideas.

If I had to choose my wedding dress among 4000 different models, of course, even I who made it would lose. I probably want everything!

Start throwing out unnecessary folders, clean up screenshots and try to get everything down to at least a few dozen clothes.

Once this is done, you will probably find yourself choosing a model so different in terms of volume, from the wide model to the lined wedding dresses, color, workmanship and fabrics that you still don’t know where to start. to choose.

The Atelier wedding dress price

However, I know from experience that in general it is difficult for you to love extremely different volumes. If that happens, maybe you weren’t particularly careful when looking at the dress..

maybe you were attracted to the photo for the setting, or the 1.80-tall, blonde, blue-eyed model who looks dressed in a size 40 chiseled body. like painted.

In this case, I suggest you turn off everything and rest for a few days, maybe you can start dreaming about the flowers you will put on the tables, the music you want to dance on your FM, how many bridesmaids you will want.

I like to parade with you as you approach him.. you can also write some notes if you want.

It concerns the models you choose with a fresh mind, but this time try to focus only on the dress, the collar, the fabric, the volume of the skirt, the details of the bodice .

Try not to think of your body as a challenge; Thoughts like “My hips will show” or “I have to be very tall and bellyless to wear this”… Put those aside. It makes no sense to think about choosing just to cover up these minor flaws.

Custom Wedding Dress

However, he prefers wider and flared models so that he is not cruel about legs and butt. As you can see, it’s not just you. We women are like that, we only look at our flaws. What strange creatures we are.

During the measurements I dressed gorgeous girls who looked at themselves in the mirror in the dressing room and where I’ll explain how the first rehearsal of the wedding dress works, their eyes focused only on their worried bellies and hips. I wonder why this doesn’t happen to men.

We will all be perfectionists, we will need to feel that our man loves us, that inch of our tummy does not allow us to appreciate the belly, whatever the reason, being that way easily makes us feel discouraged and make the wrong choices

So, we start to look for solutions to our “problems” in bewilderment, and we surf the Internet looking for secrets and indications of what might be better for us.

Nothing could be more wrong than that, because overall indicators are very relative, but just from my point of view, beware.

The web is full of articles about this strange obligatory alchemy that brides should have with their bodies and fruit basket.

You must have read things like “We recommend the right model if you have a pear-shaped body” or “The most suitable wedding dress for apple woman”..

Did you read them correctly?

But you… what fruit are you?

Have you asked yourself? To me, this thing makes me smile. When I find it, I read it all, then I stop looking at myself in the mirror and start dreaming of being a banana woman.

Jokes aside..

Let’s think about your body, shapes, hips or stomach later.

So much so that if you turn to the Made-To-Measure Women’s Fashion service, as we do at my Bridal Workshop in Naples, problems and difficulties are resolved.

Little tricks and tailoring tricks can work wonders in a bespoke wedding dress, believe me, and maybe by changing the cut of the skirt a little, you can wear that slippery and sensual wedding dress that you fell in love with at first sight but was terrifying. .

fitted sheet for a bespoke wedding dress
Assembly sheet of a bespoke wedding dress

Instead, think about yourself and your wedding day. Other famous factors I mentioned at the beginning…remember?

All you have to do is give yourself a few answers and start figuring out which one is right for you and maybe the wonderful lined wedding dress you had in mind won’t be a regret.

Below I will list a series of questions, answer them calmly, think carefully but calmly and take notes if you wish. Your ideas are clearer and

You will find that it looks clear and your dress is clearly visible before your eyes.

Do I want my wedding dress to be simple and romantic or sensual and curvy like a mermaid?

Would I feel more comfortable in a loose, glamorous dress or a simple dress with a white silk sheath?

Is my style modern and minimal or classic and retro?

Do I feel more like a woman or like a child?

Will a very long wedding dress with a tail hinder my movement?

Do I have a preference among wedding dress collars?

Exclusive wedding dresses


Will I get married in an old castle or on the top floor of a downtown skyscraper?

Will my wedding ceremony be held in the garden or on the beach?

Will I be dancing at the wedding reception or just light background music?

Will I get married in the morning or in the evening? In winter or summer?

Do I have a theme, idea, mood for the reception?

Will I wear very high heels or classic, casual shoes?

What do I want my future husband to think when he sees me?

Will I want to be comfortable or do I not think it matters?

Will I focus on quality in all my wedding choices without avoiding expense?

After all these answers, you will know a little more about yourself and your marriage. Start really reviewing the models you have saved on your mobile phone and above all start measuring in the Workshop. There are tests for that too.

The most beautiful moment of all wedding preparations is when you look in the mirror with your dress.
You’re all so impatient that phone calls for trial appointments start a year in advance, at least in my workshop, but I’m sure it will be like that everywhere.

While most of the girls are excited and want to measure as soon as possible, some are afraid of not finding the right model or the model that will excite them, which prompts them to act in time.

So in September, informative phone calls and walks inside the workshops begin to get a feel for all that the market has to offer.

Wedding dress manufacturer

How far in advance you can start experimenting is mostly up to you. If you feel ready to get excited, go ahead. Up to a year in advance is OK, six months is the right time, three months in advance we can work miracles at the tailor shop.

Here at the Ateleba Sposa salon, you can come anytime, as long as you book a trial appointment, we always have around 200 sample items available, and an endless array of possible models and style combinations bring to life custom creations that dress you up. For what you want to be on your wedding day.

You don’t need to set it. You don’t need to be afraid of not finding the right dress.
Here he will find you.

Your bespoke wedding dress will be born from the choices you make from all the elements you like in each garment and if you click the link you can read how we work in the tailor shop here.
What you will see will be simple, more than you think.

All you have to do before you start trying out various models is to get an idea of what the market has to offer.

Yes, the initial homework is up to you, but once we have some ideas for what you might like or feel good about, we can help.

Start right here, yes on the web, where you are right now. Start by surfing Google to search for various models, enter “lace mermaid wedding dress” or “tattoo wedding dress” in the search bar.

If you write ” and then ” custom made Naples wedding dress “, maybe you can find my tailoring and read what a bespoke wedding dress is for me, who knows.

Naples lace wedding dress

If you visit the Wedding Dress Collections pages of Italian and foreign fashion houses (link is mine), you can get a complete overview of everything the market has to offer, new models, trends, volumes, collars.

Take a look at everything, don’t be preconceived about volumes or craftsmanship, in every model you can find something you like and want to have.

If you like french lace or swarovski crystal work, try to figure out what attracts you, which model you think might suit you, which color suits your complexion.

Decide where to try and contact the store or tailor and they will tell you how soon you can go and try to choose your own wedding dress, but in principle everyone will welcome you with open arms and your adventure will begin. At least that’s what we’re doing.

okay here you are. They made you sit in the test room.
It’s your first time, you’re excited, scared, and maybe even a little lost. You don’t know where to look, there are amazing dresses everywhere.

The gaze disappears and confusion begins, suddenly you don’t remember anything anymore.
No fear. A short interview with the sales assistant

and will ask you a few simple questions that are used to understand what you have to offer. Which will be like:

Do you get married in the morning or in the afternoon?
Will the function be religious or civil?
Have you booked?

Will it be a classic or modern style wedding?
Do you already have an idea about your wedding dress?
Do you prefer something that is soft and slippery, easy to wear, or a tight fit and very tight fit?
Are you aiming for a specific neckline?

Do you like crystal works?
And so on… did you take notes…?
Your answers are very important, otherwise the person on sale won’t know where to start or what to offer, and remember that the more dresses you see, the less you can tell which is right.

After the third or fourth dress, a bride no longer knows what she likes, ideal is to see a few, but these will definitely meet your expectations and wishes.

A good pro won’t show you thousands of items, only items he thinks are perfect for you.

You will start looking in the mirror and eventually the image in your mind will start to come true.

Wedding Dresses at Georgette Napoli

The first wedding dress you wear is the one that will make you feel the most. Choose carefully. Measure immediately what attracts you, it may be the right one.

A woman’s sixth sense is hardly wrong.
Only when you choose your dress will you be offered the right accessories. If the dress is excessively low-cut, you may need to shrug when entering the church,

or if you choose a very sexy mermaid tattoo, you may need to wear a cape.
For the veil, listen to that little inner voice that repeats: -“Less is more..less is more.”

At the end of the rehearsal you will probably do your homework to find your wedding dress, your first rehearsal date, a smile on your face and the right underwear, the right shoes, trendy makeup, chat with the hairdresser. . In short, you will enter the preparation vortex. Smile!

If you are asking yourself this question, you are definitely a perfectionist. We are talking about the right underwear and clothing here. See’..

If you only knew how many times the right bra changes the way you look in the mirror. You’re wearing a gorgeous dress, maybe with a low-cut neckline that wraps around your arms, sheer lace on your shoulders, flowers embroidered on your back

If you have a standard size 38 to 46, you do not need any compression underwear, and the choice can certainly be a bra and panties or thongs.

The templates you usually use will work.
Wear the low-cut push-up that you always use and gives you the chest shape you prefer; If you are used to wearing thongs, definitely wear it.

First of all, it is the color that matters. No to black and dark colors. No laces and sticks.
Bone bodices are not very suitable, bones are visible under many clothes, and lace can create such annoying relief that you will not like the fabrics of the wedding dress.

You must have a nude balconette bra at home.
It will be, without laces, without bows, that you wear under the lightest shirts in summer, disappearing and invisible, that’s it, and it’s perfect if it’s also a balcony.

If you don’t have it, I suggest you go to Intimissimi and buy it, it’s cheap (around 20-30 euros) and you’ll use it a thousand times, but would you like to put the difference? mirror?

If you really want to be perfect, you can also get a latex thong (from the Eurocorset Fashino line, which I recommend to many brides, a very high quality Emilian production, costs around 30 Euros, but absolute perfection, practically a second skin, a little hard to find,

But if you Google’ by searching in the parent company they are kind and they will show you the nearest retailer) or microfiber (cheaper, it goes from 5 to 10 euros and you can find it everywhere, all brands produce), nude, you will also get lost under the most hemmed dresses and admire the whole line .

If your breasts are particularly heavy, the most suitable bra for wedding dress harmony should be a balconette supported with a splint under the bust, the famous underwire sitting on your ribs is uncomfortable but effective.

One of the best among all models currently on the market is the “Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless”, a strapless and non-wired support push-up that uses support technology inspired by the shape of the hands, but also supports during movements. because it is equipped with silicone bands.

It is available in flesh color, which the French call beige, and has a wide range of sizes to cover almost all sizes.
Did you know that bras come in two sizes?

First, second, third etc. bust sizes are cup sizes A, B, C to G. You now have a small chest and large breasts or, conversely, a large chest and small breasts

may be, so you will need to find the size that best fits your breasts and you can only do this by measuring yourself in the mirror and

You can do it by observing.
However, keep in mind that it may not be suitable for the dress you choose, and buy it only if you plan to wear it under other clothes, otherwise you risk a useless purchase.

The neckline and wearability of your wedding dress will require a certain type of underwear, and the professional of the workshop will suggest which is the most suitable, but this will only happen after a certain selection.

If you’re a plus size or fit, the best underwear to try on a wedding dress is the one you usually wear.
Compression or regular bra, triangle cup or low-cut tank top, or a bodysuit if you usually wear it. The underwear you usually wear and fit comfortably will be perfect for rehearsals.

If you do not have nude colors in your drawers, choose only light colors.
Please do not buy anything, choose your dress first, then we will advise you in the rehearsal hall. It all depends on the neckline and cut you need to have and, above all, how comfortable you prefer to be on your wedding day.

Pronovias wedding dress

I would avoid the side paneled skirt that wraps around the waist up to the bust, wraps around the neck and goes down the back, from the back to the waist, double-rolled and side-knotted skirt… You don’t want to spend the day

Of course I’m kidding, but the truth is you have to be comfortable.
You can choose an easy-to-wear dress or pants and a sweater. Light tights in winter and never mesh, braids appear under clothes.

Socks are definitely allowed! This is a must if you are indeed wearing boots.
Yes to any color.
Yes to anything that makes you feel good.

Absolutely yes to everything you want, nothing changes for us, the important thing is that you feel comfortable.
No to thousands of bracelets and necklaces, anklets and navel piercings.

In addition to being unsuitable for the garment, you should remove the threads in the fabric of the garment as they can pull.

Light spots on the ears and neck can be perfect and if you think you’re going to wear them on your wedding day, they’ll already give you the final look on how they’ll look in your wedding dress.

A wedding on the beach is a truly thought-provoking event. A few lights, maybe a few torches on the sand, a path of rose petals, a few colorful cushions and lots of blue and pink crystals can give you a truly fairytale night.

I’ve seen many, and really well organized, and pretty much all the best tourist lidos today can create suitable settings for a beach reception.

Obviously, a classic and wide dress may not be suitable for such a welcome, you will be very uncomfortable with your movements and walking on the sand will definitely cause problems managing the skirt and tail.

But if I chose a very light slip dress, a soft tail and. first of all, it would be perfect with décolleté to make it lively and sensual.

Beach Wedding in Naples

Small touches like delicate crystal embroideries will brighten your bodice with the reflection of torches or lanterns, and loose hair will give you a cheeky and bohochic look.

I strongly recommend that you separate the petticoats from the dress and prepare them as a separate skirt, so that you can wear them as you wish for more comfort.

At least that’s what we do here at the Atelier, we strive to provide all brides with not only a perfect fit, but the greatest possible comfort, and you can read how we’ve progressed in the creation of bespoke wedding dresses to realize that you can truly have whatever you want.

I want and you can read what it really means to choose a custom wedding dress in this post.

You can choose a colorful suit, maybe a powder like pastel or a classic silk white or ivory, but the most important thing is that this suit wraps you softly in your man’s arms and makes you move like a fairy in the sand.

One gem not to be missed if your wedding is on the beach is the Barefoot Wedding Sandal and now I will explain what they are.

Barefoot Wedding Sandals are sand sandals you’ve seen how many times you’ve seen them worn by the prettiest on the beach.

They can be made of metal, thread, cotton thread, fabric or flowers, but in our case they are made of lace.

you read right

Pronovias wedding dress

We made French lace for some of our clients who decided to get married on the beach and want to walk barefoot on the sand to take the most romantic photo of their wedding album.

The photos you see in the photos were made for the sweet Antonella and they turned out so well that we decided to put them into production.

Bridal accessories for a beach wedding
The choice fell on the very light ivory French lace, but these can also be made from white silk.

Glamorous roses are completely covered with crystal and small rhinestones complete the embroidery, making everything absolutely vintage and impressive.

Wearing the Bare Feet Wedding Sandal is very simple, simply put the fabric loop on the foot and cross the ribbons around the leg several times until they are almost at the knee.

Beach Wedding and Barefoot Wedding Sandals
Beach Wedding and Nude Wedding Sandals

You can also tie them just at the ankle and leave your whole leg exposed, but I think the ribbon going around the leg is much sexier.

It’s part of the personalized accessories I love to give to my brides, and I must say they all want them for their honeymoon, even if they’re not getting married on the beach.

You can order from today if you wish. Just write to me on the Contact page specifying the color between silk white and ivory . Delivery time is at most one week.

They’re so easy to wear that they’re a great reception keepsake that you can always re-wear at other events.
As always, while dreaming of a new wedding dress, we move on to the fabric selection stage after the basic sketch.

I go into the repository and start browsing for patches. I draw out a few drawings that might best fit the outcome I have in mind and take them to the assembly room. I go back and forth dozens of times, I get everything,

I never know exactly what drawing I need, everything is in my head. I start to open them and hang them on the custom bust, I turn, I turn, I mix. I bring the trunk to the table and begin to go around it with lace. If you only knew how many times I’ve been wrapped in cloth and I don’t even know how to get out of it.

When I finally find the best design to achieve what my sketch wants, I move on to cutting the base fabric.

The basic corset, which includes lace, is like a blank canvas. The model is still editable, at least until I complete the build. Everything can change. The foundation welcomes design, but that’s what sets the rules. If Çiçek says “Untie me ..”-, you will solve it.

The bridal corset that meets the lace is like a canvas.
Thus, a harmonious structure is born.

It grows slowly, calmly and patiently, without haste.

Lace flowers are carefully placed and pinned, the joint begins to form a design, and each leaf or flower must have a precise position.

The corset takes its final shape and its symmetry , fit and possible development in the brides’ various sizes and conformations are evaluated .

Yes, because actually the sample of the gown is made in a standard size, usually 42 or 44, but making an exact and precise design for a size 52 bride is not exactly the same thing.

Given the different sizes, the design will never be exactly the same and perfect execution is left in the very skilled hands of the embroiderers.

Only a strong sense of fit and excellent experience in interlocking lace can give the bride a corset with a very similar effect to a model wedding dress.

In addition, the fact that the bottom and collar of the wedding dress can be changed makes the job even more complicated.

The reference points you can observe on the sample are gone and it’s really up to your talent to create a unique and special work for your bride who knows how to get a big smile from her and leave everyone speechless about her. the wedding day _

Change the basics and neckline of the wedding dress
Back to my bridal corset (I’ll leave you some photos of it while it’s making and embroidering), this time the lace I chose is an old design.

It belongs to the “dentelle” family of Calais, France, and is a motif that has historically been found in both chantilly and rebrodè form, the last one which I prefer and above all in the light version, namely leaving this corset with the lightness and reading of the veiled transparency that characterizes it.

After reviewing the basic example, I take a series of photos that allow me to maintain the shape and weave before removing some pieces. The base is moved with great delicacy from the tailoring mannequin and the lace flowers are delicately embroidered.

The whole can be divided into several parts for convenience and also to make the passage of the wire smoother. In a second moment, the remaining joint continues and one continues to operate again.

The work is long and rigorous and requires every possible care.

Lace has a romantic spirit and a softness of movement that the needle cannot completely block, so the care must be extreme.

Pronovias Atelier prices

But at the end of every job or these figurine bridal corsets that I like to call “canvas”, the result is so satisfying that time seems to have flown.

I can assure you that I am not jealous of the bouquet you choose and the attention you will show it.

This bouquet will help make the best use of both a custom-made wedding dress like me and future brides-to-be looking for inspiration like you.

I’m sure it will be
.colorful wedding dress
And you, which style do you prefer for the bouquet?

Your answer may give some tips on how to match the dress and bouquet to suit the bride-to-be’s personality.
Are you ready?
I can’t wait to show you how I can transform myself according to your style and way of being.

If you would like to talk to the staff who will take care of you and make me your dress, contact Elena Barba on this page.

Would you like a classic bouquet?
Do you love compositions of white roses, beautiful calla lilies, white anemones and flowers in light pastel tones?
You are a dreamy woman: the dress of your dreams makes you feel like a princess, just like
like you wanted when you were a kid.

Here I am, looking for me: a romantic wedding dress with broad and soft lines, some vintage touches and light colors. I could be a light cloud of tulle and organza, or a waterfall of French lace, an Italian silk model with a long tail, or a large model of hand-embroidered crystals and mother-of-pearl.

Prefer a contemporary bouquet? A monochrome creation on green that you can hang on your wrist.
You can choose a fun and tasty composition with a small spherical bouquet, succulents and craspedia.

You are looking for something new in all areas of life: then you approach me, a model with a simple, fresh and elegant style at the same time. I will transform into a modern wedding dress for you

I can have smooth cut, soft touch, flowing and bright lines. Imagine a dress with a full design, tailored collar and shrug or bolero.

Depending on the season. I will be long sleeved, always current and elegant.

My strong point is the corset that you can choose from among many variations and according to your physical structure.

slipped wedding dress

Do you want a unique bouquet with impeccable style?
Imagine a composition of pure elegance with small white flowers illuminated by precious pearls, lace and crystals.

You are a person in love with the most refined beauty and
You like to bring together unexpected details in search of an original and special solution.

For this, I will be your eclectic wedding dress, an unprecedented creation. Vintage-style boning to pair with a tailored modern wide or lined skirt
I can buy a corset. I can surprise with surprise effects thanks to the innovative combination of elements borrowed from different models.

Wedding dress sizes are free.

Do you like a natural bouquet that you can diversify according to the colors and flowers of the season?
That’s when tulips, daisies and lilies of the valley for spring;

sunflowers, lavender and berries for the summer; large flowers in warm colors for autumn; red berries and white roses for the winter.

I know you: you love a life where beauty is found in simplicity.
To best express your sporty bridal style, I want to dress you in lace as light and soft as snowfall and silk as smooth and fresh as a spring of water.

Your step will be light thanks to my fabric
You will be able to move freely.
I can also give you two large warm pockets to warm your hands and heart .

Do you prefer fun combinations of a colorful bouquet?
Dreaming of a cascade of flowers combined with bright hues, green leaves and peacock feathers?

Vitality combined with unusual details and dazzling smiles is your password. Your extraordinary wedding dress
I am happy to be there and we can pamper ourselves by choosing decorations and accessories that suit your style .

I can always get elegant and ceremonial personalized items, colorful fabrics and tons of sheer, albeit ostentatious.
You can play any character and just be yourself.

You can dress modern with minimal lines and must-have models or immerse yourself in a 70-meter silk tulle skirt.

You can be a princess, a woman, a girl, a fairy, whatever you want.

You can wrap it in lace or glide through silk waves, light it up with crystals or opt for a big Snow White bow.

slipped wedding dress

Carla, I told you, look around. Start talking, whisper a little:-“corset..I don’t know..maybe lace..”-

He looked really indecisive, didn’t have much to give me, knew little, and just threw them at me without thinking.

But his eyes, his hands, his body said much more.

They talked about the anxiety of those who are afraid of not being comfortable in the dress they want.

The idea was romantic and tender, she wanted a delicate dress, maybe a corset, with little detail, but above all, it suited her well. The fact that her breasts were large and not completely thin bothered her.

One that he is sure will suit him well.

He wanted models and that was because he didn’t know that every dress can go through many internal and external transformations to make it fit any figure, and above all there are little tricks. ,

the famous “secrets of the trade” allow you to slim a waist when tailoring or keep a heavy chest without straps and even slim a small figure.

Couture wedding dresses

In short, miracles don’t happen, but if you let us, we can find solutions to your problems and fears with you.

I let him speak. I listened and watched him silently. Then she stops and looks at me hopefully.

I smiled at the thought that women are all the same. We always look in the mirror and are overly critical of ourselves. A half-inch belly makes us feel fat.

It happens to all of us. Even those beautiful creatures who are 1.75 tall, size 40, blonde, blue-eyed! Already! You won’t believe me, but in these years of dressing hundreds of women, I’ve seen more insecurity in beautiful women than any other.

Today it will be the fact that everything is flowing fast, people are looking at you and you immediately have an image, and the image seems to be everything.

You may like him right away, but you have to feel confident. For this, you need to eat grasshoppers for a month. At least that way your belly will go down that half an inch.

Frankly, I’m kidding! The locusts set them aside.

custom wedding dress

But let’s work on security.

If a few inches of extra stomach is your problem, a slightly stiff canvas and two well-fitted splints will definitely help. British steel splints (they are the most resistant) positioned against your breasts can also help your bra support heavy breasts.

On the other hand, if you think your pelvis is too wide for your chest, we can widen the neckline and optically compensate. In short, as you can see there are solutions and I’m not here to tell you all, it would be useless.

But I invite you to do two things.

First, look in the mirror and be objective, look at your strengths.
Take care, dot by dot, you’ll discover a thousand aspects of yourself that you’ve never seen before.

Maybe you have a wonderfully long neck or just a very sweet face, perfect hands, slender ankles.

Try to observe yourself by emphasizing only the things that are beautiful to you. Set the inches aside.

Every woman has her own beauty and has nothing to do with height.

Simple and elegant wedding dresses

Second: When you come to measure, bring us wishes and troubles.
Let me explain. There is always a professional in the production hall who takes care of you and your dress. Bring your desires, but also your fears. Do not be afraid to express what is a problem for you.

We work to improve your strengths, but we can also “heal” your weaknesses. You can dream freely with us because tailoring modifications and techniques allow us to make you more confident and more beautiful. And “safer” is the keyword for me.

Working on your build is easy for those interested in tailoring techniques.

If any of you reading this need advice too, you can email or write to me on the “Contact” page.

Tell me about yourself and the wedding dress you want, you can add a full-length photo of yourself and I can give you some advice if you want.

Be patient for the answer, I have to juggle scissors and pins in the living room with thousands of testing and cutting rooms, it may take me a few days but I will answer you for sure.

powder color wedding dress

Turning to Carla, I began presenting some models that I thought were appropriate for her. We wore it and as she looked in the mirror I offered her the changes I had imagined.

After the first two dresses, the fear began to disappear. The corset was beginning to be finalized with the right patterns, the right collar, and romantic lace touches as she wanted. The smiles began.

Carla was almost surprised at how easy it was.

He needed a few minutes to decide. Just a few minutes.

The dress she wore had everything she wanted, and moreover, she concealed a few inches of life and supported a generous breast. It was romantic and tender. The dress was exactly what her heart wanted. Carla was finally sure.

Among the endless proposals of Italian and foreign bridal fashion houses, there are very few new elements, the trend is one of the classics of the past years, with very few extraordinary details such as pockets in full skirts that do not change the lines and models.

Lace and macrame, crystals and pearls in very delicate embroideries, scalloped necklines on both the front and back of the dresses (as in this silk and lace siren model), in short, confirm the trends of the last two years.

We return to proposing two-piece wedding dresses, like 10 years ago, with interchangeable skirts and bodices, uncomfortable and bottleneck, and not very suitable for constant work, after-wedding dress.

i made for practical brides who are considering reusing.

Collars have it all, the back remains the most requested, but let’s see the 2017 wedding dresses’ necklines one by one in detail and see if they suit you.

The sweetheart neckline, which is the favorite of romantic brides, is usually combined with corsets and maybe even with laces, it suits everyone, the important thing is that the middle point of the heart is deep enough to feel comfortable.

Small or multi-shaped breasts are not particularly accentuated by deep dots, the former allowing a momentary glimpse of a slightly feminine void, the latter being too revealing and the dress taking on a provocative and often vulgar air.

The right size is so different from woman to woman that you wear your underwear and choose it together during the rehearsal test.

A bespoke wedding dress (click to go to the page where I explain how we did it) is the solution that allows you to customize any part of your dress and we choose the depth of your toe together in front of the mirror, subtracting an inch at a time until you reach the desired point.

backless mermaid wedding dress

Charming and refined, the deep neckline at the back remains the most demanded again this year. There isn’t a bride in the test room who wouldn’t want to measure someone, but it’s not ideal for everyone and makes some solid and sustainable work impossible.

If you have small breasts that do not require underwear, it remains the solution that adds charm to you and somehow makes an extremely thin and thin body more feminine.

Lined wedding dresses or fitted dresses with soft silk sheaths supported by straps are ideal models for such collars, and when veiled they allow for tattoo-style lace and crystal embroideries.

An eruption that started two years ago and still shows no signs of waning.
Macrame lace mermaid wedding dress

The halter neck is ideal for those with broad shoulders that scale with this cut and slim body. With lace, sheer, tulle, macrame appliqués or crystal and pearl embroideries, it accentuates the neck and gives the magic of the past. Covered front and back, lets you see the light designs of lace, V-neck, elongates the neck, enlarges small breasts and provides a deep neckline in the back.

The American collar is perfect in all lines, but the volume of the skirt should be chosen wisely, trying to give balance and harmony to the figure as a whole.

The off-the-shoulder neckline, together with the small sweetheart neckline, makes all brides dream, broadening the shoulders and making them sensual, especially when framed with lace.

Elegant and seductive cleavage can hide the weak tone on the arms and emphasize the neck and chest area. Little tailoring “tricks” like tucking a push-up bustier into a wedding dress can increase the volume of the bust, and long sleeves or draped suspenders can hide a long sleeve you don’t like.

An extremely versatile neckline that adapts to different bridesmaid styles, from the princely wide dress to the soft silk to the slippery one, but the proportion created by the volumes between the bust and the skirt is essential.

Wide shoulders aren’t ideal for this neckline, but if you really like it, choose it with a wide skirt that re-proportionates your body, as long as you have a good tight waist and you’re

Off-the-shoulder lace wedding dress

Covered or fully covered, the bateau neckline looks a bit like Audrey Hepburn and is stylish for just about anyone.

If your breasts are small or you do not want to highlight the front, choose a transparent front and open the back deeply, so that your wedding dress looks modern and lively; Combine it with an ivory Chantilly lace and a soft silk georgette skirt and you’ll be refined and retro.

All skirts can fit under such a neckline, but pay attention to the volume and proportions of your body shape and we will advise you on little tailoring tricks please.

The first rehearsal of the wedding dress should be done calmly.

In pure boho chic style, the v-neck reappeared a few years ago. An ideal neckline for petite bodies, with tulle that is deep in the front but keeps the shape from shifting and secures the bust in place.

Thin straps can support the weight of the dress, enrich the shoulders with crystals and allow a deep neckline even on the back of the dress.

With its sleeveless topstitching it is also ideal for a generous bust, but simply by customizing the depth of the neckline of the wedding dress with the appropriate fabric. Too pronounced a chest insert will certainly not make it elegant, leaving it too open and risking making the figure vulgar.

bespoke bridal proof sheet
A deep neckline as you can see on the back, as long as it suits you, your character, your body and the model you choose,

It can be combined with many collars.

Keep in mind that the wedding dress is always customizable, but not everything is advisable and there is a custom solution just for you. Pick a few items and they become compatible, often worthless.

How long until the wedding dress rehearsal?

How does the first dress rehearsal work?

Can I bring someone with me to the election?
So I thought replying via a post would be helpful for all the girls looking for the dress of their dreams.


Elena Barba at wedding dress rehearsals
The first rehearsal of the wedding dress is a particularly emotional moment, and those who will follow you know it very well. In the test room of the workshop

At least here like this, you are greeted by a professional who knows very well all your concerns, expectations and doubts and tries to help you with your choice.

He will have a very small preliminary interview where he will ask you some information about your marriage. The style and location of the reception, the involvement of a Wedding Planner and your preferences are the elements that begin to form the outline of your wedding dress.

Of course, even just by browsing the Bridal Collections, you’ve had the opportunity to see some styles and some bridal gowns, and your first impressions at this first look are very important to us.

In our test room, I, Elena Barba, are there to welcome you (would you like some information about me?) and I need all these questions to get to know you and try to determine what might be the best solution for you.

We’ll have a little chat and I’ll show you a selection of dresses that might suit you. If you wish, you can examine the clothes yourself.and see if anything catches your attention and start measuring after that initial selection. We are ready for smiles.


Whenever you want, whenever you feel ready, whenever you choose to do it, there is no time beyond that you are outside.

All manufacturing shops usually recommend choosing at least six months in advance and it’s definitely the right time, but even three months in advance gives you the opportunity to offer endless processes and fabrics.

On this page, I’ll explain how we make a bespoke wedding dress to give you an idea of how we work.

Gather your ideas, wait for new collections to come out and start getting information from the internet and your married friends.

Choose the workshops you want to measure and start taking test appointments, you can make a reservation with us from the Contact page.

My advice is to try more models and most importantly, measure everything that comes your way. How many accessories are there for the wedding dress?

wedding dress manufacturers in china

How many accessories are there for the wedding dress?
suggested even if it is extremely far from your idea. If you only knew how often a bride would end up choosing a dress that was the opposite of what she wanted when she walked in.

How many accessories will be required for the wedding dress is up to you, try to be open-minded to all possible solutions.

Gather as much information as you can first.

I already told you:

how to choose the right collar
lace wedding dress

french lace bridesmaid dresses and models
but if you need more information or just have questions for me, you can write in the comments below the post or email me at, I will gladly answer you.

In the test room, you, me and the mirror will do the rest together!

Sometimes you imagine yourself somehow, then you put on that dress and realize that it’s not you, that’s not the image you want to give yourself, and you feel lost (Gabriella, you see, you’re not alone).

Maybe the dress you like best suits the model, but it leaves a completely different effect on you and it doesn’t turn out the way you want.

Try more wedding dresses
Wedding dress proofing measurements are free and it’s important that you know this. well understood. Trial fee in wedding dresses.

The action is free and should be free. If they ask you for money in exchange for proof, I suggest you not pay, but the choice is clearly yours.

Just know that in our field this is bad practice that tends to discourage you from measuring anything you want. Real professionals don’t ask for money for tests, they can set a time or clothing limit that may depend on the maximum number of appointments they’ll encounter.

However, they will be able to offer you another appointment to continue the measurement.
Wedding dress sizes are free.

The measurements of the wedding dresses are free.
Wear underwear that matches the collar type and the model you have in mind. The most suitable color is a neutral skin tone.

The best models are the balcony bra with removable straps and the invisible laser cut panties. This lingerie goes well with almost any style.

slipped wedding dress

Put makeup on your face, apply a neutral and delicate lipstick, and let your hair down.

Yes, I know, I’m going upstream as always, but I have good reasons. First of all, when you put on a great mermaid wedding dress or (as in the picture) Hair and make-up are very important to understand what effect a particular dress has on you. We want you beautiful and happy.

Let the people you love accompany you. Measuring wedding dresses is a beautiful moment of joy and joy, bring the people you love the most with you.

You can bring your mother, sisters, cousins, best friends, your favorite aunt, whoever you want, actually I think you should do the same.
Do you want to choose your wedding dress without giving approval to the people you always share your life with?

You’ll be so happy when you wear it and know it’s hers that you’ll want everyone to see it.

Take them with you!

It’s the best solution, believe me.

They will be able to rejoice with you and give you the right advice.

Bring all of them, even if there are 16, as happened to a client who brought all of their cousins and best friends a few years ago.

We will meet in the test room, but on the condition that they really like you!

The first rehearsal of the wedding dress should be done calmly.
Create a few hours of peace.

Try to steal a few hours from the daily hustle and bustle, calm down because you don’t need to look at the clock because you have a business appointment or your car scratch card is expiring.

The first rehearsal of the wedding dress is a moment you will truly enjoy, you will always remember the moment when the mirror hit you and your mother had twinkling eyes. Enjoy them all.

Ask for permission to work, meet friends, and ultimately celebrate with an ice cream!

Speak clearly about your spending budget. If you’ve decided on a spending limit, it’s important to talk about it.

Wedding dress budget
rest in peace with those who will accompany you in your choice. In the test room, the solutions are endless, and knowing what the customer wants helps us find the solutions closest to their expectations.

The changes suggested to you can be varied, the more information we have, the more satisfied you will be with the solution.

The need to have a consistent and sustained corporate presence on the web, along with my extreme curiosity for what’s new, has led me to scrutinize everything I’ve come across on my way.

Numerous studies and courses in Italy have allowed me to diligently work on my business strategy and get to know the many smart professionals, each dealing with the web in a different field.

Today, after spending two years on this digital life path and many nights reading texts and gathering knowledge and concepts, I manage my website, I’m the social media manager of my company, I write as a blogger here and there, and I’m constantly working. .

As I told you before on this fascinating journey, I met people and did things without stopping for a second, but it was really worth it.

I know it is a classic in bridal accessories, but the desire to be as elegant and graceful as before is always stronger.

I realize this every day when I walk into the rehearsal room with a new client and she says she wants a simple, delicate, clean-lined wedding dress with lace that reminds me of the old times, perhaps like Princess Kate’s.

Yes, because you should know that whenever actors or princes get married, girls look closely at the wedding dress.

They stay connected to the TV or PC for hours, sifting through all the magazines that talk about it, and collecting all possible photos of the event in search of absolute gems and otherwise unwatchable information.

What were the colors of the palette used, which flowers and the shape of the bouquet, but did the bride come by car or by helicopter..? These are all questions that may sound silly, but we women are like that, we are curious, very curious and pay attention to every detail.

But let’s get back to our shrug for our 2017 clients or I’ll go nuts because if there’s one thing I love to do after sewing and embroidery, it’s conversation. I was saying.. the passion for elegant wedding dresses took me to the past.

Classic and refined wedding dress models of the last few years,

I searched for models (like the 2016 wedding dress collection) made for men or for collections and found modeling works that I don’t remember anymore. Luckily I keep everything, at least for what I love.

This model was made from cotton Chantilly fabric (just like your grandmother’s) for a fashion show in the magnificent Stock Exchange hall of the Naples Chamber of Commerce in 2002, finished and worked on with a lace wedding dress

if I’m not mistaken. shooting seams. I will explain this to you. If you look closely, the shrug in the picture has no seams on the breasts and it’s not magic! Since these haute couture sewing techniques, and above all bridal sewing, do not contain too many stitches in lace or macrame

, they will irreversibly spoil the design and the harmony of the development of the flower branches will be lost. Lace embroidered.

The pattern is studied according to the movement of the lace design you intend to use, and flowers are placed while preserving the original motif as much as possible, then of course hand-embroidered.

So I took it out and took it almost like a relic to the editing room, laid it on the table, and started choosing a chantilly that looked as close to it as I could from the original studio.

Fortunately, I always shop from the same houses, and because lace designs have history, I was able to find an exact replica of the original, some of which were born in the nineteenth century. It was enough to place the model on the fabric and cut the flowers with scissors.

You can see more in the photo, I just need to measure the arms and dress them.

I am very happy with the result and although the photos are not professional, I hope you can see the details. They’re the ones that make the difference in wedding dresses, and here in Naples we love to make them the way they were before.

A wedding dress suitable for princes with tulle or silk organza is still a wedding dress that makes you dream. Perfect for petite and petite brides, it gives importance and refinement provided the bodice is shorter than the waist.

Suitable for many builds, but perfect for those who want to emphasize the cleavage and shoulders. A primitive wedding dress can also re-proportionate the body and is perfect when it comes to broad shoulders and narrow hips, along with a halterneck.

We’ve talked about how choosing the neckline of your wedding dress changes the final impact of your look!


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